Venus and Mars are both Debilitated now – learning about love

love astrology 13Venus and Mars are both Debilitated now. Venus is debilitated in Vedic Astrology from August 11th to September 16th (because Venus has transited into Vedic sign of Virgo) and Mars is debilitated at the same time from August 18th to 5th October, because Mars is about to transit into the Vedic Sign of Cancer.

But I personally noticed I was feeling really sad from August 11th, with sad things coming up from the past, and this could be expected when Venus is retrograde, because I personally have Sun and two other planets (Mercury and Ketu the South Node of the Moon) in the Vedic sign of Libra which Venus rules, and Venus is anyway Fallen in my Navamsha Chart of Marriage and Soul in Vedic Astrology.

But everyone will need to watch out about being dissatisfied or overcritical in relationships when Venus is Debilitated. The results you get from Venus during this period may well be good, but your consciousness or ‘mind’ may well view them unhappily or critically.

With Mars being Debilitated from August 18th we may well be negatively assertive and over-emotional or explosive and destructive of structure and necessary routine and direction, but the higher call of Mars (or any planet) being debilitated, is to learn to understand that planet’s energy better: in the case of Venus love; in the case of Mars assertion, failing to compromise, losing our sense of humour.

It is best to bear in mind that the lower manifestation of both Venus and Mars debilitated in a relationship could be a very destructive combination, disrupting Relationships, being picky, and wrongly feeling hard to please and emotionally frustrated, hard-to-please and blaming. Love relationships are a combination of Venus + Mars. When both Venus and Mars are debilitated, be careful to watch the ‘mind’ and behaviours in loving relationship.

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