Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra 26

Hear about the 26th Nakshatra: UttaraBhadra Nakshatra.

The Nakshatras are the wonderful 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology.

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Here some key details about: Nx 26 UttaraBhadra

Spans: 3°20′ to 16°40′ Pisces
Padas: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius
Ruled by: Saturn (Dasa period: 19 years)
Devata: Ahir Budhyana: the snake that dwells in deep waters.
Symbol: A snake in the water. Back Legs of coffin/death bed.
Yoni or Power Animal: The Female Cow
Motivation: Kama (desire)
Guna Triplicity: Sattva, Sattva and Tamas
Ayurvedic Dosha: Pitta.
Gana: Manusha. Human
Caste: Kshatriya. Warrior
Quality: Fixed
The Principal Stars: Al-Fargh-Al-Mukdim, Algenib (gamma Pegasi) gives oratorical abilities, intelligence and
responsible attitude.

UttaraBhadra Key Words:
The nature of the Nakshatra’s Lord: Saturn and the Nakshatra’s Symbol: the Back Legs of coffin/death bed, signifies potential for exit from this word through spiritual maturity (enlightenment); also dreams and dream-like states, as does the Deity: Ahirbudhanya (Snake teacher).
These people at their best have Good discipline, obedient. Beauty in stability. Self-confining. They like to be and appear serene.
Difficult to pin down as they vary according to their needs and surroundings. Their real motives are often hard to know. They can be both flexible but fixed.
Calculating. Does things in a controlled, strategized way.
Strong character, can be benevolent. Can have empathy and make good counsellors. Often cooling and compassionate.
great speaking and writing skills, cheerful, generous, self-sacrificing and psychic with deep insights. They like to be reasonable and fair. They would like to be balanced.
They are good at handling money.
Over-running. Fickle.
BUT they can have a fierce nature indeed. They can control their anger and aggression, but can go in for poisonous strategized opposition and destruction of another.
But there’s opening to wisdom, self-sacrifice, transformation of anger, water, coolness. They are interested in astrology, numerology, meditation, divination and yoga.
Good wealth, inheritance, happy home life. Can have a generous and optimistic manner.
Though influence of Ruler Saturn can bring delay, even long delay, calling for patience and effort.
Seek solitude, seclusion, and at times very lazy.
Most importantly, there’s a difficult ‘neurotic’, critical, fierce script for marriage. Love of calm, quiet and introspection.
It’s actually a warrior energy and they can go all-out to destroy their enemies.
Can be psychic ability, snake-like canny, and depth exploration of mysteries.
Can work with kundalini.
Karmic debts have to be repaid, and the restrictiveness of Saturn (ruler) can really be felt in earlier years, although their task is to learn to live with Saturn’s demands.
Motivated by Kama (pleasure), the Uttara Bhadra spiritual path is connected to living life successfully on earth but remaining detached from it.
Can be secretive, cunning and a gossip.

Good problem-solving ability; impressive speaker; ethical, contented, generous, passive, yet financially successful; tends to make money on their own; economical, charitable, humanitarian, merciful, smart; benefits from children or beginners; drawn to the unknown.
Uttara Bhadra people can remain passive and non-active until an event or happening makes them change their perception of life altogether Then the journey of looking beyond their immediate circumstances begins and spirituality grows. Their need to transcend ordinary life makes it difficult for them to have traditional relationships.

Shy; reluctant; develops a set of long-term enemies or gets into disputes that take a long time to resolve; thinks too much about their own outcomes; self-centered financial focus.

Symbol: The Snake:
Uttara Bhadrapada represents the coolness of water. The snake that dwells in the depths represents wisdom. However, the snake might be tempted to use that wisdom for dubious snakey purposes.
The passivity of darkness is the mysterious source from which all forms of creation have arisen, and thus Ahir Budhnya is the deep ocean snake representing the merging of consciousness into the deep sea of eternity: The serpent  wisdom. However, just as the serpent needs to come to the surface to breathe, so Uttara Bhadra cannot remain in water (spirituality) forever; it needs to periodically connect with the real/manifest world.
This nakshatra straddles opposite aspects of human nature. The snake represents poisons, but can show the ability to deal with them. The cow personifies caring, nurturing good nature. The snake sheds its skin through dealing with painful life experiences, whereas the cowherd nurtures the herd.
Ahir Budhnya is the son of Vishwakarma, the celestial architect (see Chitra nakshatra). Here the architect is laying the foundations for the next life time by building better consciousness and achievment now.

Comparison with the preceding Nakshatra: Nx 25: PurvaBhadra:
Action undertaken by UttaraBhadra will always be more considered, but with PurvaBhadra hot-tempered actions occur. the Purva and Uttara parts of this constellation are unusual in that they do not represent the same, but in fact opposites. Purva is hot, driven and thoughtless, while Uttara is cool and waiting. Purva is fire and Uttara is water. Jupiter rules PurvaBhadra; Saturn rules UttaraBhadra.

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