Understand the Sade Sate Period – April 2022 Hinge of Change

What’s prompting this post is that those with their natal Moon in Vedic Pisces start Sade Sate now.
Those with their natal Moon in Vedic Capricorn and Aquarius are already in Sade Sate, and for those with natal Moon in Vedic Sagittarius, Sade Sate is coming to its end now (just the end of this year to get to).

So, what is Sade Sate?

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When Saturn transits the sign of your natal Moon and the signs either side of your Moon, you experience the crucially important, life-changing, seven-and-a-half-year period called Sade Sate. And at the end of this post I detail the wonderful range of techniques I use from Vedic Astrology and also Western Psychodynamic Astrology for assessing the nature of your Sade Sate period.

Sade Sate is the seven-and-a-half-year period when Saturn transits through the sign before the natal Moon, the sign of the Natal Moon and the sign after the natal Moon.

So, in this case, with Saturn changing sign from Capricorn to Aquarius, now, those with Pisces Moon will start their super-significant, powerful, life-changing and life-direction-changing once every 28-year Sade Sate Period.

This is actually a dangerous period. It’s like going down into a pit with health risks and major sadness possibilities, but with the divine purpose (if only we are aware enough to see that) of being reborn, of rising up again with a needed new path: one that’s more in line with our incarnational life purpose this time – our life-purpose that actually our blocks may have prevented us from even knowing about it, and not realizing the need for it.

So, if you have your natal Moon in the Vedic signs of Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, do absolutely get in touch with me for one of my expert readings. I will share with you the heart of the matter as to what must die in your life, now, and what must arise new now. I will share with you what are the particular dangers for you to watch out for – and ways of creating your new-found benefits.

Actually, due to the exceptional number of planets changing sign in April 2022, we are ALL of us on the edge of multiple Hinge of Change now. This is because the Nodes of the Moon change sign in April, and also several planets change signs during April – crucially these are: Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn, but also Venus, Mars and Mercury.

So, this atmosphere of change, and of ‘living on the edge of change’, creates chilling, uncertain feelings. It can create fear and uncertainty. But it also has a wonderful potential, if only we can identify it – and create the strategy for bringing it in.

And actually I am feeling at this time that Saturn is getting the last drops of us of the demand he is making on us for this his penultimate transit of Capricorn at this time – with another 6 months of sneaky after demands coming up later this year! Sorry, I meant with another 6 months of wonderful Saturn in Capricorn gifts still to come!

If only we can see it, it actually has potential for doing deep-mining into the karmically and existentially needed nature of our fuller new needed life and identification of what our needed new Persona is.

So, if we are in Sade Sate, now, we absolutely have to see that some things, some scripts, and some patterns in our life must die, now. And many of us will be searching now for what must be born anew now – and hopefully many of us will find the right new pathway forward for now.

I am a Chitra Sun and so I know only two well that the hidden pearl needs polishing and repolishing over and over again, if it is to shine to the fullness we were born to make it shine.

So, one of the biggest changes that a twelfth of us will feel in April, is that Sade Sate is starting for those with Pisces Moons in their Vedic birth chart.

So, if you are starting Sade Sate now, or already in it, get in touch with me for a Reading. My readings are expert and they combine the vastness of the declaration of Vedic Astrology with the crucial awareness of psychodynamic Western Astrology, and they can point to healing options and further study possibilities as well.

I would mention at this point that I myself start Sade Sate this month – my third Sade Sate period, and so I am having to define what changes I need to bring about. I have been working on a huge new worldwide project that I believe will fully utilize my skills, gifts and experiences. My wonderful webmaster is working on it, and I should be able to unveil it later this month!

I’m also creating a whole new current of Shamanic Astrology, which expresses such vast dimensions I love and which I should be unveiling shortly too.

My wife Maggie Pashley and I have just opened our second AirBnB unit attached to our Healing Centre – and a friend is suddenly talking of running outdoor spiritual and healing events with us here.

But with Sade Sate there’s always health to watch, and crucially I am re-balancing my work to fit in with my natural rhythms.

And another friend of ours has recommended a local homeopath who lives in a cottage tucked away in the West of Ireland rural landscape near us, who surprisingly turned out to have previously worked as the Chairman of Knock Airport and the Director of Economic Development for a UK Local Authority.

I’d also mention that my two previous Sade Sate periods were utterly life-changing, and I went into them with no awareness, because of an upbringing that was completely wrong for my nature.

My first Sade Sate period was exact the day I was due to go up to Oxford. I had won a scholarship competing against 350 other lads. I amazed the Dons because I had read all about Jessie Weston ‘From Ritual to Romance’ and all about the Omega Point theory of Teilhard de Chardin.

I then organized a ‘gap year’ before going up to Oxford, to do ‘Voluntary Service Overseas’ in a school in Kenya. But the Mau Mau uprising happened and they were crucifying Europeans to trees, so VSO relocated my gap year to a Kibbutz in Israel. But then the Arab-Israeli war broke out. Egypt invaded Israel, and VSO gave up trying to relocate us all.

But what happened was I was running out of money. So, I worked that Christmas in the kitchen of a Country Dancing Centre that my former schoolteacher knew of. And weirdly, the chef there, turned out to be the key figure of a spiritual community in Glastonbury. She told me to go there instead.

So I went, and there doors opened up for me that I could not have imagined. I was taken under the wing of Geoffrey Ashe and Gareth Knight, and I learned all about the Arthurian current. I took part in an archaeological Dig at Cadbury Castle Iron Age Hill Fort associated with king Arthur’s Camelot, and I supported myself and the community by growing organic vegetables for local restaurants and cafes and doing building work.

Oxford as very hard, amongst other horrible things because all the other young gentlemen in my tutor group came from the poshest public schools and dismissed a grammar school boy like me as a ‘scribbler’. I even had a servant, a ‘scout’ who woke me each morning opening the curtains saying ‘mind those eyes, sir’. And I had to work full time all the four years I was there, to pay for my studies. The bills on the first day took all my money. The extra bills at Oxford were unimaginable: Buttery Fees, for example! JCR Fees, Caution Money Battlements. The list was long. Naively, by unexpected chance, I worked the first year as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery Regiment for the Oxford University Officers Training Corps. I knew nothing about war or how to fire field guns – but I needed the money, so I said ‘Carry on Sergeant-major’ and he did all the work. I actually deserted at the end of the first year of my two year commission, when I saw Buddhist monks from Vietnam meditating in their yellow robes on the steps of the Oxford University Government Building before a huge poster of a naked little Vietnamese girl running from her burning house pursued by US soldiers with bayonets. I burst into tears and I deserted. Fortunately, they never came after me for desertion. It would have been ‘bad publicity’. So, I ended up doing night shift as a porter at a geriatric hospital, doing my studies through the night except when someone needed the oxygen trolley rushing to them, or when someone had died and had to be taken to the mortuary.

My second Sade Sate period, my life as I had been brought up to live it fell apart completely. But a wonderful new one painfully and totally unexpectedly arose. I left my job that was so wrong for me. I opened a delicatessen café and I unexpectedly found that healers and mediums came to me asking to use the extra room for Readings. I had never heard of their skills before. I got into Shamanism and Astrology and then unexpectedly I got a post in a university-based five-year Ethnographic Field Sturdy of Spiritual Forms new to the Modern West studying individuals and groups on paths of Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Paganism and Utopian Community. I would tell you that the outside assessor of the final Report that I drew up for the Economic and Social Research Council made me re-write my report so as to to fit in with the academic slogans of a branch of Geography about ‘Imaginal Landscape Creation of Self’. Landscape can create yourself, of course. My study included how the landscape of Glastonbury contributed to it being a centre of Pilgrimage since Norman times. But I so was disgusted that the pathways of the people and communities I studied had to be cramped into an academic framework and slogan. So I remember that after the study was passed by the assessors, I threw the document in the bin on the pavement outside a Tibetan Buddhist Centre.

And, actually, during the study I opened Glastonbury Ritual Tours and created my first Astrology website called StarWheelSpiderThread. I also worked as an Astrologer and Shamanic Healer.

So, I’m telling you all this to try to show you how weirdly and how frighteningly and unexpectedly Sade Sate works, how destructive of our life-path it can be, but how it can bring Rebirth!!! And how we must cooperate with that.

So, having explained a bit of the super-important general depth principles at work for Sade Sate, which it can be so very helpful to have explained and predicted for you in a Reading, I thought you now might find it helpful if a shared just a couple of the details of how Sade Sate works:

The actual dates of this upcoming Saturn transit are that Sade Sate starts for people with Pisces Moon in their birth chart when Saturn changes sign into Vedic Aquarius on April 29th.

Saturn does drop back into Vedic Capricorn very shortly afterwards on July 12th.

But Saturn returns to Aquarius and establishes himself there when he re-enters Aquarius from 17th January 2023. And Saturn remains in Aquarius until he enters Pisces on 23.3.25.

So, the point is that in April 2022, another twelfth of humanity will enter Sade Sate.

Note that the above dates are all based on Saturn’s transits through the twelve zodiacal signs of the Sidereal zodiac. But, note also that it is crucially ALSO necessary to examine Saturn’s transits through the Nakshatra occupied by your natal Moon, as well – and the surrounding Nakshatras.

The Nakshatras are the wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology, and as such they are such a wonderful declaration of our emotionally-based personality and they also so uniquely define many of our relationship patterns, too. They are deeply ancient and they are most wonderful and accurate unique declaration.

So what I am doing here at this stage of this post, is setting out a very simplified statement of the type of experience and timetable those of us with Pisces Moon will start to experience from April 2022.

So in your Reading with me, you get not only the crucial statement of what Saturn’s transit through the three signs will mean for you and how you can handle it, you also get analysis of Saturn’s transit through the Nakshatras either side of your natal Moon.

There are actually three Nakshatras within Pisces. There’s, the end part of PurvaBhadra Nakshatra, as well as UttaraBhadra Nakshatra and Revati Nakshatra which is the final Nakshatra at the end of the zodiac.

So, as an example, to show you how the Nakshatra-based Sade Sate timetable works, I set it out for you now, first of sll the Nakshatra-based time table for Sade Sate  in general terms, and then I set it out with the dates applying to Nakshatra 26 UttaraBhadra as an example. UttaraBhadra is the middle Nakshatra of Pisces:

So I am presenting Nakshatra 26 UttaraBhadra, as an example. So note that actually what you

General Principle:

The experiences of each of the 7 Nakshatras covered by Sade Sate:

  1. Naidhana Nadi; Manasa Special Nx 25: stability of mind is especially threatened. Mental stress
  2. Mitra Nx 26: A more relaxed time – fool’s paradise.
  3. Param Mitra Nx 27 (Abhisheka): sudden block regarding career. Lack of success, or a feeling of lack of success. Problems with father or authority and with advisors: you may be not listening.
  4. Janma Nx 1: major stress. The KEY transit. Feeling disaffected. Need for real patience at this time. But re-birth can arise from this experience. Depending on age there can be health crisis. Can be career crisis. A major crisis area can be relationship.
  5. Sampat Nx 2: suffering financial loss or the feeling you have less. There can be down-sizing.
  6. Vipat Nx 3: The ‘last obstacles’.

7. Kshema Nx 4: Tough on happiness. You can feel totally burned out by now.

Having started the general principle of the energy sequence of Saturn transiting through the Nakshatras either side of your natal Moon, I now show you the experiences of each of the 7 Nakshatras covered by Sade Sate, specifically for a person with natal UttaraBhadra Moon, showing Saturn entry dates:

Specific Example:
UttaraBhadra Moon:

  1. Naidhana Nadi; your Manasa Special Nx 25:Stability of mind is especially threatened. Mental stress. Start of Sade Sate. Dhanistha 17.2.22 and 5.10.23
  1. Mitra Nx 26: A more relaxed time – fool’s paradise.Shatabishak 14.10.23, 24.11.23 and 3.10.24
  1. Param Mitra Nx 27 (Abhisheka):Sudden block regarding career. Lack of success, or a feeling of lack of success. Problems with father or authority and with advisors: you may be not listening.PurvaBhadra 6.4.24, 27.12.24, 3.10.25.
  1. Janma Nx 1: major stress. The KEY transit. Feeling disaffected. Need for real patience at this time. But re-birth can arise from this experience. Depending on age there can be health crisis. Can be career crisis. A major crisis area can be relationship.Centre of Sade Sate:UttaraBhadra 28.4.25, 20.1.26 and 9.10.26
  1. Sampat Nx 2: suffering financial loss or the feeling you have less. There can be down-sizing.Revati 17.5.26, 8.2.27 and 20.10.27
  1. Vipat Nx 3: The ‘last obstacles’.Ashwini 3.6.27, 23.2.28 and 2.11.28
  1. Kshema Nx 4: Tough on happiness. You can feel totally burned out by now.  (N.B. part of 7th Nx only) 15.6.28, 7.3.29
    End of Sade Sate 17.3.30.


I’d like to begin to close this blog post by mentioning another technique that I will include in your Sade Sate Reading. This technique is called Ashtakavarga and it offers important detailed consideration of how supported you are as a person while you are experiencing the Saturn transit of Sade Sate.

It’s important to realize that the degree to which you are supported in you life and life path, during any transit, varies enormously from person to person. Let me give you two examples:

Example A: Pisces Moon
This person will feel they are very unsupported during their crucial huge Saturn Sade Sate period. This is especially bad when Saturn transits Aquarius, which is the sign before their natal Moon in Pisces. The support is rated at zero. This is rare. This person will really have to understand what Sade Sate is about and take the needed preparatory steps, and closely monitor how their life is going as they travel through Sade Sate, massively develop their insight and understanding and take all needed action. If they succeed – well, that, of course, is the Divine Purpose of Sade sate.

Note the low scores showing lack of support as Saturn transits Aquarius and Pisces for the start and centre of their three sign Sade Sate period:





Example B: Pisces Moon

This person is very weakly supported for the start period of their Sade Sate when Saturn transits Aquarius. But note that they are very strongly supported when Saturn actually transits the sign of their natal Moon in Pisces for the centre period of their Sade Sate:






So, I hope I have explained something of the deep spiritual purpose of what Sade Sate is all about, and I have shared a couple of the many astrological techniques I will use for studying your own personal Sade Sate period using the vastness of Vedic Astrology and also the deep awarenesses of Psychodynamic Western Astrology.

Other astrological techniques I always bring in are of course:

The Dashas – the wonderful Predictive Periods of Vedic Astrology: more powerful than transits yet in a background way. I note especially how the planetary Lord of you Dashas main period and sub periods will manifest from its position and standing in your Vedic birth chart.

The Transits

The Varshaphal: the Solar Return charts of Vedic Astrology, including Muntha (the one-size fits all predictor of your year ahead|) and Varshaphal Year Lord.

I always sue the two age points of psychodynamic wester astrology:

Your position of your Individuation Age Point – the indicator of our unfoldment of our awareness and handling of our egoic self

Your position of your Nodal Age Point: the Whisper of your Soul at any particular point of your life.

The Secondary Progress Moon (in Day for a year Progressions) is also very necessary to bring into the account.

In this way, such an expert and helpful picture of your Sade Sate energies is painted – and how to work with them.

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