Vedic Astrology course linked to Healing

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Vedic Astrology course linked to Healing and Empowerment

Learn the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology. Study my Vedic Astrology Courses.
Learn this wisdom in a way that is linked to healing and empowerment.
My Master Vedic Astrology Course is my Level 1 Vedic Astrology Course. You will get so much out of studying it. And like all my courses it is offered worldwide.
The course is very clearly set up. You receive a wealth of information to start you off – and then more as you progress through the stages of the course.

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The focus of the Vedic Astrology course linked to Healing and Empowerment is two charts: yours and mine. Studying this way is a good way to learn as it ensures our study stays authentic and grounded.

The sequence of the course is very clear: your study one planet after the other as you work through the course. You start with the Moon in our birth charts. First you study your Moon, then my Moon.

sun sukraYou start by using your course start material and the webinar recording I provide for each planet/topic, and then you go on to write your analysis of the Moon in your birth chart, and you could append a list of questions at the end, and of course I would respond to your piece of writing with many caring, helpful and expert comments.
You next go on to write your analysis of the Moon in my birth chart.

But before we go on to the next planet to study: the Sun in our Vedic charts, the next step after your moon study is that I then send you the first installment of the ‘Rules Consolidation documents’.

You apply the techniques presneted in this document to the Moons in our birth charts, thus deepening your awareness, and a further Rules Consolidation Document is sent to you after each planet that you study. Thus your wisdom about your life and your future and your relationships gets deeper and deeper. Your ability to read the Vedic chart grows and grows – and you are welcome to do western astrology crossover if you wish as well. (I also have a most enlightened psychodynamic western astrology course, and if you enroll on this course, you are welcome to Vedic astrology crossover too if that is what you want.)

The whole aim of the course materials and of my thorough and caring teaching is to keep things simple enough at first so as to avoid fazing the student, though set against this I would always want to meet the student’s questions which will vary depending on the student’s route into astrology before starting my course.

The student’s task for the first assignment is therefore to get to to know enough to write the first assignment from a position of happy centeredness and to avoid becoming overloaded or phased. We aim to work together to create a most lively and careful interest in the principles of Vedic astrology. This will lead to the most supreme working in the course and the greatest spiritual awareness. Always we handle the great insights offered by Vedic Astrology in a way that leads to healing and empowerment.

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