Use your pendulum dowsing to assist in making consciously healthy decisions by Ann Gildart

“It’s not just food that creates and recreates you, your thoughts and your environment do as well.”  ~ Michael Corthell

Food and the quality of food and our interaction with it gives us the ability to make wise choices. We are going to use our pendulum plus tool-less dowsing to assist us in making consciously healthy decisions, and control whether what is in or on the food we choose for ourselves and our family. You can also do this remotely by dowsing flyers, online goods or menus.

First with our pendulum; follow all protocol for preparing self for accurate dowsing. Remember to avoid words like should, can, could, good, best, will, enough; any abstract wording. Dowsing is a science, you replace those words with, “What is the probability that…? Is beneficial to…?” Use your hand chart or progress to Walt Woods’ “Letter to Robin” charts that will give you percentages.

You select a dish on the menu and begin your question chain. Question examples…

Is the food in this restaurant prepared with full hygienic aberrance?

Are the cleanliness protocols up to the Board of Health standards?

Do any employers currently working at the restaurant pose a risk to me ordering takeout food for [time]?

If no to any of these questions,” EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Now select your item and we will dowse another question chain.

Will the preparation of this dish be detrimental to the energy of my body?

Will all products in the dish be safe for me to eat?

Are there any detrimental additives that cause a reaction to my body?

Will the dish be cooked to my specifications?

You are in control of what you want to know.

We should also look at what we drink and ask questions of benefit of the contents of that.

I will now share a way to energize that glass of water:

Anti-clockwise direction:

  1. Scramble the energies of and remove all toxins and chemical additives present in this water.
  1. Remove all negative memories and the energies of greed and death from this water.Clockwise spin:
  1. Transmute scrambled energies into the water to bring up the vibration of water to that of pure spring water.
  1. Instruct during spin that water will be brought up to the energetic levels which compliment our body water.
  1. Invite the spirit of spring water to reside in the water you are energizing.
  2. If you have health issues, install healing for that condition in the energy of the water.

Allow the spin to continue as long as is necessary.

  1. Upon completion, check with a simple yes and no to see if you were successful in installing and energizing the water. At a future time I will show you how to measure the vibration of that water.

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese author and entrepreneur, best known for his claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.

Tool-less dowsing for a quick trip to the supermarket:

Hold the item of food you are purchasing and ask if it is beneficial to your body.

You will find that the body will sway a response! Leaning forwards is an indication of yes. If your body leans backwards, it’s no. You can practice this on all foods in the

privacy of your home to be come comfortable with this form of muscle testing.

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