Vedic Astrology and your Incarnational Life Purpose: Uranus transits the Nodes of the Moon


Uranus transits conjucnt the North Node of the Moon in the birth chart

I thought I would mention an interesting and very powerful phenomenon crossing both western astrology and vedic Astrology: Uranus transiting conjunct the North Node of the Moon in your birth chart. The North Node is called Rahu in Vedic Astrology, by the way.

In fact it is a very powerful combination for an astrologer to be able to feature both western and Vedic Astrology.

And having this sort of western-Vedic astrology forecast is invaluable in your life. It tells you what to look out for, what to prepare for.

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So, now to return to the value of getting a western astrology and Vedic astrology prediction:

If you were in UK and heading off to a foreign country where there was a snow-warning weather forecast, couldn’t you use this wisely to pack the right clothes and plan to do the best things possible for the forecasted circumstances?

So this forecast is about the station of Uranus. Uranus comes to a standstill in the heavens at the end of December 2015.


Uranus, is one of the ‘Gods of Change’ and he has a ‘Station’ or ‘Stand Still’. The station of Uranus is exact in the heavens on 27th December. In the western zodiac is is at 16 Aries 34. This is 22 deg Pisces in Vedic Astrology.

And this one affects my partner Maggie Pashley massively. Her websites show what she does:  and : intuitive worldwide healing. And when you combine western astrology with vedic astrology something very powerful is revealed to prepare for with this station of Uranus.

And because your incarnational destiny is revealed by the position of the Nodes of the Moon in your birth chart, when Uranus stations on one of the Nodes, it’s really important to realise revolution is about to happen around your incarnational life purpose, but you have to combine both western and Vedic astrology to understand what!

And the importance is that this ‘Uranus Station’ is exact on top of Maggie’s North Node (Rahu in Vedic Astrology). And Rahu is the indication of her incarnational destiny: why she is here this time. So: what will happen?

Maggie, Healer
Maggie, Healer

Now, Maggie Pashley does intuitive distance healing worldwide via Skype using Body Code and Emotion Code and Heart Wall clearing and Hypnotherapy and EFT and the like, and she has noticed recently that she experiences increasing bodily sensations enabling her to most accurately diagnose and pinpoint what needs to be healed.

Now, the North Node in the birth chart indicates the direction of the incarnational life purpose for this life time.

Because Maggie has Rahu/North Node in Pisces (in her 6th House of health, healing and right living), this gives her impetus to develop her intuition.

And because her Ketu/South Node (the indication of where we came from in the past life) is in Virgo (the 12th House of intuition etc), this gives her the decisive impetus to heal.

And because we are talking the Nodes of the Moon here, Rahu and Ketu, the North and South Nodes, what we are talking about here is her reason for being here this time: to be an Intuitive Healer.

AND as a very special extra feature, it is important to say that her South Node/Ketu is exactly conjunct intuitive Neptune in her birth chart.

Now, Ketu plus Neptune is a most powerful intuitive combination, and it was first activated at birth where she was confined in a fever hospital (in a Ketu predictive period in Vedic Astrology! – not at all an easy predictive period for childhood!)

AND THEN THERE’S ONE OTHER HUGE THING: There is not just a Uranus station. In fact this is part of something big as well: there’s actually also a Uranus – Pluto square aspect in the heavens. There’s been this Uranus-Pluto square through seven peaks since 2012, but not on this degree of the zodiac).

So, not only is transiting Uranus aspecting Rahu/North Node in Maggie’s birth chart, but transiting Pluto is ALSO aspecting her Rahu/North Node too.

In fact Pluto is exact in forming a square aspect to her natal Rahu on 4th January (and Pluto was transiting there previously in March and May 2015). Now, the combination of Pluto and Ketu gives very deep knowing and intuition


Well first of all, I would say: let’s check the dates!

Although the Uranus Standstill is exact on 27th December 2015, transiting Uranus has actually been very slowly moving within a degree of that point occupied by Maggie’s Rahu/North Node from 5th November 2015 and Uranus has been within two degrees of that Station-point since 10th October 2015.

Moreover, transiting Uranus will remain within 1 degree of that point until 14th February and within just two degrees of that point until 7th March 2016.

And in fact, before this coming ‘standstill’, transiting  Uranus has already transited over this spot in Maggie’s birth chart three times, though going over it much more briefly as Uranus was not of course at a standstill on those three times.

Remember, as an important principle, the slower a planet’s velocity the more trenchant and powerfully it cuts its effect in our life!

Uranus had previously transited over this degree of Maggie’s Rahu/North Node in May and September 2014 and March 2015, during which time Maggie added Access bars and Access consciousness to all her healing modalities.

So what is the energy of Uranus ‘stand-still’ on top of natal Rahu/North Node???

Well, now-a-days, of course, you have to take the internet into account! Uranus often signifies internet activations, and remember, the implication of this transit is that if Uranus is conjunct her North Node/Rahu, Maggie therefore obviously ALSO has Uranus transiting at a standstill opposition her Ketu/South Node. And Ketu is internet big time!!! Ketu these days is internet issues BIG TIME!!!

So this means that Maggie is very well starred to use from and gain from the internet, and it means that when the stand-still happens, the internet will suddenly massively boost and revolutionise her work, if she prepares for that and sets up the necessary web work etc.

But what else is transiting Uranus conjunct Rahu/North Node all about? It’s not just about the internet is it?

Well, it’ principle includes ‘shared experience’, sharing the new, bringing in revolution. Reform. Shedding old associations, bringing in revolutionary new associations. Sudden acquaintanceships. Team work – now-a-days including technologically-linked team work

Its principle also includes the rhythm of the astral body, the inner vision of memory, the dream life.

Negatively, its principle also includes restlessness, nervous irritability, disquieting times, family quarrel. But we hope (quite fervently) that the negatives will be down-played!!!!!!!