Uranus your Banner of Revolution

If you have key planets in Vedic Aries or Libra, especially, but for all of us: do now note which House is affected by this Uranus transit, and note the nature of the House or planet Uranus is affecting/electrifying. This will be key information as to what area of your life MUST embrace Revolution: Now. OK, Uranus is Retrograde until January – but this means you must above all hang on to your Inspiration and you must foment your plans, you must lay your foundation soundly and comprehensively, so that from January you are in great shape to share your Revolution Banner with the worldThis video and blog is actually an add-on to our upcoming Astrology and Healing Newsletter for September  2020, and there’s much that applies to Saturn and you too at this time when he is in strong dignity or retrograde in the heavens.

As a special resource, I do show the charts and ephemeris for each month in both Vedic and also western astrology on my Starwheel website. You can see the full Vedic and also Western Ephemeris of the planets positions, the charts of the September Full and New Moons, plus the 2020 eclipse dates and more, all on my September Astrology page in my Starwheel Astrology website:

Uranus is retrograde all month, retrograding from 16 deg Vedic Aries to 15 deg Vedic Aries. He’s in Bharani Nakshatra, but he will re-enter Ashwini Nakshatra on 2nd December.

Uranus actually continues Retrograde until 14th January 2021, when he turns Direct at 12 deg Vedic Aries.

Uranus carries the banner of Revolution aloft, especially for Vedic Aries and Libra emphasis people.

Uranus is the flash of insight. surprise. The flash of lightning.


In the western tropical zodiac, this is Uranus transiting from 10 to 9 degrees Taurus.

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