Venus Retrograde and what it Means for Love

We need to understand the effect on us of Venus Retrograde in the Heavens any time and this post covers what Venus Retrograde means for you, your life and your love.

This video and it’s blog post is actually an addon to the three main Videos and Blog Post for September 2023:

This matter is so vast it needs this separate video and post of its own.

And it’s because the great importance of the topic of Venus Retrograde deserves reading and studying at the time of ANY Venus Retrograde period – not just this one.

In the case of this particular Venus Retrograde period, Venus is Retrograde at 18 Cancer in Ashlesha Nakshatra (ruled by Mercury) at the start of this month of September.

Venus went behind the Sun recently, but has now become Morning Star.

This has been a forty-day retrograde – a journey into the depths of our love relationship and love issues.

But we have to wait until 4th September for Venus to go Direct, also at 18 Cancer, to fully perceive the fruits of our work with love this time.

Venus ends September at 29 Cancer.

Read the ancient Babylonian myths of Ishtar and Innana for what this Descent of Venus into the Underworld means. Such a moving story of how Ishtar Goddess of the Earth went down into the Abyss mourning the Death of her husband and wanting him back, to suffer terribly in the abyss, but from that harrowing experience when she returned to the surface of the Earth, she was not only Goddess of the Earth – She was Goddess of Love as well! Because of what she had experienced.

Read also the ancient Greek myth of Pluto and Persephone.

Note especially that once Venus goes direct on 4th September, Venus will then enter the Cancer – Leo Gandanta, for the third time: in the days around 2nd October. Gandanta is a turbulent and unworldly energy though with great spiritual potentials, for any planet situated there: the three Gandanta zones are the transition points from water sign to fire sign in your Vedic chart.

And on top of that, Venus will move into opposition from Saturn exact on October 10th – which is chilling and constricting for Venus expression.

Above all, we have to realize that Venus Retrograde and Venus Gandanta are ‘calls to love’ for each of us.

At a Venus Retrograde period:

We are called to perceive our love scripts better.

We are called to heal our love scripts.

We are called to work together with our partner in a relationship if we have one, so as to share and bring in a successful healing strategy and approach for our mutual love scripts.

Venus Retrograde and Venus in Gandanta are Calls to Love.

Given that Venus turns Direct this month (September 4th), Venus’ motion is slow.

Note that the turn to Venus forward motion can help to build clarity in relationships on top of the learning experiences we went through when Venus was Retrograde, and of course when Venus was Gandanta too.

The Venus Station centering on September 4th, is very powerful 3 days either side of the exact station, so embrace September 1-6th as a powerful time for love, and a very good time for Libra- and Taurus-emphasis people. 

Here’s other factors affecting Venus in September 2023:

Venus square Jupiter:

This slow-motion of Venus means that the square that Venus forms with Jupiter is more long-lasting. Jupiter will bring blessings and enlargement to Venus, but because it’s a square aspect, the process of coming into the blessings will be more fraught.

So, it’s important to note that this newly retrograde Jupiter at 21 Aries on 4th September, is square newly direct Venus at 18 Cancer – both of them are virtually stationery!

This means that the Jupiter – Venus energy is deeply ingrained in the degrees that Jupiter and Venus are transiting in – and aspecting in the signs of Aries and Cancer.

This square began on and off in June and is in force until September 17th. It can be a time when re-evaluation and transformation may be prompted.

If you have planets here (or in around 18 to 21 Aquarius or Libra) do check out which House/Life Area of yours will thus be STRONGLY affected!

Venus square Uranus:

and there’s a second planet square Vensu at this time: Venus at 28 Cancer squares Uranus at 28 Aries on 29th September.

(There were two previous Venus-Uranus squares on July 2nd and August 9th).

Note an energy of excitability/revolution energy in love, and also love of technical/computer type things – plus love of DIFFERENCE!

Venus sextile Mars:

The slow motion of Venus means that the Venus-Mars transiting sextile is longer-lasting too.

Venus sextile Mars will give us more drive to follow our heart, and it’s useful to know about this and maximize it.

I hope that this information about Venus Retrograde people will bring clarity about love energies that are running, and also Love Healing.

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