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Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Understand Your Parent issues in your life:

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A big issue in our life is our parents, an astrology reading can help to understand your parent issues

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sun-sukraHere is an example from the work of a most able student on my Master Vedic Astrology Course of what it means to have Moon in the 9th House in your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart.

She’s looking at my chart, because the way my courses work is that you study one planet after another with focus on two charts: yours and mine. This is in order to ensure the learning is grounded and authentic.

First: Moon in the 9th house – What does this say about our Mothering? What does this say about our Fathering?

Here’s the excellent work she has done on what it means to have Moon in the 9th House in your Vedic Birth Chart:

‘First, she defines the Issues of 9th House in the Vedic birth chart:

‘Father, spirituality, beliefs, trust and faith, devotion, blind faith, gurus, teaching, teachers, higher education such as college and university, publications, long distance travels, spiritual pilgrimages, fortune and luck.’

I then reply to her filling in some more detail:
Yes: and it’s significant that my Moon is Gandanta in the 9th House. Gandanta means at the end of a Water sign shading into the start of a Fire sign: my Moon is at 19 deg vedic Pisces. I know from other cases, Moon in 9th does say something about father. And note that my Sun is in the 4th Hosue, the Hosue of mother (and conjucnt Ketu and Mercury as Lord of 12th  House, and receiving an aspect from Saturn).
I only met my father once. Feb 1991, the same year as I met my birth mother. He was Polish, but lived in the Danzig Corridor which is the non-Slavic bit of Poland on the shore of the Baltic sea.
He was cut off from his family when the Nazi’s invaded Poland unexpectedly one day in 1939 and ended up in the Polish Forces in exile in East Anglia Airports in England.
He was demobbed in 1945 and worked in a local shoe factory there. He met my mother who was 17, the next but youngest of a family of 13 children from Connemara in the far west of Ireland who came working in England as a Land Army girl.
When she became pregnant he beat her up to warn her not to try to get support from him, and she was then expelled from the Land Army camp by Miss Plater of the Wellingborough and East Rushden Child Protection and moral Welfare Association as an example of moral wickedness to the other Land Army Girls and she went to live in a hut on railway sidings because if her Irish mother found out she would be expelled from the family forever. I only met him once. He asked for money from me.
I had a DNA test recently. On my father’s side, I am German and ‘East European’ by DNA, with quite a lot of Ashkenazi Jewish – and also Yakut Tribesman from the far shores of the Arctic Ocean.

Second: Moon in the 9th house

My student writes: ‘The person may have high spiritual and moral values and thus strive to feel, give and receive through philosophy, religion, justice or spirituality

He/she may be devoted to a cause which is believed to be higher than oneself

He/she may be educated, intelligent and able to comprehend complex subjects.’ I reply to this: Yes, although my adoptive home did me a lot of damage I won a Scholarship to Oxford, going up to Oxford in 1968, and actually have five university degrees: two Oxford degrees in English (mostly the roots of English like old Norse and Anglo-Saxon) also psychology and sociology plus I did a five year social anthropological field study for Bristol university from 1998: An Ethnography: a Field Study on spiritual forms new to the modern west.

‘He/she may love reading and writing, have success in publishing

He/she may have higher education

He/she may have a love of travel esp. long distance and may at some point go to far-off lands esp. on pilgrimages of some sort

He may be a teacher or respected, distinguished person

As the moon is reflective, this person may also be a good listener and receptor of information

He may be fortunate’ (Hmm – but have to learn to deal with the destiny of Gandanta Moon and weak Sun)

‘The moon also represents fluctuations, swings in the area of life it is placed in.’  I reply to this: Yes – and especially note that my Moon is unsupported or Kemadruma (no planet in the signs either side of it) – big implications there for Consciousness- Mind- an emotions- management. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kemadruma_yoga

‘Thus, one might also expect vacillating philosophical or religious views, excessive travelling, multiple hobbies and switch from one to the other, simultaneous concentration on a variety of subjects rather than specialization, fluctuating luck and fortunes.’ I reply to this: Yes: spot on, and my very powerful Jupiter makes it all the more over-expansionary and hard to manage!!!

Third: ‘As the moon is the Indicator or ‘karaka’ for the mother, this placement may indicate that the mother is in a far off land or the mother’s thoughts are not concentrated on the child but in far-off areas.  The individual may settle in a country other than his/her own.’ Yes: I have just emigrated to live in Ireland. My partner Maggie Pashley and I have just opened a Healing Centre in Foxford in County Mayo in the far West of Ireland ofr her many Healing modalities and courses, as well as mine.

Fourth: ‘As the 9th house is the house of the father, it may indicate unpredictable behavior of the father or emotional upsets with him or with teacher/authority figures in general.’ Yes – this would have been such good advice had I only studied Vedic astrology when I was younger!!!

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I hope this sharing gives you insight into the wonderful power of Vedic Astrology, when it is well done, to explain the Father issues and the Mother issues your soul chose for you to experience in this life time.

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