UttaraAshadha Nakshatra the challenge and the poetry

This area of the Heavens has Pluto Saturn and Jupiter all transiting through it: a challenge combination not seen here since 1284. Read Lia Cruse beautiful poem telling how she reacts with her Moon in this area:

Vedic Astrology has a supreme declaration of our consciousness and our identity: This is the 27 sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology: The Nakshatras.

Knowing which Nakshtras your planets occupy delivers blinding illumination.

You have to use the Sidereal Zodiac with Lahiri Ayanamsha to get the correct definition of what Nakshatra your planet is in, but the definition goes even deeper than that because each Nakshatra is divided into four quarters, and it makes all the difference in the world which pada your planet is in, as well.

In fact, the energy of each Nakshatra is actually the energy of the stars in that area of space. Star Lore is deeply powerful and ancient in the human consciousness. It makes a big difference in your life what star or stars a planet is close to in your birth chart

And another immense gift to humanity from Vedic Astrology, is the Navtara system (also called Tara Bala or Dinam). This states how your planets will be experienced by you, and how they will get on with each other, according to how many Nakshatras the planet you are studying is counted from the Nakshatra occupied by your Moon (and we also count sequences from other planets as well). Navtara is a key component of the deeply ancient and powerful Vedic Relationships Astrology, where it’s best to marry someone with their Moon being compatible with your Moon. It can also show if you have one planet that is in compatible or destructive position from another of the planets in your birth chart.

I now share a wonderful poem by Lia Cruse, poet and artist, who teaches two ancient alphabets (the runes the alphabet of the ancient Norse and The Ogham the Tree Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids) as well as vision contact with the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Norse and Irish.

Lia’s Moon in UttaraAshadha, the 21st Nakshatra that spans: 26°40′ Sagittarius to 10°00′ Capricorn in the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac (that’s Capricorn 20°11–Aquarius 3°51 in the western Tropical Zodiac)>

Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are in UttaraAshadha now (and Mars was recently). Pluto Saturn and Jupiter haven’t been together in this portion of the Heavens since 1284. So this energy is a life-transformation challenge.

So, here is Lia’s poem expressing how she reacts:

I speak peace
From a mind of rage
Against a machine
Keeping all people caged
I hold a map to all things
The secrets of the soul
My words give way to rivers yet told
Casting arrows from mountains
Across great the seas
Words rooted in love
Til self do I free
Uttarashada Moon
Sovereign and strong
Feed my soul from all spoons
Til they see none are wrong
Later successful
Last of my tribe
Walk alone now
Til self do I find
Holding space for giants of old
Thousands of years
Their stories told
I sit with drum, cedar and sage
Chanting Seidr to Vishvadevas
While the spirit warriors awake
I’m a truth-seeker
Connector of stars
Universal beacon
Bridging heart to heart
Rattle the ground
The Earth she shall sake
From our Red Words
By our breath shall they wake

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