Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra 21

Michael ConneelyUttara Ashadha Nakshatra 21 and Worldwide Nakshatra Course

Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra is one of the wonderful 27 Nakshatras:
The Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology. Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra spans: 26°40′ Sagittarius to 10°00′ Capricorn (Dhanus to Makara),

Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra is quite an uncompromising energy. It’s Ruler is The Sun – power, vitality, strength, leadership; its ruling deity are The Vishwadevas – The Universal Gods.
Uttara Ashadha’s symbol: Planks of a bed – not so good for marriage, not so comfortable, but a place to rest.
The Power animal/yoni: Mongoose – viciousness, speed.
Uttara Ashadha’s Motivation is Moksha – spiritual liberation. Its Caste is: Kshatriya, Warrior. Its nature is to be sharp and dreadful in an active way.
Translation: Mongoose means ‘unchallenged victory’. the latter invincible one.
Stars: The Four stars of Uttara Ashadha are in Sagittarius.

Enduring, invincible, aggressive. can storm its way forward. Dogged persistence to succeed. Responsible. A challenger with a forceful path, who can have luck in the nick of time. Can be a lonely enduring path. Much more introspective than that the preceding Nakshatra, the showy Purva Ashadha. More warrior than Brahmin. They can get totally involved in their task. Can penetrate deeply into knowledge. They have innate leadership qualities and usually affluence. They are Law-abiding and religious, genial. patient, righteous and responsible. Methodical, sincere and calculating.

Note that 5° Capricorn is the exact debilitation degree for Jupiter, so the light of knowledge can be obscured as the individual becomes obsessed with paying karmic debts.

Jupiter rules the Sagittarius part of Uttara Ashadha, but Saturn rules the Capricorn part. Jupiter is about expansion, but Saturn is about contraction – and Jupiter is at his greatest debilitation in the Capricorn part of Uttara Ashadha. There is an energy in the Saturn part especially, of moderation and practicality, and there may be not too much hope, idealism or expansiveness. It is maybe a place for endurance and concrete action rather than words. Yet there can be misplaced idealism. Every error someone with emphasis in Uttar Ashadha makes is amplified due to the enormous capacity of this nakshatra to be of influence in the outside world. The emphasis here can be on concrete achievement. Nerves of steel. Exaggerated attention to worldliness or to power structures. Accumulation.

Basically, Uttara Ashadhas can have innate great integrity, and can be sincere, committed, ambitious. They fight for what they believe is right and practise what they preach. They often make advisors. Uttara Ashadhas have great stamina and constancy. If they are not fully engaged in a project, they can get apathetic.

They can be pioneering. They can be noted for a fresh start, honest, great insight, ambitious, but sometimes can fail to carry through

Uttara Ashada Nakshatra shows how actions are always victorious over ideas. Sagittarius preceding can be lazy, and idealistic about something that is not good.

The ruling deities of Uttara Ashadha are the universal gods that guarantee victory. It is where Sagittarius becomes Capricorn where hopes and inspirations become tangible realities.

Negativley, Uttarashadhas can be rigid, unbending, upholding. Can get self-centred and stubborn. Can have losses in early life, but more success as their life progresses.

N.B. Love Scripts of Uttara Ashadha:
This is the one of the 27 Lunar Signs or Nakshatras that has no natural mate, and thus is usually a very difficult life-script for marriage. Can have difficulties in marriage or sexual incompatibilities. The Uttara Ashadha symbol is the planks of a bed: an austere bed, not made for comfort. The hard bed reflects your austere attitude to relationships.

They like control so their partners can feel pushed out. Can go for material comfort and success, but not pleasure. They show stubborn, self-centred approach and can develop lack of interest in relationship.

Typically, Uttara Ashadhas can be composed and stoical. They tend to keep an emotional distance from others. They can have difficulty expressing warmth and love. Thay can have a difficult relationship with their father and this colours how they view love.

If Uttara Ashadhas are involved in something that bores or stresses them, they can become dull and lazy. There is a self-indulgent streak within them that defies your otherwise austere nature.

Uttara Ashadhas have complex Sexuality. The animal symbol of Uttara Ashadha is the mongoose. There is no female mongoose in the Nakshatra animal signs. For Uttara Ashadhas, therefore, there are no ideal partners. Often they have no instinctive understanding of your sexuality. To fulfil their spiritual path, they can have to learn to compro­mise on their sexuality.

Typically, to hide their lack of sexual confidence and low self-esteem, Uttara Ashadhas appear active and bold. If they fancy someone you make a play for them. You are fast workers and can get involved very quickly. But once they are involved, it can become very clear that they do not know what to do with their lovers. Not having an ideal mate in the Nakshatra system hinders Uttara Ashadha’s sexual knowledge. They can be passionate yet cold, self-indulgent yet ascetic. The right partner is one who accepts their intrinsic spiritu­ality and makes them comfortable with their sexuality.

Uttara Ashadhas hate secrecy or deception so you set high standards for their partners and if they fail, can be very aggressive and will not wait till they have rooted out their dishonesty. They need to avoid becoming suspicious for the sake of it. And as they are plain-speaking and direct, they may not understand harmless wiles and sexual play from others. it can be that they can’t be bothered and choose to lead the life of an ascetic. In a woman’s chart, this person may opt for a practical marriage or marriage for money.

find their partners are too ascetic, boring or not much fun, especially if planet occupies pada 2 of Uttar Ashadha.

Favorable: Uttara Ashadha earns a good living; believes in charitable giving; brave; does well in foreign countries; good conversationalist; enjoys music and dance; good organizational abilities; ambitious, motivated to accomplish things and develop their careers; likes old and mysterious things; could be skilled in astrology

Unfavorable: Uttara Ashadha cane be self-seeking, aggressive; worried; capable of hurt­ing others; makes up stories; deceptive in that they will either say what is not so, withhold information, or understate matters; don’t like to be told what to do; argumentative; too talkative; select mates who often are very different in personality and outlook

The symbol of Uttara Ashadha, a tooth, is a sharp thing and analogous to this Uttara Ashadha has a keen intel­lect, which enables him to see through the wrong ways of the ego.  The elephant is an animal with a great, posi­tive strengt­h.  A person in whose horo­scope Uttara Ashad­ha plays an impor­tant role is challenged to use that strength.

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