Uranus enters Aries 8th April 2017 Big Energy Ahead

Michael ConneelyUranus enters the Vedic sign of Aries

Something with very important future implications happens on 8th April 2017: Uranus enters the Vedic sign of Aries. The energy of Uranus in Aries touches the Earth and the hearts and minds of all of us.

And as I write, tragic breaking news is terrorist attack in Stockholm: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4390436/Truck-rammed-group-pedestrians-Stockholm.html.

Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun, and the last time this happened saw the burning of the Reichstag, the obliteration of civil liberties in Germany that followed the burning, all as part of the manipulated unstoppable rise to power of Adolph Hitler. This led to UK Prime Minister Nevil Chamberlain waving a piece of paper foolishly in the air as he returned from the Munich Agreement, saying to the British people that he ‘held in his hand an undertaking from Herr Hitler!!!!! – and then the catastrophe of World War. Not to mention the mass murder of millions of Jews, Poles and Gypsies in concentration camps.
So, this is Uranus’ entry into the Vedic sign of Aries. Vedic astrology uses the Sidereal zodiac, so the Uranus entry is at 24 deg western Aries which uses the tropical zodiac. So, what this post is about is the fact that Uranus entering Aries will have very warlike energies (though these can be managed by people if they work on raising their level of consciousness) and it is also coming in the wake of four terrible energies in the heavens that dominated 2016 and led to the rise of Donald Trump and Brexit, not to mention horrible events in the Middle East.

I have a personal connection to this in that my father (who I only met once) told me that in September 1939, when he was aged fifteen, he was working in the fields above his village in Poland, near the Baltic coast, just over the border from Germany, in what was then called the Danzig Corridor which was transferred from Germany to Poland at the end of world war I, when he and his friend saw Nazi troop lorries drive into the village and Luftwaffe planes scream in their thousands overhead. War had not been declared. They had no clue what was going on. They then saw the Germans set fire to some houses and then line up men and boys in the village and shoot one in ten of them. My father never saw his family again. He and his friend walked the road to Danzig with German fighters mercilessly shooting down the desperate stream of refugee Polish families. On arrival in war-devastated Danzig, he enlisted in General Sikorski’s Polish army in exile was taken to Norway and thence to Scotland by British Destroyer, and was sent to work in the East Anglian Airfields in England. A new Polish state was declared under a communist dictatorship after the end of World War II to which he did not have citizenship. He never saw his family again, but in a letter from his mother received after the war, he read that a villager had rashly thrown a stone at the windscreen of one of the German troop lorries the day they invaded his village which was the reason for the shooting of one in ten of the men and boys in the village that my father and his friend witnessed from the fields where they had set out to work on that fateful day.

And there is another personal connection: a weird ‘coincidence’ this time. Tomorrow as I write this blog post, on 8th April, the day when transiting Uranus in the heavens enters the Vedic sign of Aries, I am actually attending an archaeological conference I booked into months ago, and the site of the conference is by weird ‘coincidence’, none other than Oweynagat, the cave of The Morrigan. It’s near our Healing centre here in the West of Ireland, and The Morrigan is none other than the terrible War Goddess of the ancient Irish.

Medieval Irish manuscripts write of Oweynagat, the cave of The terrible Morrigan, being a place where horrific demon entities live: entities who issue forth at every Halloween when the veils between the worlds are thin to lay waste the land. Other medieval Irish manuscripts record the cave as the place where young warriors spend their initiatory time in darkness to meet the Morrigan, so as to make the transition from boy to man.

The Irish Book of invasions record The Morrigan the dread but necessary Goddess of War and Sovereignty: ethical and just. They record how she mates with the great god of the ancient Irish: The Dagda every Halloween. And it was this mating that gives to the people renewal to the bond of sovereignty to the land. It blessed ethical rule. Over two thousand years ago and it confirmed the victory of the ancient Irish people, the Tuatha de Danaan, a people of great skill and magic, over the uncouth, habitually-destructive and darkness-addicted people called the Formorians. And in fact, that battlefield too, the site of the Second Battle of Moytura, is also near healing centre too.

But my point is that War and Sovereignty need to be ethically understood. War is definitely activated when Uranus enters the Vedic sign of Aries. But some may understand it as a needed energy of self-defence of rightful sovereignty, but many others will understand it, like Hitler, as the driven call to multiple genocide and drenching the Earth in blood. The Morrigan too has her positive follower who understand her ethical duty and her gift of truth and just war in defence. But she is also disfigured by driven aggressive followers who misunderstand her greatness and strop out their constantly aggressive consciousnesses – which brings me to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and Brexit happened onto the world in 2016. Many people are wondering what happened and why did they use their votes this way. But they did. And actions have consequences. And consequences run forever.

Donald Trump and Brexit happened when an exceptional and unusual pileup of divisive and blood-stained warlike energies was piled up in the heavens for us to deal with, either with enlightened consciousness or with darkness and murder. In fact, in 2016 there was a pileup of four terrible influences were in the heavens in an exceptional awful combination, which characterised 2016. Also, there was the Orlando Killings and the assassination of Jo Cox the British MP, plus horrific events in the Middle East.

See my Blog Post of 8th December 2015 which predicted what would happen in 2016:

The first of these three terrible energies was Guru Chandala Yoga: when Jupiter and Rahu the North node of the Moon are transiting conjunct each other in the heavens in the same sign. This energy sullies the purity of Jupiter and is characterised by ‘dark’ connections to one’s consciousness and spiritual path, obsessions, fears, and addiction to or fear of the foreign. It ran from 30th January 2016 to 12th August 2016, and was exact on the day of the British Brexit Referendum!!! A population gulled and now wondering what they did!!!

The second malign energy running through 2016 was Mars transiting conjunct Saturn in the Mars-ruled Vedic sign of Scorpio, from 20th February 2016 to 18th September 2016, where Mars and Saturn transited over the fixed star Antares (16 degrees Scorpio). Antares is the star of war. What do Jupiter/Rahu + Mars/Saturn add up to??? Fundamentalist Terrorist War!

The third energy I would mention that was running in 2016, Mars – Uranus – Pluto: Librans and Arians especially were subjected to irritation, revolution and or Fundamental Change: Mars moved through western Libra in an angry, irritable opposition to Uranus. To make matters worse, there was a powerful and dangerous Mars –Pluto – Uranus T-square. On a personal level, feelings may run high at this time, and events may catch us unawares. You may have a big row to release tensions that have been building up in your life. Try to be kind. but on the global level it stacked up the violence of the energies.

And the fourth difficult energy that was associated with Donald Trump’s Presidency and Brexit was Kal Sarpa Yoga: From end September 2016 to end January 2018, all the planets in the heavens were one side of the Rahu – Ketu axis (this is the North Node-South Node axis). Kal Sarpa Yoga started. And it re-asserts in the heavens after the horrible eclipse energies due 21st August 2017. And amazingly, and exceptionally it is in the birth chart of the new US President Donald Trump.

From end September 2016 therefore, the divisive energy of Kal Sarpa Yoga therefore existed not only in Donald Trump’s birth chart; it exists in the heavens as well at the same time!
As above, so below! What a coincidence! Again: what on earth will it mean??

What is Kal sarpa Yoga? Kal Sarpa Yoga: the phenomenon in Vedic Astrology where all your planets are caught between the axis of the Nodes of the Moon: Rahu and Ketu in your birth chart. Rahu and Ketu are the North and South Nodes of the Moon – always opposite each other in the birth chart. Even if you have a planet just outside the Nodal Axis, or one planet very outside the nodal axis but on its own and unsupported, you still have the Kal Sarpa Yoga divisive energy, and it can lead to the person being very divisive and often ranting, though of course, like all these energies, how we manage our consciousness and deal with the nasty energy is key. But it does take a high development of consciousness to effectively deal with Kal sarpa Yoga energy. his energy can be very divisive. Maggie Thatcher had Kal sarpa yoga. She divided a nation! Joseph Goebbels had it: Adolph Hitler’s propaganda minister. Above all, the effect of Kal Sarpa yoga can be to make the person divisive.  It is traditionally said in Vedic Astrology that it can be associated with physical deformity/ unusual striking appearance or moral weakness, misfortunes, deceit and treason. A big problem for Kal Sarpa Yoga people is that they are subject to mood-swings and they can be prone to blame other people for this: Projection, denial and scapegoating!
This is because half the month while the Moon is going round the heavens, the Moon is inside the Nodal axis and is experienced as linked to the other planets in the birth chart (some benefic, some malefic).
But the other half of the month the Moon is moving out on a limb. The Moon is unsupported by the planets in the native’s birth chart (all of which are the other side of the natal axis).
An unsupported Moon is not easy for our Minds. People with Moon unsupported in their birth chart experience all sorts of fluctuations of mind.
And, as I said, it is most important to note that Kal Sarpa Yoga re-asserts in the heavens after the horrible eclipse energies due 21st August 2017, where the eclipse will encompass both Rahu (North Node) and Mars, both conjunct, in the dangerous Gandanta Zone between vedic Cancer and Vedic Leo.

The first Kal Sarpa Yoga for 2017 began around 28.9.2016 with this first Kal Sarpa event ending 20.1.2017.
Kal Sarpa Yoga re-arises a second time on 17.9.17 until 8.1.18.
Kal Sarpa Yoga will continue, on and off, for many years, as Jupiter and Saturn are on one side of the Rahu – Ketu axis, in fact it will continue, on and off, until 14.12.2019. So, whenever the faster planets are also one side of the Nodal axis until that date, Kal Sarpa Yoga will again be created, with all its divisiveness and ranting.

And now, fifthly: we have Uranus’ entry into the Vedic sign of Aries on 8th April 2017. As I explained above, the last time Uranus transited here on his 84-year orbit of our Sun saw the rise of Adolph Hitler, the creation of the Third Reich, genocide and World War. Uranus will now occupy the dangerous, though potentially inspirational Gandanta degree four times:
2.1.18 (just short of the zero point)
So, from 8th April 2017, Uranus is finally established in the Vedic sign of Aries, and he will remain there for seven years.
My point is that this is an energy of war and irritation. It is warrior energy. So, my plea is that people will be aware that a dangerous energy has arisen – and cultivate kindness. Politically, yes there is a need to defend justified sovereignty, but there is also the need to avoid the vicious warlike negative potential of Uranus in Aries.
The situation can be full of great potential for some, especially if the transiting Uranus-Jupiter opposition which is squared by Pluto falls on their personal planets. That will be wonderful for them. But the negative downside potential of Uranus in Vedic Aries is still there as well.
And the Uranus in Aries negative potential is bound to be made more decisive in that the Kal sarpa yoga re-asserts after the eclipse of 21st August 2017, running until 8th January 2018 but continuing.
So, my plea to the world is for kindness. This astrology offers great perception. Spread the perception that difficult energies are in the heavens for humans to deal with as part of their evolution.
We have to stand firm at letting our minds be invaded by all the divisiveness.
The ongoing implications of Brexit will be pretty awful – certainly for Ireland.

And WHAT will happen after the Eclipse of 21st August 2017 happens right on the Ascendant of the chart of the US President himself: Donald Trump????????
I have a long experience of predictive the effects of Eclipses, and an eclipse on the Ascendant predicts violent development in the life. And because he is the President of the USA, this includes violent developments in the USA – and therefore for the world.
I can definitely see that there will be Middle East Fundamentalist unleashing as a result of this eclipse energy.

My plea therefore is that we very carefully monitor our consciousnesses as these energies unfold. The events that will manifest from the unfolding of these energies cannot be good, and the lower consciousness response will be obsession and slide into scapegoating and violence. By the way, I am not saying that I think ‘higher-consciousness’ is world-denying. I did a five-year field study of spiritual forms new to the modern West, and I encountered many people who assume that ‘higher consciousness’ is world-denying and almost robotic, often defined by guru or cult. What I am saying is that we need to aim for better self-awareness of the paly of our consciousness and our mind. We need to aim for creating stability of our mind and consciousness. I believe we incarnated to work with and burn or end negative karmas, but I also believe that we incarnate to manifest certain gifts and talents: to let certain pearls of ours shine for this life time. So, I am not urging world denying: I am urging consciousness awareness of how we may be caught up in all the driven, divisive and yes; Uranus in Aries warlike energies that we will have coming at us for the next seven years. And this is where expert astrology guidance comes in. I combine western psychodynamic and evolutionary astrology in all my readings and courses, and I combine this with Vedic Astrology, which by contrast with the more psychological Western Astrology is more focused on vast and sure declaration of our incarnational life purpose. Expert Astrology really can define and map the energy web that we are caught up in. And the planets are caught up in the same energy web too, it is a case of ‘as above so below’. We are all caught up in the unfoldment of Creation. And astrology when more properly and fully done can give us the tools for sublime awareness and the means to map the tasks of our consciousness too.

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