Venus in Libra

Venus with new Power and Beauty and Radiance

Venus is in Vedic Libra for four months from September 2018

Venus transits Vedic Libra from September 1st, 2018 until January 1st, 2019, so everyone in the world will have the chance to feel this happy energy.

Venus to the rescue after all the eclipses and the Retrograde planets holding everything up with their stern learning demands for each of us.

And there’s even three more boosts to this happy situation:

Vedic Libra will actually now have the two Benefics acting in unity in their lives. This is because Jupiter is also in Vedic Libra all September. Jupiter has been transiting Vedic Libra since September 11th, 2017 and he leaves Libra for Scorpio on October 11th). Importantly, Jupiter & Venus are the two strongest happy energy financial gains planets.

And not only that, Neptune starts the month casting a trine to Jupiter bringing an inspirational, artistic creative energy all month.

And on September 13th Moon is transiting Vedic Libra as well, creating a day with wonderful energies.

Venus rules Vedic Libra and so the things that Venus is indicator for, will all be massively enhanced for everyone, and this will be especially good for you if you, yourself have planets or Ascendant in Libra (or in Taurus) in your Vedic birth chart. These karakas or indicators for Venus include:

The wife (in the case of a man)
Love, sex, relationships
Creative energy. Art, music and beauty, ornaments and flowers.
Money and vehicles.
Diplomacy (what’s that? Some people ask!)
And there’s nothing wrong with developing a sweet tooth is there?!?

But do note that Venus will be retrograde in Libra from October 7th to November 17th, when he will transit from 17 to 1 deg Libra, retrograding through Swati into Chitra Nakshatra. And this will hold Libra indications back a bit – a time for us to consolidate them, adapt them to what is individually and spiritually right for us personally, and learn their lessons. Venus turns retrograde every 18 months and remains retrograde for 42 days.

And there is another twist to the tale. Note that Libra will receive an opposition from Uranus at this time. Uranus is retrograding at 8 and 7 degrees Vedic Aries, in Ashwini Nakshatra. Uranus is revolutionary and inspirational, but because he is at the time of his retrograde, he asks us to personally integrate and spiritually understand his divine lightning bursts!

And do remember that Mars is square Uranus at this time, transiting at 4 to 11 deg Vedic Capricorn, so although Uranus+ Mars is inspirational, remember that. Uranus to Mars can be IMPATIENT!!!!! In fact, the ANGER word could be used. And remember, this time Mars is conjunct Ketu/South Node, so look out for: inspiration and past life influences as well.

Which Zodiac? Incidentally, I have been really struck by the accuracy of the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac. I really felt the energy of Venus entering and then continuing through the Vedic sidereal sign of Libra from 2nd September. Venus is debilitated in Vedic Virgo which is the sign before. The energy and events that arose were strikingly different. We feel this particularly. This is because I have Sun, Mercury and Ketu in Vedic Virgo, and I’ve had especially enjoyable days off just now, a wonderful music event ‘No Crows’ in Sligo. And Maggie has Sun, Ascendant and Ketu in Vedic Libra, and suddenly she’s had loads of people coming to her for healings after starting at a new Healing Centre a couple of weeks ago: The Wellness Centre in Sligo.
So please do see the Blog Post on Sidereal Zodiac, Tropical Zodiac and Nakshatras: the three different zodiacs I use in my readings and courses, that I am posting now to accompany this Blog Post on Venus enters Vedic Libra.

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