Worldwide Nakshatra Course & UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra #12

Worldwide Nakshatra Course & UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra #12

UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra is the 12th of the 27 Nakshatras or Lunar signs of Vedic Astrology. If you or your partner have a planet in this or any of the Nakshatras, it is really important to understand UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra. And for further details, you can study my worldwide Nakshatra Course:

The Lord of uttara Phalguni is: The Sun
Symbol: Rear Legs of Bed
Deity: Aryama Aditya: the god of hospitality and helping others. the friend. the match-maker.
Power Animal: The Bull (male cow): demanding and stubborn animal nature.
Restless, nervous, constantly searching, curious
Gentle, tender, peaceful, sensual, romantic, caring
UttaraPhalgunis are travellers, investigators, researchers, collectors, public speakers and communicators.
They are very orientated to their family and family inheritance. Patrons and bringers of prosperity. They show courage, endurance and ambition, as well as spiritual growth and mental expansion.
Very orientated to their friends. Popular, reliable and helpful. They will work to end disagreements.
Stable, successful leaders.
But you do need to realize that the rulership of the Sun means that this person can be cruel and sharp and very much the individual, as well as a benevolent patron, teacher or preacher. They don’t take well to the subservient position and need at least a bit of status. They are usually self-confident in attitude, though negatively this is pride and self-aggrandizement and even megalomania. It is very important for an Uttaraphalguni to fulfill his Dharma.

Like Sun-ruled Nakshatra 3, Krittika, UttaraPhalguni has an urge to conquer and be competitive, but he is more forgiving than Krittika. However, UttaraPhalguni’s shadow side is the person who failed to find a meaningful relationship, with co-dependence and over-giving creating resentment, ingratitude and aloneness.

UttaraPhalguni spans the vedic signs: 26°40′ Leo to 10°00′ Virgo – so he is mainly in Mercury-ruled Virgo = discrimination, humour, agility, amiability and awareness. The Mercury component means they can lie and cheat, though.

Favorable: A level-headed leader or manager; associates well with people in power and gets financial benefit from them; good communi­cator; loves luxury and comfort; liberal yet has fixed principles; happy, friendly, and likeable—especially popular with mates and partners; socially smart; generally fortunate

Unfavorable: May have many partners (in and out of marriage); egotistical, orders people about without due consideration for their feel­ings; obstinate, disdainful, vain, arrogant, takes too much for them­selves (the “lion’s share”); not grateful; a social climber; may be sad or angry under a “happy smile”.

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In part 1 of the course, you study each Nakshatra in turn, with special reference to the manifestation of that Nakshatras energy in your chart and mine, but also bringing in family, friends and celebrities. The aim of this chart focus is to promote caring and authentic discussion and analysis. There is full information about each of the Nakshatras’ qualities and characteristics, plus a reading list, and there’s a video for each Nakshatra for you to review. So, what you do is you analyse the implications for each of the planets in our two charts in the light of the Nakshatras they occupy. What does this mean for our personality, for our life, for our destiny? How will it affect our emotional natures and consciousness arising therefrom? What steps can we take to heal and empower?

In Part 2 of the course, you learn the full range of the interpretation techniques using the nakshatras, such as Navtara the derived Nakshatras table (the Tara system) and health astrology using the Nakshatras, Surya, Manasa and Nadi Nakshatras. Nakshatras for relationship compatibility. Predictive study of the Nakshatras: You also analyse the predictive implications of transits of planets through the Nakshatras and, using Nakshatra analysis, you also deepen your analysis of Vedic Astrology’s wonderful system of predictive periods and sub-periods: the Dashas and Bhuktis

In all cases, there will be opportunity if you wish for it for linking of the astrological perception, to approaches of healing and empowerment, and use of art and embodiment work, and for example: psychosynthesis, psychosynthesis roleplay, Inner Child Work and Family Constellation Work, where applicable. ​A wide range of separately charged skilled worldwide Healing Modalities is available if you would feel this to be individually beneficial for you.

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