Vast Learning : The Sun in your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

sun sukraHave a look at this valuable two-hour webinar: The Sun in your Vedic Astrology birth chart.

The Sun is the source of life. How the Sun appears in your individual birth chart is a huge key to predicting how the course of your life will run.

Get the vast perception offered by Vedic Astrology teaching.

Understand your life and destiny. End the negative scripts, as well as heal and empower in order to become the spark of the divine and the special human being you actually are! The person who you were born to become!

Have a look at my YouTube telling you about this spectacular Vedic Sun webinar (with apologies for my heavy winter fluey cold!!!

The webinar is a vast offering: it runs for 2 hrs 8 minutes! But it is offered at the bargain price of £10 GBP.

Methods of study include:
Healing Approach (EFT)
Art work – N.B. Please have pens and paper to hand for this webinar.
Embodiment work
Depth Study of the Vedic Astrology Characteristics of the Sun

This is vibrant and real perception that will lead to genuine and authentic self-understanding, as well as healing and empowerment.

The teaching is made relevant and grounded because it is related to the charts of the teacher and members.

You can either buy this Webinar individually through the shop page of Vedic Level 1 Foundation Course website at the bargain price of only £10 GBP, OR you can get these webinars + handbook FREE if you go ahead and enrol on my Vedic Astrology Level 1 Foundation course: