The supreme value of Astrology with Healing and Empowerment

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

I often receive emails from people who are rightly expressing the damage they have experienced from their family of their life situation, and they are asking how astrology can help them.

Because I too have suffered from for example adoptive (and birth) family, this raises the issue of what work do we have to do to free ourselves and heal ourselves so that we can more ourselves out of the damage and become the spark of achievement that we uniquely incarnated to become.
We should not live in reactive hate and hurt, nor use the horrible people or events as an excuse or reason for living in hurt and failure, tempting though it is to remain in our outraged hurt victim scripts. We have such a similar agenda and challenge here, and in fact the success of our lives is what is at stake.
And so this is related to the question: what is the value of astrology?

From our astrology birth chart, there is so much we can accurately see and state, so as to understand ourselves and so as to understand our lives, and therefor so as to heal ourselves, heal our lives.
I have studied with nine teachers in both western and vedic astrology. On the one hand, I have come to reject the formulaic ranting or the fated declarations that can characterise traditional cultural Hindu vedic Astrology and its often egoic teachers, and the useless traditional remedies and the uncritical and unaware prescription of mantra. On the other hand, I have also come to reject the astro-babble that can characterise the worst in Western Astrology, and its ungrounded waste of time psychobabble.
But I can recognise that with deep study, one can come to amazing insights using the many charts and techniques of Vedic Astrology, and one can come to invaluable insights using the enlightened psychological awareness of western astrology, for example psychodynamic western astrology and evolutionary astrology.
However, I then have to go one to say firmly that such analysis and declaration is not at all useful unless it is geared to using the perception for transformation. TRANSFORMATION.
It is just not utilising the declaration of astrology to its full value, nor fulfilling the needs in our life, unless the declaration of expert astrology is then used for changing the way one manages one’s consciousness and thus the way one understands and lives one’s life.
Basically, when one goes deeply into Vedic astrology, one can make such invaluable and supreme diagnoses of how each planet will manifest in our life, and of how one’s planets treat each other in one’s chart – and therefore in one’s life, and also of what planet will especially manifest predictively in one’s life at a particular time in the unfoldment of one’s predictive astrology, of what exact energy each planet will bring in to one’s life natally or predictively.

This must be used for our healing and empowerment.

It must not be used fatedly and passively.

I advocate, and include, in my Astrology Readings and in my Astrology Courses, the crossover of vedic and Western Astrology. This is so that the peerless declaration of Vedic Astrology of our incarnational life purpose, and the precise declaration about each planet’s energy in our lives (and how our planets treat each other) is linked to, and enhanced by, understanding of the energies of the outer Planets in our lives: the Gods of Change: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and also Chiron our Wounded Healer. These planet’s energies and meanings came into the human consciousness when they were discovered, and must be taken account of.
Another special feature of my Astrology, especially in my Astrology Courses in both Western and Vedic Astrology, is that, indeed, I see great value in also going on to include the potential for Visionary Astrology. I see the need to ‘see’ the nature of each planet in his ‘pure state’ as a god, as a refraction of the Divine (for example using visionary, journeying or meditation techniques). And secondly I see the great need to also ‘see’ how each planet manifests, not in his divine state, but in our astrology charts (Western and Vedic) – and therefore how each planet manifests in our lives. In other words we also need to develop clear appearance of how we experience each planet through the filters of Sign, House and Aspect.

And how we experience each planet is of course often terribly different from their divine or pure state!

But the big question is what we do about this supreme astrological perception?

Well, perception itself is useful, it can encourage us to change and to mend our negative life scripts and karmas and our negative behavioural patterns.

But note that perception can go so far!

The real value of astrology, when it is expert as described above, is to point us towards Healing and Empowerment, and so thus it can enable us to seek healing, and it can point us in the right direction for our healing and empowerment.

I work also with my partner Maggie Pashley, both of us working worldwide on-line and also in our healing Centre in the West of Ireland. There are so many sophisticated and powerful healing modalities that can heal the patterns and scripts highlighted by our astrology. See her website:

This expert astrology can point us to understand the true nature of the spark we incarnated to achieve this time. It can define our assets and our strengths, and it can define those parts of ourselves that are enemies to this and can impeded us. So: yes, then then astrology must be used as a pointer to, and as a basis for: healing.

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