Understand the Gandanta Zones

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

It is very important to know the implications if you have a planet or ascendant in what are called the ‘Gandanta Zones’ in your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart.

The Gandanta Zones are danger points in the birth chart.

They can be activated by your predictive astrology as well.

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It is especially important to understand ‘Gandanta Zones‘ now, as Saturn will be actually transiting over the Gandanta Zone at the end of Vedic Scorpio three times in 2017: January, June and October 2017 – and the effect of this will be very powerful for good or ill if you have a planet there in your birth chart.

aquarius 3What are the Gandanta Zones???

Gandanta Zones are the three Gandanta Zones in your Vedic Birth Chart are the closing degrees of a water sign and the first degrees of a fire sign.
In other words, the three Gandanta Zones are:
1) The transition between the Vedic sign of Pisces to the Vedic sign of Aries (that’s around 23 Western Aries)
2) The transition between the Vedic sign of Cancer to the Vedic sign of Leo (that’s around 23 degrees of Western Leo) and
3) The transition between the Vedic sign of Scorpio to the Vedic Sign of Sagittarius (that’s around 23 degrees Western Sagittarius.

What are the Gandanta Issues in your birth chart:

First, here’s the comment of a very able student on my worldwide Vedic astrology Course on my Gandanta Moon which is at 29 degrees vedic Pisces:
‘Your Moon in your Vedic birth chart is placed just at the at the last degree in Pisces where Moon is about to transit to Aries –  water to fire, which is a very difficult placement as the Moon falls void – where water dissolves before the first flicker of fire appears.
This is around 23 deg western Aries.
The gandanta of the moon, traditionally stated as ‘an unfortunate degree where the native is apt to suffer from heredity’, implies that the mother will not be there for the individual’.  Yet, falling into the unworldly void, the individual may potentially get spiritual enlightenment.

What is the Predictive activation of the Gandanta zones:

Second here’s a Predictive note on Gandanta, on the upcoming three transit hits of Saturn in 2017. This applies if you have Sun or Moon (or ascendant or any planet) in the closing degrees of Vedic Scorpio or the first degrees of Vedic Sagittarius (that’s around 23 deg wesetrn Sagittarius):
Well, the transit of Saturn to your natal Moon is Sade Sate, a crucially imporant concept which you really do need to understand. Sade Sate lasts seven and a half years, and its centre is when Saturn actually crosses over your natal Moon.

And bear in mind that this particular Gandanta Zone that Saturn is heading over is the one from Vedic Scorpio to Vedic Sagittarius. It is the most difficult of them all:
It’s called Abhukta Mula. If a woman has her Moon around here traditional Vedic Astrology would raise big questions about whether she should marry.
The last lunar Sign (Nakshatra) of Vedic Scorpio is Jyestha, which is the sign of ‘The Elder’ and these people can be very proud and so just won’t face their shadow side. they often just won’t listen to their children or to anyone offering them the advice they need. These people can want it all their own way.
They can ‘look good’ but actually they can be in quite a bit of denial and play ‘sorceror’/’sorceress’ tricks.

Remember, the time when Saturn transits over the Sun in your birth chart is the time when you either get rewarded with ‘Golden Reaping’ for your patience, diligence and hard work OR if you are off-course for your soul, well you will experience professional downfall or illness.

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