Venus Chiron Relationships

Venus Chiron relationships – Healing Wounded Love

This brief post alerts to the fact that some relationships are actually founded on a woundedness.

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Typically, one partner may have been very harmed by his mothering or childhood upbringing.
His sexuality may have been very harmed by these, or by religious upbringing, or by difficult gender role modelling: mother insists on wearing the trousers as father creeps about and decays.

Or she may have been harmed by invasive over-bearing fathering.

Her femininity may have been rejected: the parents wanted a boy!

Or one of the partners might have a terrible wound to value. They may enact the script: ‘let me be the glove that fits your hand’.

There can be sexual wounds to love making and passion.

Or some astrological signs and combinations can create illusion in love, and rushing into love.

You get the idea. I don’t want to go into all the permutations in this brief blog. That would add would detract.

These sorts of scenarios will often show up with one of the partners having a Venus-Chiron aspect in the birth chart. Again, I don’t want to go into here all the permutations of aspect, orb, sign and house. You get the idea.

So basically, what you need to look out for is that one of the partners may have a karmic script of loving someone who is wounded. They may see value or beauty where many would not. This script will often show up when one of the partners has a Venus Chiron conjunction or Venus Chiron aspect.

It also can show up, I have found, with people who have Ketu (South Node) and Neptune in Vedic Virgo, this can indicate someone who ran an orphanage in previous life, and carries over a similar role in this life.

So, the Venus Chiron aspect is all about loving where the other is wounded.

It’s often accompanied by sensitivity to disharmony or to pain, or a wound to worth or self-esteem in the partner. Or some script in this life or from previous life of rejection.

Or it can be men entering into relationships with women who are harmed through scripts of jealousy, competitiveness, aggression, etc.

The child growing up with warring parents may indeed form relationships with a person who is wounded.

Inability to let go of past relationship hurts is a wound.

But the great spiritual and karmic meaning within relationships of this type are the need to heal, the need to grow. Each person must seek to grow love and unlock the doors to personal wholeness.

There are healing modalities which can heal heart walls and blocks to love, which can contact past lives to deal with traumas stemming from there that will destroy love. Find a way to release pain and embody wholeness.

Venus Chiron people can, conversely, be drawn to other people who seem beautiful, or spiritual or wealthy, or whatever, rather than being able to become real in their relationships. This too is partly because they have a wound to self-esteem and self-value. They can over-value appearance.

Learning, healing and wholeness are the answer to the Chiron-Venus wound to love.

Remember that if we share and work on relationship, it can be the most beautiful and healing thing in our life. This can bring strength and joy. Wounds which we came here into this life to heal can experience healing. Wholeness, purpose and dignity can be found. Sometimes these relationships can be a baptism of fire or a battleground, going down into the darker areas of relationship can be a trial or a test – but that is not what is to be chosen ultimately.

The person with Venus-Chiron aspect can marry someone who is wounded, but still can produce some quite wonderful growth and wholes through the relationship.  The two of them can open their capacity for relationship.

And of course so often, past life people figure here – and past life scripts; intense synchronous meetings.

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