Upcoming Workshops: EFT tapping, Metamorphic Technique and Heart Wall Clearing

Maggie Pic MAINUpcoming Workshops from Maggie Pashley & Change for Life – EFT tapping, Metamorphic Technique and Heart Wall Clearing

Tap Your Way to Health and Vitality with EFT (tapping) – Foundational Level 1
For me, Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT or tapping is still one of the most amazing resources to have, literally at your fingertips, to help you deal with the challenges of life, help improve health and well being and feel more confident and at peace.
In this practical workshop you’ll learn how to tap on acupressure points to calm your stress response, relieve physical pain and emotional upset, release unwanted cravings (eg to cigarettes, alcohol or sweets). You’ll go away with a great tool you can use for the rest of your life, to help you in every area of your life.
Find out more at www.changeforlife.co.uk/eftws.htm or call Maggie on 07939118136
Date: Saturday 2 November, 10am to 5pm (one day) or
Wednesday 20th November, 10am to 5pm (one day)
Cost: £75
Venue: Ilkley Happiness Centre, 7a Railway Road, Ilkley, LS29 8HQ
And if you’ve already done it with me and want to brush up or simply spend the day tapping, come along for just £10
EFT Level 2 – Deepening your experience
Level 2 is a natural progression from the foundational level. In this workshop you’ll learn how to refine your skills, when to be direct and when to go more slowly, using EFT to release unhelpful limiting beliefs, how to do distant EFT on the phone or skype,  how to use EFT in a group and get everybody to benefit, how to bring in positive choices with EFT. You can use this more workshop for your own personal use or optionally you can choose to use it to become a practitioner, completing case studies and doing an on-line test to register with AAMET.
Find out more at www.changeforlife.co.uk/eftws.htm or call Maggie on 07939118136
Dates: 30th November/1st December 2013
Venue: Ilkley Happiness Centre, 7a Railway Road, Ilkley, LS29 8HQ.
And if you want to repeat, come along and pay just £10 per day – check there is space first.
Metamorphic Technique Workshop
This simple technique which involves a light touch on the feet, hands and head is, in my opinion, a wonderful way of getting in touch with one’s true self and inner guidance, letting our own life force move us to what is right for us. People can be drawn to it during times of transition, or feeling stuck and not knowing what to do, or they may be tired of talking about their story and know there must be something more. It’s something that requires no analysis, no talking (you can talk if you want, but you don’t have to!) and allows us to relax into being. Many people report being more creative, alive and being able to embrace new opportunities. It can be used within families and can deepen the connection between people. It is what guided me to move back to Yorkshire after being away for 33 years!!! And I still love it!
Find out more: www.metamorphicwings.com or call Maggie on 07939118136
Dates: Saturday and Sunday 7/8 December 2013, 10am – 4pm (both days)
Cost: £120
If this is your second workshop with me, repeat for only £60
Heart Wall Clearing Workshop 
Learn how to remove blocks to love, creativity and success
Most of us, by the time we reach adulthood, have experienced hurts, rejections and disappointments which cause us to build a protection around our heart to prevent further pain. While this starts out with a positive intention to help us cope, it often ends up by numbing us out, cutting ourselves off from giving and receiving love and can greatly impact on the most important relationship of all, that with ourselves and with our source of inspiration and power.
Dr Bradley Nelson, American chiropractor with many years’ experience working with clients with many difficult conditions, developed the Emotion Code using muscle testing to determine what underlying unresolved emotions were causing imbalances. He found that one of the things that could make such a massive impact was clearing somebody’s Heart Wall. I’ve seen that in my own clients. I cleared my own Heart Wall and allowed a relationship into my life after being single for 13 years!!
So I’m doing a half-day workshop to show you how to muscle test for your own Heart Wall, learn how to uncover underlying emotions and clear them. You’ll go away having cleared some of blocks to love, with a chart and instructions showing you how to continue and a magnet to help with the clearing. And you’ll go away feeling lighter in some way!
Find out more about Heart Walls: http://www.bodycodehealing.co.uk/heart-walls.html or call me Maggie on 07939118136.
Date: 9th November 2013, 2-5pm
Cost: £30
Venue: Ilkley Happiness Centre, 7a Railway Road, Ilkley, LS29 8HQ
Lunar Eclipse – Friday 18th October
And finally tomorrow is a Lunar Eclipse and I’ve included a few words from my partner, Michael who is an astrologer:
Here in UK it’s at 23.37 hours on Friday Evening. It’s an eclipsed Full Moon. The Sun is at 25 degrees Libra; the Moon is at 25 degrees Aries. Eclipses are about releasing dammed-up energies. They are associated with earthquakes and tsunamis in the earth’s crust, and they are very powerful in their effects if they fall on significant parts of your birth chart. They signify great change for good or ill. Anciently they were predictable for Druids and Vedic Rishis, and were used to signify the ‘fall of kings’ etcetera. I myself predicted for one client that her life would change utterly following an eclipse when Ketu (the South Node) of an eclipse fell on the ascendant of her birth chart, and something that then happened to a family member that caused her to then have to totally change her life-style and be more caring of the family member.
Incidentally, I feel this Eclipse will be very good for those who have their Sun (or other major planets) in the Vedic (sidereal) sign of Libra (24 western Libra to 24 western Scorpio). In other words if they were born in the month commencing October 17th. This is because Saturn and Rahu the north Node of the Moon are already slowly transiting through Libra bringing great concentration and focus, and Saturn is exalted in Libra, and on October 17th Sun enters Vedic Libra, adding to this power for a one month period. And Jupiter is blessing Libra from sidereal Gemini at present. So people in this zone will have great good fortune. Indeed, for example, if Venus is in their 2nd house, or if they are in a Venus Vedic Predictive period, they could receive financial gain as well as success.
Interestingly this coming eclipse ties in with the fact that I am doing a Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony 11 hours later.
And if anybody wants to come along to a Sweat Lodge ceremony this Saturday in Boston Spa, please get in touch! There just may be a place.