Understand the Nakshatra Energies as the Nodes transit through Virgo and Pisces

This is Part 2 of a 7-part series to help you understand, and work deeply with, the Transit of Rahu North Node through Pisces and Ketu South Node through Virgo.

See the Pt. 1 video:

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Here is the list of the 7 parts of this video and blog series:

Summary of Parts:

Pt. 1. Get your Best Start to Journey with Ketu and Rahu through Virgo and Pisces their new signs

Pt. 2. Understand the Nakshatra Energies as the Nodes transit through Virgo and Pisces

3. The Eclipses that hit Rahu and Ketu during your New Journey

4. Deeper Dive into the Energies and Divine Meaning of Rahu and Ketu

5. What House or Life Area is especially affected by the Transit of Ketu through Virgo and Rahu through Pisces

6. Your Natal Planets affected by the transiting Nodes

7. Other transiting planets affecting the Nodes in Virgo and Pisces

This is the second of 7 posts dealing with the transit of Ket through Virgo and Rahu through Pisces from 30th October 2023. This post demonstrates the crucial need to allow for the change of energy that will result due to the Nakshatra that the Node is transiting through.

Let’s look first at Rahu North Node:


Rahu transits through the three Pisces Nakshatras:

It is needed also to take on board understanding of the energies that will be created by Rahu’s transit through the three Nakshatras that are within the Vedic sign of Pisces.

The Nakshatras are the wonderful 27 Sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology which is supremely accurate as to our emotionally based consciosuenss and persoanlity and relationship scritps and more.

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The three Nakshatras that Rahu will transit through whilst in Pisces are:

Nx. 27 Revati

Nx. 26 UttaraBhadra

Nx. 25 PurvaBhadra


Revati Nakshatra:

Rahu is in Revati Nakshatra from 30.10.23 to 9.7.24 (30 deg Pisces to 16.40 Pisces)

Revati is at the end of the Universe and includes Gandanta. Revati’s Motivation is Moksha = spiritual liberation. Revati is our final journey from this life to the next. They can be Mystics with a belief in the goodness of humanity. It all depends on their level of consciousness.

Revati’s Ruler is Mercury (which can make them too critical).

Regarding this Rahu transit through Revati, note that the Rahu Mercury combination is intellectually expansive, but with risk of phobias and mental fluctuations – and being too critical.


UttaraBhadra Nakshatra:

Rahu is in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra from 9.7.24 to 17.3.25 (16.40 deg Pisces to 3.20 Pisces)

Ruler Saturn

(The Rahu-Saturn combination is very hardworking, wisdom through limitation and hardship, demand for patience. Endings).

The Devata for UttaraBhadra is:         Ahir Budhyana: the snake that dwells in deep waters.

The energy is: Kshatriya. Warrior.

UttaraBhadra Nakshatra Signifies potential for exit from this word through spiritual maturity (enlightenment); also dreams and dream-like states.

I really do believe in the value of vision work and journeying.

I am concerned that the formulaic mantra remedies have become so imposed in Vedic Astrology.


PurvaBhadra Nakshatra:

Rahu is in PurvaBhadra from 17.3.25 to 17.5.25 (3.20 Pisces to ) deg Pisces)

Ruler Jupiter

(Rahu Jupiter is very expansionary and beneficent, the foreign, but risk of corrupt ideas).

The Symbol for PurvaBhadra is: The Sword.

The Yoni or Power Animal is: The Male Lion, the vehicle of Durga. She also rides a Tiger.

The Ayurvedic Dosha is : Vata – scatter, discontent and irritation. Seeing issues from both sides (for good or ill).

The Quality is: Fierce

The Principal Star energies include: Markab and Scheat, with potential of extreme misfortune.


Ketu transits through the three Virgo Nakshatras:

Ketu has been bringing his cutting energies through Libra, the sign of Relationship, before this 28th October eclipse and 30th October sign change, and Ketu’s cutting energies are with the ideal of spiritual perception-raising and loving-purpose-raising in the Libra area of relationship.

It was this understanding of the key energy focus of Ketu’s transit through Libra that motivated me to set up my international dating site for those on a spiritual journey who are seeking love, where the website is supported by a panel of Astrologers and Healers: LoveStarDating:

But from 30th October, there’s a new energy current superimposed on top of that one:

Ketu will now be bringing his spiritual scythe to the critical qualities of Virgo


to our level of expression of the Healer nature of Virgo:

What Healing do you need???

Virgo is a very practical sign, such as practical healing methods.

But Ketu is very spiritual and mystical, so you have to open to Ketu’s gift to get the fullest out of this transit.

Bring your instincts and intuition to healing issues.

Healing approaches you develop will tend to be holistic or alternative.

Go on a Diet if you need to lose weight!

Ketu will also highlight for our healing Virgo’s over-critical nature, and Virgo’s tendency for being over-analytical or intellectually investigative. And Virgo is noted for complaints and conflicts.

And of course, as at any time, absolutely crucially, Ketu always calls us to heal our relationship to our Past Lives and our Ancestry.

What healing work do you need to do in the matter of your Past Lives and your Ancestry?

People or issues from our past can re-enter our life now.

Past issues where you have behaved badly can arise with the call for you to rectify these.

Talents that are latent in us can surface during a Ketu transit.

Ketu is also noted to be a cutting, critical energy – and when associated with Mars, for example, you can have accidents if that connects to a planet in your chart.

Go on a Diet in you need to lose weight!

Ketu through the three Virgo Nakshatras:

Ketu continues his transit through Chitra Nakshatra within Libra where he was at the time of the 28th October Eclipse.

But now Ketu has entered the sign of Virgo and he is transiting the first two padas of Chitra that actually fall within Libra:


Ketu transits Chitra Nakshatra:

It is so necessary to know how the Nakshatra placement of transiting Ketu will modify the Ketu energy that we will feel.

Ketu was transiting through the 4th and 3rd padas of Chitra which are within Libra, where Ketu was at the time of the October 28th Eclipse.

But as Ketu moves over into Virgo, Ketu now transits the first two padas of Chitra, that fall within the sign of Virgo. These span: 30 Virgo to 23.20 Virgo.

And from 30.10.23 to 5.3.24, it is through these two padas of Chitra Nakshatra that Ketu transits.

Let’s look at Chitra Nakshatra:

Chitra is ruled by Mars.

Chitra’s Deity is:  Vishvakarma (Tvashtar) The Celestial Architect, the blacksmith, the world architect. He is the magical adept at the creation of beauty of form out of Maya.

Chitra’s Symbol is: The Pearl. Chitras have the karmic duty to discover and ever polish more and more through their lifetime the pearl that is their special talent.

Chitra’s Power animal: Female Tiger – aggression, ruthlessness,


Ketu transits Hasta Nakshatra:

Ketu transits Hasta Nakshatra from 23.20 Virgo to 10 Virgo from 5.3.24 to 11.11.24.

Hasta is ruled by Moon.

Hasta’s Power animal is: Female Buffalo – nervy, overrunning but strong worker.

Hasta’s Symbol is: the Palm of the hand = skilled worker or card-sharp!

Ayurvedic Dosha: Vata: nervous but quick, light, agile disposition.

Gender: Male

Industrious, hard-working and service-orientated, usually humanitarian. Can overwork.

Can have an interest in the occult or spiritual.

Can need contact with nature or the outdoors, for example working in horticulture.

On the not so positive side: Hasta is flexible and chameleon-like. Cunning and clever. A thievish mind. Can be a liar and too Mercurial. Controversial. Can be a different person in different company. Can be untrustworthy.


Ketu transits UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra

Ketu transits UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra (padas 4,3,2) from 11.1.24 to 17.5.25.

In Virgo, ruled by Mercury: UttaraPhalguni spans the Vedic signs: 26°40′ Leo to 10°00′ Virgo – so he is mainly in Mercury-ruled Virgo = discrimination, humour, agility, amiability and awareness.

The Mercury component also means they can lie and cheat, though.

UttaraPhalguni is ruled by The Sun. Can be cruel and sharp and very much the individual, as well as benevolent. They can work for perfection, maturity, the ripening of their ‘fruit’ so that they can break away from a purely material role.

Power Animal: The Bull

Caste: Kshatrya, Warrior

Motivation: Moksha

Their shadow side includes the person who fails to find a meaningful relationship, with co-dependence and over-giving, creating resentment, ingratitude and aloneness.

Importantly, note that Ketu does not relate well to any of the Rulers of these three Nakshatras (Mars, Moon, Sun).

So be aware that during this transit, this will create fear in us and affect our mind and emotions and we will possibly experience several closures.

So my hope is that because of this post and its videos, we will each now be prepared for the Ketu transit through Virgo, encompassing the Nakshatras within Virgo, as well.

Also that we will be well prepared for the Rahu transit through Pisces, encompassing the Nakshatras within Pisces as well.

Do the vision work and journeying I suggested to deeper understand what the Eclipse of 28th October is calling you to become and do.

Do the vision work and journeying I suggested to deeper understand what each Node is calling you to see, to heal, to empower.

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