Uranus in the Astrology Birth Chart

Michael ConneelyIn this post Michael Conneely discusses the role of Uranus in the Astrology Birth Chart

MEET URANUS I set great store by developing what in Tibetan Buddhism and tantric Hinduism is called ‘clear appearance’ of a god, and Uranus is a facet of the divine that plays an inescapable and totally crucial role in our life, and how exactly we will receive him into our destiny is mapped by the Sign he occupies in our birth chart, the House he occupies, and the energies he forms in aspect to the other planets. Developing this ‘clear appearance’ of the god energy, as well as developing ‘clear appearance’ of each planet as he manifest in our astrology chart and in our life and destiny is crucial and invaluable perception. My astrology always combines Western Astrology (for example psychodynamic and evolutionary western astrology) with Vedic Astrology (which offers vast and peerless declaration of our incarnational life purpose and issues in its unfoldment. And as a matter of principle, all my astrology is geared to healing and empowerment in its orientation.
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All my astrology is geared to healing and empowerment dimensions. If you wish you can consider the healing offered by the modalities offered worldwide by Maggie Pashley. See: www.maggiepashley.com. Here is a video presentation of Uranus and his energy, and below that a lengthy presentation of Uranus as face of god, planet and Awakener in your life:

The great Awakener.
The Great Liberator.
The Initiator of New Order.
The Pioneer.
The Promethean spirit.
The Logos Principle: abstract thinking.
Transmutes fragmented acquired knowledge into comprehensive synthesis.
The Hierophant: veils that which it is essential to veil and hides that which must be discovered.
The iconoclast.
Transmits knowledge at the right time.
The purpose of Uranus is to create inner balance transcending dualism.
The Magician – conscious manipulation of energies building an ideal world: He manifests destruction where there is resistance.
Uranus bursts through Saturn’s Ego-defenses, block and repressions.
Prometheus stole fire from heaven.
Uranus gives us urge to act out excitement, freedom and experiment.
Radical, permanent change.
Sometimes Uranus may be experienced only on an inner plane: as Transfiguration – the light of the Universal mind shines through.
Uranus breaks all rules.
Uranus can manifest as Magic (causes change to occur in consciousness).
Uranus is Intuitive: SUDDEN alterations of consciousness.
Uranus is not limited in time and space. He manifests as taking a different perspective, pure genius.
Uranus is fresh, new, unheard-of, seemingly crazy ideas, ‘this might work!’
The non-conformist, the eccentric, the rebel, the freedom fighter.
Uranus is independent, wired, restless. He moves with electric rapidity and detonating excitement. He is shock, a doorway opened to Heaven.
Uranus is at the leading edge: creativity/technology.
Uranus ruptures secrecy/deception.
Uranus is intensive shocking bursts of planetary electromagnetic energy.
He was discovered as a time of Democratic Republicanism (discovered 1781).
In some ways, Uranus is analytical, scientific, soaring creative imagination.
He throws off personality shackles. The butterfly emerges from the chrysalis.
Uranus represents forward-looking positive thinkers.
Uranus orbital astronomy reveals its unorthodoxy: he ‘rolls’ along his orbit at 90 degrees to the rotation angle of every other planet in the solar system.
Uranus is the spiritual warrior who quests beyond Mars’ vision. Venus is a route to Uranus. Jupiter and Saturn prepare us for Uranus’ ‘death’ or ‘birth’ trauma.
He is fated unconscious change.
Uranus is not limited in time and space.
Uranus is Transfiguration – the light of the Universal mind shines through.
He breaks all rules. Magic happens and causes change to occur in consciousness. He’s unpredictable, Intuitive and brings lightning flashes of ‘abnormal’ SUDDEN alterations of consciousness which may be experienced only on an inner plane.

We fight Uranus’ change for fear of ending up worse. Negatively he manifests as obsessiveness, eccentricity, lack of balance decisive clarity. He has an inhuman energy of cold objectivity or highly-strung, nervy, over-charged persistent will. He is impersonal detached – even icy. He is cool rationality rather than warmth or sympathy. He is instability. He is niggling pursuit of the exciting – rejection of the familiar.
He can lead to social isolation, multiplicity of fragmented relationships, neglect of commitments, nervous illness, emotional repression, intolerance.
He is argumentative, erratic, unstable, destructive, disruptive, disorganizing. There’s experiment but fanaticism. There’s radical willful obstinacy.
Uranus brings permanent change with utter disregard for tradition.

If we resist Saturn’s slowly grinding away at our internal obstacles, Uranus will step in and totally shatter them. When Uranus intervenes during a transit, this is a chance to smash Saturn’s restrictive life scripts and get on track with your life. Uranus’ overwhelming enthusiasm for the future counterbalances Saturn’s value given to the past.

Uranus people find difficulty working for others. Their powerful rebelliousness leads them into constant difficulties with authority figures. They need plenty of elbow room and will simply not tolerate a restrictive job setting.

They can be highly original in manifesting their gifts to the world. They prefer to shatter all restraints and put the pedal to the metal in terms of their creativity. They are perhaps inventors with lightning fast ability to conceptualize complicated ideas.

In shadow form, they are hot-headed rebellious loose cannons; their knee-jerk reactions making it difficult for their brilliance to manifest.

Uranus Lovers love diversity in relationships. They enjoy relating to all kinds of interesting people. They are highly tolerant and supportive. They are only attracted to partners who are highly liberated in their outlook. Often marry more than once. May refuse to settle down with just one person.

Shadow Uranus, here, simply uses the partner for gratification of their sensual needs, moving on when they grow bored or tired. They crave a thrill a minute to maintain intensity.

Uranus Magicians always feel excitable or anxious deep insider restlessness drives them through the changes in their lives. They are the inner psychic daredevils who love the excitement of exploring the very edges of their own psyches and revel in cutting-edge speculation or study.

In shadow form, these people lead disorganized lives. They forget to pick up the pieces and their lives are a complete shamble.

Uranus Warriors are the most active of rebels. Assertively refusing to conform to anything. Feel claustrophobic when confined in any way. These people love the explosive thrill of speed and acceleration. This powerful inner urge causes them to take too many risks in their lives. They go through life on the seat of their pants. They are drawn to coffee and buzz accelerators. Inner urgency makes them workaholics.

Shadow Uranus, here, is prime candidate for burn-out, driving themselves in such a ruthless manner, ignoring warning symptoms of fatigue or pain. A serious illness may show up after years of ignoring symptoms. They alienate others because of their extreme individuality and refusal to compromise.

Uranus Astrology 2017 to 2018:
As I write this post, Uranus is about to enter the Vedic sign of Aries, where he will stay for the next seven years. Uranus enters the Vedic or Sidereal Zodiac Sign of Aries on 8th April 2017. This is 24 degrees in the Western Astrology Tropical Zodiac.

Uranus continues to move forward until he reaches 4 deg Vedic Aries on 2nd August 2017 when he turns retrograde.

Uranus only turns direct again on 2nd January 2018, by which time he is back at 0 deg Vedic Aries (0 deg 27 mins).
And as a very special note: note that the two degrees’ zone either side of 0 deg Aries, is one of the three ‘Gandanta Zones’. The Gandanta Zones are places where Vedic water signs dissolve into the first flicker of a Vedic fire sign: here, the transition from Vedic Pisces to vedic Aries, and these zones are unstable, fraught and immaterial, but can be locus of inspiration.

It was Uranus’ last entry into Aries 84 years ago, that was marked by the burning of the Reichstag and the rise of Adolph Hitler and Europe’s descent into world War II.

This time so far, we have Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump.

But note that this is also the time of the highly expansionary and successful Jupiter- Uranus opposition transiting in the heavens, where transiting Jupiter and Uranus are both in T-square to tectonic transiting Pluto. See my Blog Post: blog.starwheelastrology.com/jupiter-jupiter-transits-2017-jupiter-uranus-opposition

Uranus Astrology and Astronomy:
Uranus is the astrological ruler of Aquarius.
Uranus is a freezing gas and ice giant.
He has 27 Moons.
Orbital period 84 years.

Uranus in the Houses of the Western Astrology Birth Chart – very brief indications:

Uranus in House 1
Uranus in 1st House may be characterized by sudden outbursts of energy, quick comprehension, restlessness, ambition, fanatical fight for ideas, the urge to strive for reforms, stubbornness, blind zeal, violence. You could be the dreamy enthusiast or the utopian.

Uranus in House 2
You will have to approach the whole area of money and resources in a different way from the ordinary. It is a challenge to rise above the collective’s traditional value systems. Uranus will question patterns assumed from one’s family or the culture. Might actually shun material security and possessions. Could be inconsistent values. Money might only be valued for the freedom it can bring or to support radical causes. Money will be earned in unusual ways or in a highly individualistic endeavour. Impractical or impulsive with money. May take risks with money that may pay off or may leave you bankrupt. Could be brilliant or unusual ideas on how to earn money.

Uranus in House 3
Unusual, intuitive mind. Exploratory, curiosity-driven nature. Needs new horizons. Your mind will be progressive and revolutionary, and this placement would only study the past if background foundational data were needed. Can be eccentric or unconventional. Freethinkers. Base their experiences on direct experience and scientific fact – not influenced by the opinions of others. You will look for your own ways to understand what is happening to you. You may well be less unique in you mind than you prefer to believe. Impersonal and impartial in evaluation of ideas. Grasps concepts as a whole. Operates via non sequiturs, making quick connection between unrelated topics. Lateral (non-linear thinking). Can be erratic thinkers. Can be impractical. Structuring ideas is a weak point. You may need to reorientate the activity of your analytical mind towards a more unifying structure of synthesis, of drawing together a multiplicity of fragments into a cohesive whole.

Uranus in House 4
You may have experienced your father as a free spirit, inventive, unusual and original, or as invasive or unpredictable or unstable. He could have had a mental breakdown. He could have been the victim of erratic and harmful circumstances, of this could indicate that he had a sudden accident with major consequences, or that he suddenly left or died. Uranus in 4th. House indicates an unusual home life, in some way. Perhaps there were lots of moves of house which you found disruptive. This is more likely to be the case if Uranus is afflicted or in a mutable sign in the horoscope. Or, perhaps there were many disruptive changes in your domestic situation. Or, there could have been one shattering major change half-way through your childhood. The atmosphere might have been full of excitement, where people were free to come and go as they pleased and the atmosphere was experimental and revolutionary and prone to change. Perhaps the house was deeply unconventional or frequented by lots of close friends of a bohemian or roving nature, or it was the centre for meetings of a socially-orientated movement: humanitarian, political, religious or occult. It is usually a sign that something disruptive occurred: disruption could have been extreme.

Uranus in House 5
Uranus in 5th House brings dissatisfaction or melt-down with romantic relationships. There could be unconventional artistic or creative abilities.

Uranus in House 6
Change, challenge and opportunity in your life is associated with areas of work, service and health.
Work: Uranus abhors repetition: therefore you may experience disruptiveness at work or lots of changes of job. You need real stimulation and interest in any work you do. In childhood, this manifests as lack of persistence in lessons, fluctuations in concentration and application.You will need as much freedom as possible in work, and would certainly resent a high degree of supervision. Health: Your health can be a source of personal change. This isn’t an easy placement for personal health. Your physical body may have periodic illnesses. Nervousness and irritability could feature: resulting in ill-health. There can be an interest in new, alternative or unusual forms of healing, or experimentation with diet and in the area of the soul-body-mind link. You could gain relief from illness based on a holistic approach – and train in these approaches.

Uranus in House 7
The great danger is that you may attract, or be attracted to Uranian types, who may well not satisfy the needs of other aspects of your chart. Partners who exhibit the positive manifestations of Uranus might be original, detached, freedom-seeking, exciting, radical, iconoclastic, intuitive, ‘crazy’, eccentric, rebellious, wired and restless. They might open a doorway to heaven, sexually experimenting, analytical, soaringly creative.
Partners who exhibit the negative manifestations of Uranus might be:
evil and cynically detached manipulative dark magicians, obsessives, over-charged, maniacal, icy, impersonal, unstable, perverse cultivation of the alternative at all costs, pursuing a multiplicity of fragmented relationships, erratic, disruptive, disorganizing, willful, obstinate, intolerant, extreme, unpredictable, perverse, perverted, rough.

Uranus in House 8
The 8th House indicates what we give and receive in life: exchanges. This includes what exchanges occurring relationship, in joint finances. It also signifies matters of death and (re)birth, psychism and magic.
There may be disruption, changeability and eccentricity within sexual involvements. There may be sudden unexpected changes in fortune – gains or losses, through inheritance, marriage, business partnership, insurance, taxes and corporate finances.
8th House as psychic & spiritual matters: Interest in the occult/psychism is possible, as is telepathy or interest in life after death. This can be a profound, clever and cunning mind.
Identity: You may have a compulsive need to be different, asserting your identity in an unconventional, non-conformist manner, rejecting social expectations to be predictable, responsible and controlled by the conditioning process. Stability and security may be seen as a trap, akin to death. You demand the right to follow your own impulses and oppose any restrictive conditions or laws. You may radiate cranky jarring doubting and control over others.

Uranus in House 9
Positively, this placement indicates advanced ideas in matters of religion, philosophy, teaching and higher education. These people will depart from the orthodox in these matters. They will have Utopian ideals. There can be inspired insight into social change. These people may travel suddenly or to unusual places in search of enlightenment., stimulation, adventure or revolution.
If Uranus is afflicted, there can be cultism and emotionally-inauthentic guru-attachments. Cab be the rebel without a cause, rebelling for the sake of it, out of unconscious reasons to do with relationships with parents.

Uranus in House 10
I’m not sure that the steady nine to five job, working for forty years in the same organization will really suit you if you have Uranus in 10th. house! You may be prone to sudden, apparently unpredictable, changes of fortune or status.

Uranus in House 11
You will have many unusual friendships. You will develop your revolutionary insights by membership of unusual radical groups. You will be drawn to exciting and unusual groups, but Uranian impersonality and divorce from flesh and emotions will provoke crises in friendship and group involvements until you learn to stop going into them with the wrong motivations, and until you also learn to befriend people, in addition to using them for what their minds or insights or knowledge or abilities or insights have to offer.

Uranus in House 12
Natally Uranus in 12th House can mean such things as approaching the unconscious in an unusual or inventive way, difficulty in settling down and putting down roots, due to a deep, compulsive fear of relinquishing your independence. At times, people with Uranus 12th. House need to retreat from life, and might even attract into their lives accidents illnesses or incarcerations of some sort to achieve this.
It will involve  habits of self-evasion that you will have become accustomed to in an attempt to cover inner splits.
Afflicted Uranus in 12th House is the illusionary medium, based on neurotic motivations, dabbling in negative psychic phenomenon, instead of allowing intuition to develop naturally, producing confusion and delusion. Mental problems could develop.

Uranus in Combination with other planets – very brief indications:

PRINCIPLE:              A revolutionary spirit, A progressive mind. Excitement. Upset.


+              originality, consciousness of objectives, focus on aims, a far-seeing mind, love of freedom, striving for reform. Mobility.

–            argumentative, nervy, willful, capricious, erratic, contradictory, impatient, excitable, muddle-headed. Trouble-maker.

C:            strained or tense inner life. The self-willed reformer.

BIOLOGICAL:                   the rhythmic functions of the cells and body. Pulse. breathing

SOCIOLOGICAL:             the innovator, the reformer, the inventor, the technician, the Rebel.


PRINCIPLE:      emotional tension, sudden manifestation of subconscious forces


+           excitable, attentive, ambitious, argumentative, self-willed

–            excessively self-willed, stubborn, fanatical, exaggerated. Nervous overstrain. Unconditional

pursuit of one’s own metaphysical, clairvoyant (&c) interests.

C:            overstrained emotionally, peculiar interests, intellectual talents, individualism.

BIOLOGICAL:                the rhythm of the water economy of the blood, disturbance of blood-pressure, colic of the water-excreting organs. Prostatism. This point is connected to the female menstrual period.

SOCIOLOGICAL:          restless, nervous or ambitious woman, female reformists


PRINCIPLE:              astuteness, intuition


+              revolutionary spirit. Revolutionary mind. Shrewdness. Inventive thinking. Talent for speaking. Intuition. Interest in or ability for technical science or engineering, physics, mathematics, rhythm, &c. the desire for independence. Intellectual flexibility

–            too many irons in the fire. Scatter of energies. Nervous haste. Temporary or occasional confusion. Tactlessness, brutal frankness. Self-over-estimation. Contradictory disposition

C:            self-willed, moody. Good intellect

BIOLOGICAL:             depth-sensibility. Facial pains or migraine

SOCIOLOGICAL:        the mathematician, technician, physicist. Someone who studies rhythm. Astrologer.


PRINCIPLE:              the arousing of love. Rhythm. eccentricity


+              excitable expression of love: impulsive and erratic. Variegated expression of love. Artistic talents

–            self-willed love nature. Peculiar inclinations. Very independent in love. Detached in love

BIOLOGICAL:                   the rhythm of the sex life

SOCIOLOGICAL:             artists. Extravagant people. Gay sexuality


PRINCIPLE:              sudden application of effort. Intervention in the body (an operation)


+              extraordinary amount of energy suddenly made available. The urge for freedom. Unyieldingness. Quick determination. Courage.

–          an argumentative disposition. Contradictoriness. Self-willed obstinacy. Lack of balance. Intolerance. The urge for freedom. Tension. Stress. Fighting spirit. Violence. Proneness to injury or accidents.

BIOLOGICAL:             the rhythm of activity. The activity and work of the heart. An injury causing loss of blood. The cutting of the skin for the purpose of an operation. Loss of blood. A scar

SOCIOLOGICAL:        violent people. Fighters for freedom. Revolutionaries. People who argue for the sake of it.


PRINCIPLE:                     Sudden release of strain. Optimism, lucky chance, blissful realization. ungroundedness.


+              the desire for knowledge, the aspiration of inner perception, good intuition, fortunate ideas which can be realized, organizing abilities, feel for the new. Quick grasp of a situation. Prudence, far-sightedness. Philosophical interests. love of freedom, urge for independence,

–          obstinate adherence to one’s own principles from inherent awkwardness s rather than real conviction. Exaggeration. Inconstancy. Tactlessness. Philosophical or religious conflicts

BIOLOGICAL:             the organic rhythm, e.g. peristalsis, spastic fits or disorders, convulsions

SOCIOLOGICAL:        organizers, inventors, adventurers. Fortune hunters


PRINCIPLE:              irritability. tension


+              coping with every situation. The power to pull through and endure. Perseverance and endurance. Indefatigability. Will-power. determination

–            unusual tensions or strains. Irritability. Emotional conflict. Indefatigable urge for freedom. Provocative conduct. An act of violence.

C:            self-willed nature. Tenacity and toughness. Obstinacy. Strong emotional tensions or stresses.

BIOLOGICAL:                inhibitions of rhythm, e.g. heart, breathing. Sudden loss of limbs. operations. Amputations. Removal of intestinal parts, spleen, &c.

SOCIOLOGICAL:           violent people


PRINCIPLE:              the elimination of waking consciousness


+              the development and growth of subconscious powers, inner vision, inner illumination, enlightenment, inspiration, idealism, interest in spiritual subjects, religious issues, mysticism, or art, etcetera.

–               Lack of control of waking consciousness leading to confusion, instability, lack of emotional balance, nervous sensitiveness, wrong ideas or one-sidedness.

C:            extraordinary and unusual inclinations

BIOLOGICAL:                   paralysis of the rhythmic processes. Heart failure. Apoplexy. A still-born child

SOCIOLOGICAL:             mystics. People engaged in psychical research. mediums


PRINCIPLE:              Revolution. The collapse of the old order. The process of transformation


+              restlessness. Activity. Creative energy. Flight from the establishment. Innovation, reform. A strong awareness of purpose and objective. Mobility. Creative power. Untiring effort. endurance

–            impatience. Scatter of energies. Fanaticism. Violence. Precipitate action. The mania of destruction

C:            daring and foolhardiness. Striving for new things. Extraordinary powers of creation and performance.

BIOLOGICAL:                  changes in rhythm of biological processes. The relationship between pulse and breathing. Fever spots.

SOCIOLOGICAL:          pioneers, reformers. People who are very much out of the ordinary or who are endowed with universal genius.

Uranus Square Nodes of the Moon:
When Uranus squares the Moon’s Nodes, Rahu North Node and Ketu South Node, the karmic pressure is to achieve lib­eration from past restrictive traumatic levels of conditioning, and a crisis in individuation. The person will usually be blind to how their conditioning imprisons them, and this results in a block to the expression of their individuality. There’s a need to reintegrate former illumination that has been lost or was blocked.

TRANSITS OF URANUS – very brief indications: 

Uranus to Sun

+     Originality, foresight, organizational flair, tendency to sudden changes, alteration and travel, Improvement of life position, Betterment of health through new methods of treatment, Sudden recognition, professional advancement, sudden involvement with a man (usually)

–      Sudden urge or compulsion to change, critical effects, sudden disposition to illness, In the case of illness: possibility of surgery, Times of upset, Crisis in partnership, upset through the influence of a man (usually).

Uranus to Moon

+    originality, foresight, organizational flair, tendency to sudden changes, alteration and travel, improvement of life position, betterment of health through new methods of treatment, sudden recognition, professional advancement, sudden involvement with a man.

–      sudden urge or compulsion to change, critical effects, sudden disposition to illness, the effects of illness, possibility of surgery, times of upset, crisis in partnership or marriage, upset through the influence of men.

Uranus to Mercury

+   inventive spirit, desire for change of pace or alteration, organizational talent, good intuition, good critical faculty, invention, new plans and stimuli, intellectual flexibility, new connections, sudden journeys, astrology.

–   wasting one’s energy, nervous haste, errors, mistakes, moodiness, obstinacy, failures or upsets of plans, upsets through letters or gossip, nervous disorder, thoughts of suicide.

Uranus to Venus

+     Values will shift: What we found beautiful or attractive before, we might no longer do so. We might be put in touch with our creative ability. We might experience fresh artistic techniques – even shocking, extreme ones. Relationships become revitalized OR a parting of the ways. Dependency can be transformed into independence. Time to explore and develop interests. We may meet a stimulating, exciting new person. We might be introduced to new ideas, interests and ways of looking at life. Change or disruption in love, great excitability in love life, sudden intensification of emotional feelings, sudden strong (brief) attraction, new acquaintanceship, new artistic stimuli, tendency to amorous adventures. Uranus hits Venus dramatically and decisively.

– Egoism in love, hypersensitivity, perversity, over-emotionalism, moodiness, nervousness, owing to suppressed desire, pronounced sexual motivation, danger of sexual assault.

Uranus to Mars

+  Extraordinary energy, desire for freedom, non-submissiveness, technical skill, tendency to hastiness.

–   restless, nervousness, brutality, intolerance, danger of accident, injury, separation, harm through machines, fire, explosion, turbulent change in life, being placed under compulsion, mistakes due to hastiness. Avoid travel!!

Uranus to Jupiter

+  Good ideas, invention, striving for knowledge, good hand at negotiations, sudden and advantageous connections, sudden recognition or success. We feel new possibilities and an exciting sense of what the future might hold for us. Some of these visions might come true, others might be just pie in the sky. . Our perspective on life will change radically.

–  love of freedom, desire for independence, opposition, non-submission, insistence on one’s own principles purely for the sake of opposition, tactlessness, lack of adaptability, conflicts in marriage, legal disputes, great psychological tension and upset leading to sudden changes

Uranus to Saturn

+  Being in control of every situation, strong resistance, perseverance, indefatigability, success in coping with the demands of life, occupational changes, changes in residence. the old in an explosive and disruptive way. You will take risks.

–  great psychological tension, inflexibility, provoking behaviour, contradiction, dispute, animosity, estrangement, separation, bereavement, illness, hardships, formative interference in destiny, ‘imprisonment’. Change will be problematic and disruptive and drastic. You will want to smash something that you have stuck to for the wrong reasons such as fear, wrong-loyalty, security, status, duty.

Uranus to Neptune

+   peculiar emotional states, impressionability and receptiveness, inspiration, spiritual perception, interest in the spiritual, mystical. longing for far-away places, travel, inclination to delve into the occult. the development and growth of subconscious powers or forces, inner vision, inner illumination and enlightenment, inspiration, idealism, and interest in spiritual subjects, religious issues, mysticism, art. psychical research, mediums peculiar psychic states, inspirations, spiritual cognition and understanding, long journeys, contacts with foreign countries. Often: a ‘peak experience’.

–   Inner tension and obscurity lead to forming extreme goals, instability, mental and emotional conflict, deplorable conditions, harm from others due to lack of resistance, undermining of reputation, illness, danger of poisoning. want of clearness, instability, lack of emotional balance, nervous sensitiveness, wrong ideas, one-sidedness. Biologically it is the paralysis of rhythmic processes, heart failure, apoplexy, still-birth. lack of stamina and of vitality,

Uranus to Pluto

+   indefatigability, untiring resolve, struggle for reform and innovation, fanatic striving for transformation, strong sense of goals, creation of new conditions of life.

–    life crisis, suffering under acts of violence or force majeure, heavy losses, being placed in a serious dilemma, great agitation, involvement in catastrophe

Uranus to Nodes of the Moon: 

+     sudden acquaintanceships and connections, possibly resulting in a change in situation,

–     Unexpected incidents in community or family life, unsettling experiences with others, Mourning with others.

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