Venus conjunct Chiron and Heart Wall Clearing

Is there some love issue arising in your awareness now?

As I wrote in a recent Blog post, an add-on to my February 2020 Astrology and Healing Newsletter, Venus transits Vedic Pisces from 2nd February to 28th February.

Venus is exalted in Vedic Pisces, so we are each offered a higher refined vibration of Love – a chance to be good to others through kindness, to connect with sociability.

So, sincerely, do make the very special effort to take the time to be open to this very special energy –   now.

BUT there is a twist to this tale! In fact, two twists to this tale, now!
The first twist is that Venus is transiting conjunct Chiron the Wounded Healer.

The second twist is that this Venus-Chiron conjunction is square the Nodal Axis.

This can indeed offer a breakthrough in love, or if your love situation is really adrift, it offers a crisis in love!

If there’s real healing needed because you have some block to love, get in touch with Maggie Pashley for Heart Wall Clearing. Go to:

Basically, Chiron confers the energy of the Existential Wound – and in the Healing of our Existential Wound, we can potentially become the Healer of others. So, what is the nature of a Chiron wound to Venus? Well, in our natal chart it means that we are born with a wound to the love principle. For example, Venus may not be able to express well in our life, or there can be a pattern of loving someone most people would not. If the nodes of the moon are involved with your natal Venus-Chiron aspect, then this love wound will have a past life origin, and that too can be healed. See:

Really importantly, Venus, like all the planets, is Divine. But we humans experience each planet natally, in our birth chart, through ‘filters’ of Sign, House and Aspect: i.e. through the filters of the sign and house that Venus occupies in our natal chart, plus, thirdly, any aspects to Venus in our birth chart.

But, of course, we all also experience Venus’ and Chiron’s transits through the signs and houses of our natal chart. And the quality of the energy of Venus that we all experience at any time depends on Venus transits: which sign Venus is transiting through at this time, or any aspect to transiting Venus that other planets in the heavens may now be forming to Venus.
So, Venus is in Vedic Pisces now, where Venus is exalted and in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra. BUT Venus is conjunct Chiron. AND this Venus Chiron conjunction is square the nodal Axis.

So, for some there will at this time be a fairly manageable and easy breakthrough in the quality of their loving relationship. And for others there could be a desperate crisis in love, now. And as I said above, if you fell you actually have a block to love, do get in touch with Maggie for a heart wall clearing. Blocks can be created from past heartbreaks etc, or from past shaming.

With Venus conjunct Chiron, we have to connect to and face our vulnerability and open our hearts. Chiron can actually unlock wounded potential. You would not believe the amazing Chiron healing activations I have witnessed and assisted with: like people with Chiron-Mercury dyslexic block becoming language teachers and learning a foreign language!!! Chiron is Supreme. And Chiron of course is the rainbow bridge that crosses between the personal planets and the transpersonal planets. He makes us feel and connect to our wound. He opens us to the healing of our wound. He then makes us actively or passively a Healer of others. The hurt of our wound is what should stop us in our tracks and go about healing it. This is the divine meaning in our suffering and hurt.

And I would say that at this time that Venus/Chiron is square the Nodal Axis, past life people could enter your life, and specifically you should not let into your life people who wound or hurt you or upset your equilibrium, who are disagreeable. This is the time to choose out the positive and the loving as a strategy.

And as I said, now is a good time to improve your love situation: Venus is exalted in Vedic Pisces. The Sanskrit name for Venus is Shukra, meaning brilliant light. Shukra is a god, a face of the Divine. The morning star. The light of inspiration. Love. Harmony. Beauty and sexual attraction.

Be open to some peak healing in the issue of love in your life in February 2020 especially, and keep the flame of that illumination alive through the months to come.

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