Understanding Neptune

There is great vision, intuition and healing potential from the fact that Neptune is transiting PurvaBhadra from May 2017 to March 2024.

This post is a tribute to the possible positive energies of Neptune whenever he is activated in our lives. I have been noticing a considerable rise in the manifestation of Neptune energies for some time, and especially now – but obviously there are great Neptune dangers as well.

Indeed, at the time of writing this blog post, we are heading into a peak where it is necessary to understand both the great spiritual, visionary, intuitive and healing gift of Neptune as well as it dangers secrets illusion and dissolving effects. This is because of the current Mars conjunct Neptune transit at the time of writing.

Mars is square the eclipse axes on both the 5th and 21st June Eclipses
Mars is square the Nodal Axis June 26th.
June 06: Mars square the Sun 22 degrees Aquarius /Taurus
June 11: Sun square Neptune 26 Taurus/Aquarius
June 13: Mars conjunct Neptune 26 degrees Aquarius

Positively there is great vision, intuition and healing potential from the Mars-Neptune conjunction in PurvaBhadra and from the fact that Neptune is transiting PurvaBhadra from May 2017 to March 2024. I have been noticing a considerable rise in the manifestation of Neptune energies for some time, and especially now.

But Negatively this is an energy of conspiracy theories and insinuating calls to hate and violence (often by people who are not facing their own issues of anger etc).

So, what needs to be said is that I am very impressed, indeed, at the wonderful quality of vision level of work I have received from students on for example my Shamanic Healer Course and my Runes and Ogham Courses. The vision quality has been exceptional, for some time lately.

Yes, of course, Neptune is also associated with illusions, ‘drain of energy’, lies and secrets, but I want to, indeed, MUST give praise to the life-course healing that can come from the many forms of Neptunian vision work.

But the point of this Blog post is to share that Neptune turns retrograde on 22nd June, and I know from long experience that Neptune vision and healing gains can simply dissolve and be lost, if they are not grounded and organised, and hard work done to develop and promote them.

I myself had an incredible peak of activation of Neptune, peaking in August 2001, when indeed it was predicted by the wonderful and powerful predictive age point: the individuation age point of psychodynamic western astrology, which I teach.

In the two year before and after period around that peak, it was predicted by a Medium I chanced upon, that I would develop clairaudience, and I did (although I had not heard of it before), and indeed, I went on to develop clairvision, I wrote down what I heard and saw in my first novel: The Tribe. I wrote lyrics for a Glastonbury pop group. I developed sensitivity to reading rock energies, for example at the stone circles in the West of England. I did a five-year university based field study at this time, an ethnography of spiritual forms new to the modern west (focus areas being Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Shamanism and Utopian Community) and indeed, the core focus area was what academics call ‘production of sense of self through imaginal construction of the landscape on which one finds oneself – Glastonbury as a place of pilgrimage).

Annoyingly a lot of this faded away as the Neptune activation ended. The astrological signature I have for that dissolving, is Neptune being in an ‘Unaspected subpersonality’ with Venus in my birth chart, the two of them being completely cut off from the rest of the planets in my chart. Not integrated.

But I’ve noticed Neptune vision and energy and healing and clairvoyance peaking again since: yes 2017. And yes, Neptune has been transiting PurvaBhadra in Vedic Aquarius since 22.5.2017 (and does not leave Purvabhadra until 22.3.2024). Aquarius is my 8th House, so this is a transit of Neptune through my 8th House. And in the last couple of years, I have done such a lot of vision work, vision healing work, and earth energies work. As part of this energy, I have stared up Sacred West of Ireland Tours.

But the next point is that Neptune turns Retrograde this month. Neptune started 2020 at 22 deg Vedic Aquarius. Neptune has been stationing at 26 deg Vedic Aquarius since 28th April 2020, and now Neptune is getting ready to turn retrograde, still at 26 Aquarius on 22nd June.

(Neptune turns Direct on 29th November at 24 Aquarius and Neptune ends 2020 at 24 deg Vedic Aquarius).

So, my hope is that now, with all the perception offered to me I can avoid loss of the visionary gains, and indeed consciously use the Neptune retrograde period to consolidate these. I’m hoping with a wonderful visionary guy here in the West of Ireland to give form and organisation to the skills and promote them.

And I am sharing this information in case it is helpful to others working in similar vision areas.

Let’s look a bit closer at PurvaBhadra Nakshatra, where Neptune is transiting from May 2017 to March 2024.

The Vedic god or ‘Face of the Divine’ equating to Neptune is Varuna is the lord of sky, later also with the seas as well, found in the oldest layer of Vedic literature. Varuna is the guardian of moral law, one who punishes those who sin without remorse, but one who forgives those who have erred with remorse.

Originally an Assura, Varuna is called the patron deity of physicians, one who has “a hundred, a thousand remedies.

Varuna asked Rama to remember that he is “the soul of peace and love, wrath does not suit him”. So, Varuna promised to Rama that he will not disturb him or his army as they build a bridge and cross over to Lanka

Lord of Maya or illusion, Varuna is the bestower of spiritual wisdom and the god of cosmic medicines.

There is of course, an overlap of Neptune with Jupiter and Ketu, the three of them able to promote idealism, vision and compassion. But Neptune is not at all without force and power:

Neptune remains powerful at 26 Vedic Aquarius all month, and in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra which is ruled by Jupiter.

PurvaBhadra’s power animal is the male lion.

Its qualities are Fierce and Male.

Its Guna Triplicity is: Sattva, Sattva and Rajas.

The Devata of PurvaBhadra is expression of death, destruction, and the path to rebirth.

PurvaBhadra is associated with the Fire Dragon (Ajaikapat) and his brother the water dragon, Ahirbudhnya – and these two dragons are the sons of Visvakarma, the Heavenly Architect. They are the serpent path to transcendence: rebirth through destructive storm.

Importantly, Mars moves into conjunction with Neptune now. So, the big thing is that the Sun-Moon of the lunar Eclipse of 5th June ,is T-square this conjunction of Mars and Neptune.

See the chart: //www.starwheelastrology.com/2020-june.html

So, do note that to have Mars conjunct Neptune and T-square an eclipse means that we will all be affected by the positive and or negative effects of Neptune.

And you will particularly feel this if you have a planet conjunct the Sun or Moon of this eclipse, and also if you have a planet conjunct the Neptune Mars conjunction

So, at the time of this eclipse, Mars is at 21 Vedic Aquarius in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra, that’s 15 deg Western Pisces

And Neptune is at 26 Vedic Aquarius in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra, that’s 20 deg Western Pisces.

The affairs of the House in your Vedic birth chart that is Vedic Aquarius will most definitely be affected. To understand the area of life covered by the House that is Sagittarius or Taurus in your Vedic natal chart, have a look at this web page:


If you have a major Neptune aspect to one of your natal planets (e.g. Sun conjunct or opposition Neptune natally) or if you have a cut-off Neptune subpersonality, or Neptune close to one fo your chart aspects, you will feel the effect of this eclipse and of Neptune’s transit now.

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