Understand the Damaging Love Energies of March 2020

There’s bad energies for Venus in March 2020, but there’s a high energy Venu- Uranus turning point, also in March, centring around March 9th.

Basically, February was very good for Venus energies of Love and Beauty and Art, but March will see Venus in trouble. Then April onwards will be good for Venus. So, it is important to bring to mind the better Venus energy that we had in March, while living through the sense of Venus in more trouble in May. Heal and support love now in Marc. This will put you in such a better place to benefit from the better Venus energies that will come through from April. We could do so much damage to love in March. Don’t let that happen. My wife Maggie Pashley offers a number of one line healings to love problems, including Heart Wall Clearing, see below. And do not that with Venus conjucnting Uranus in the heavens around March 9th, this could be damaging driven wild over-impulsiveness around love, so instead, bring in Revolution in the love principle in your life now. Heal your bad love scripts now.

This topic is Part 2 of my Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter for March 2020.
Here’s the full list of the different parts for my March 2020 Newsletter:
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PT.2 Understand the Love Energies of March 2020
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PT.5 Super Creative Full Moon March 2020 with Sun conjunct Neptune

First of all, looking back: reflect if you got the blessing of Venus transiting Vedic Pisces in February: the sign where Venus is exalted, bringing a higher dimension and fullness of love, and also leading to a flowering in art. Not to mention the risk of eating more cakes!

Yes, I hope it was worthwhile for you, brought a sweetness amid all the tensions that otherwise characterised February 2020, and above all I hope that we can now be able to bring this VENUS AWARENESS to mind, and that this will favourably and helpfully colour your entry into March 2020 with a lasting better take on love and happiness and beauty.

So, let the better energy of Venus that characterised February 2020, be a support to us in the tense, compelling, strong decisive challenging energies of March 2020, when Venus will be transiting Vedic Aries. When Venus transits Vedic Aries, we are each going to be called to negotiate, manage and live through a more argumentative Venus, plus the additional (very rare) combination of very opposite planetary energies of Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Mars all in Vedic Capricorn.

Venus starts March 2020 at 2 deg Vedic Aries. Venus was Exalted when transiting the preceding sign, Vedic Pisces, but now Venus is in a hostile energy sign until the end of the month. Be prepared for the big change in Venus’ manifestation in our lives.

The Venus Uranus conjunction is exact on 9th March at 10 deg Vedic Aries, in Ashwini Nakshatra, at 4 deg Western Tropical Taurus.

I would like to say at this point that it is the beauty and exactitude of Vedic Astrology and the Sideral Zodiac it uses, that it so accurately identifies timing and nature of energy shifts from the planets, all of which affect our lives and our consciousness, and all of this is of course part of the great unfoldment of the Divine, offering us participation in that Divine unfoldment, offering us opportunities to shift our consciousness, to burn our negative accumulated karmas, and also to maximise and foster the growth of the special sparks of attainment we incarnated to develop this time.

So, what’s all this about Venus having problems transiting through Vedic Aries? Venus in Aries can bring arguing, and Venus is not well placed in the three Nakshatras that are within Aries. Venus is not well-placed in the first Nakshatra, Ashwini, which is ruled by Ketu. Venus in Bharani, the second Nakshatra, will admire beauty and luxury, but the energy of this Bull Elephant-ruled sign is sometimes aggressive, domineering and selfish, with marriage and sexual problems. The first four degrees of the third Nakshatra, Krittika, lie within the sign of Aries, but Krittika too can have sexual problems.

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When Venus gets into Vedic Taurus, however, from March 28th to 31st July, a whole favourable new scene for Venus energies sets in. So, prepare positively to be able to benefit. The Venus in Taurus transit follows the Venus in Aries transit and for an exceptionally long period. It will be covered in our April Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter.

While Venus transits Aries, Venus is in an ‘enemy’ sign. Venus is in the Fire sign ruled by Mars who is at present conjunct Ketu in Vedic Sagittarius.

Venus crosses Pisces-Aries transition point Gandanta into a new cycle of Aries where it is fiery, independent and active. Aggressive and desirous.

Make a mental note that there’s a major conjunction with impatient revolutionary Uranus, exact on March 8th at 9 deg Aries. Note that Venus will not only be affected by impatient Aries, but also by super ratty Uranus. So, try to find the other better side of Uranus and use the energy current to bring in positive honest genuine revolution in your love.

This Venus-Uranus conjunction in Vedic Aries will bring issues in Love and will bring possible complications.

But it’s followed by a very long very favourable Venus transit in Vedic Taurus, the sign that Venus rules, from 28th March to 31st July. And note that Venus is Retrograde 13th May at 24 deg Taurus to 25th June at 11 deg Taurus.

The sign of Aries is a fiery impatient energy and Venus transits there from 28th February – 28th March

There’s Gandanta energy suffusing Venus when Venus transits at end Pisces and start of Aries: 26th February to 2nd March. The three Gandanta Zones are places of immateriality and unsupportedness, though the experience of this energy, and the difficulties it brings, can give us great inspiration.

So, after we have all been experiencing divine spiritual Venus in Pisces, we will all have to adjust to the very different nature of Venus transit in Aries. Venus in Aries is passionate and angry and impatient, but the energy does manifest differently depending on your Moon sign and Ascendant sign. For example:

Aries Moons will have a happy time with partner showing lots of attention

Virgo Moons have Venus in 8th so expect some unsettled love relationship and financial challenge

For Libra Moon, Venus is transiting your 7th House so make special effort to understand the partner’s mind-set and emotions, spend time – and this will make you really happy.


For Pisces Moon: Venus is in 2nd House, so could bring financial gain

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