Using the Kabbalah to understand yourself by Elizabeth Hendricks

Did you know that every part of your body has a relationship with a specific sphere of energy on the Tree of Life?

If you have issues with your body, you can go to the corresponding sphere of energy (they are called Sephiroth) and connecting to that energy field to improve your physical and emotional circumstances.

The Kabbalah tells us our thoughts and emotions are interconnected with symptoms in our bodies.

According to Kabbalah, physical problems come from energetics blockages in specific Sephiroth.

For example, I might be having trouble with my right shoulder. By going to the Tree of Life I see my right shoulder is related to the sphere of energy called Chesed.

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Of course, we are all interested in our own emotional well-being and we are all interested in keeping our bodies intact. By looking out at the virtues and vices of a particular Sephiroth, you can get clues as to whether you need to adjust your thoughts and actions so that energy field becomes balanced.

When the energy field is balanced, physical harmony is believed to return as a consequence.

Since every sephiroth is also connected to a specific planet, specific colors, and specific musical frequencies, those can be also be used to also assist  the healing process.

Along these lines, it’s good to remember the astral plane is very fluid, and it takes time for new thoughts and beliefs to manifest down into a physical situation.

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