Understand Saturn’s Demand and Energy into next year

Saturn will station and turn retrograde on June 17th 2023.

We need to understand the huge demand this Saturn transit energy places on each of us.

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But in fact, let’s start off by seeing that the date of this Saturn station is the just the centre date – just the centre date of a much, much bigger, super-slow, super-powerful Saturn timetable lasting from March 2023 to February 2024, which places huge and karmic demands upon us.
N.B. See the more detailed timetable at the end of this post.

The first overall important-to-realize truth of the matter, is that when Saturn slows and slows and then stations and then turns retrograde, he carves his energy ever deeper and ever more demandingly into our lives, into our emotions and into our mental realizations and hopefully our spiritual realizations.

What sort of Demands will Saturn place on us at this time?

Basically, Saturn is Lord of Karma. He is a major part of the karmic demands that are to be placed upon us in this life.

Let’s look first at the general Saturn Karmas that are imposed upon all of us all at such a time – the factors involved here. It’s good to have these explained to you. We need to look at the general nature of Saturn to understand the demands he will place on us all at this time.

And then, secondly, we also need to look at the personal dimensions that will affect each of us individually at this time.


The general nature of Saturn’s Demands that he will place on us at this time:

Saturn’s stationing and retrograde period from roughly March 2023 to February 2024 and peaking June 2023, can prompt us to become the self-mastering spiritual hero – or plunge us into self-doubting torment and despair.

Saturn will force us to see where our path forward is wrong for our spiritual fulfillment and right destiny path in this life.

Saturn is limitation, illness, contraction and karma.

Saturn will force us to see where our karmic baggage is cutting us off from our light hero potential.

You really do need to be sure that you are relying on sound judgment skills to choose the right options for the pathway forward now.

‘Interestingly’ Saturn is square Mercury at the time of the station, and the New Moon of June 2023 is square Neptune which negatively might throw you into over-sensitivity and confusion that could lead to misunderstandings and wrong decisions and intuition harmed by subconscious fears. The moon phase lasts till the New Moon on July 17. And of course the Sun of this New Moon is square Neptune too, so use Neptune energies for vision, intuition and journeying, not for illusions!

Because Saturn will be retrograde, look out for the chance to re-do any task that you were struggling with or getting wrong earlier this year. Examine difficulties deeper. Aquarius is an innovative energy. Look for different solutions. Wipe out diversions if you are letting these into your life. Spend your time in a structured way according to your correct needed focus(es). Be wise in your priorities. Be stable in your approaches.

In general terms:

Saturn will pressure us to become aware of past hurts or wounds with the divine purpose of bringing healing and light.

Saturn will force us to finish up any unfinished business.

With Saturn’s energy so strong we will be feeling frustration and delay.


Saturn’s nature is responsibility.

He is stern and exacting.

He demands the inevitable nature of things be fulfilled fully.

He is fate.

He is the regimen needed for our most spiritual possible life-path.

He demands we stick to the straight and narrow.

Saturn is the suffering that makes us grow. Saturn retards, holds back and slows down.

Saturn is at root an agricultural deity and the growing of crops is harmed by short cuts, but crops flower when all needed steps of preparation and nurturing are properly made.

If your life is off-course for you to be healthy, then you will experience ill-health or disease. These will be symptoms of your being off-course for your destiny.

If your job is being done in a way that is right for the expression of your nature which is to be fulfilled in this lifetime, then you will be compelled to dump your wrong job, or dump wrong way of doing it – or suffer if you fail to do so.

You may find you are compelled to some sort of servitude situation to force you to find the right way of earning and living, calling you to develop bigger vision.

You will be forced to overcome adversities or limitations – or suffer if you fail to do so.

If your approach to money is wrong, you could feel more poverty. Hold on to what you have, assuming what you have is ethically obtained.

Through his nature, Saturn has power to limit or destroy. But this can be so needed and valid: we can often need a ‘Death and Rebirth’ time in our life-path. Destruction is necessary counterpart for creation. Death is required for new growth. The limitation on our material fate is necessary.

Impermanence is one of the key values underlying human incarnation. We need to learn to realist this.

Death is at its highest the gateway to becoming one with the immortal.

If our beliefs and attitudes are not spiritual enough, Saturn causes depression, melancholy, and self-pity and gives rise to worry and anxiety.

If our minds are boxed in, Saturn will create fear and darkness in the mind and make us feel that we cannot overcome things, and that life is against us, and make us doubt ourselves and become prey to fears, fantasies and phobias and paranoia.

Lower level Saturn represents the gravity that pulls us down and gets us attached to what is inferior. Remember, for the Greeks, Saturn is the God who eats his own children. Those who live under the spell of his base values (the ‘under-side of Saturn’) eventually get destroyed. Those who fulfill their spiritual potential he raises up.

Saturn is the darkness, death and sorrow we must overcome for the revelation of the true light. He is the guardian of the mysteries of true awareness.

So we need to look closely at our problems or illnesses at this time and find the spiritual key that lies within these, and take the step of turning the key and going through the door to the right path for us at this time.


The personal dimensions of Saturn’s Demands on us at this time:

Now let’s note what factors give a personal twist to the tale for each of us in this most important Saturn experience:

The karmic demands of Saturn are expressed through Sign, House, Aspect and Nakshatra plus what Dasha (Predictive period) you are in. Get a reading from me:


So, if Saturn is in Leo, for example: you will be a focused hard worker but overburdened by responsibilities and with a lack of fun or pleasure. You will be cold and heartless and have problems with father.


So, for example, if your natal Saturn is in the second house, you will feel devalued and need to work on finding your proper value in this life, and bringing your speech to the true utterance that is needed for you to become truly, fully you.


And if Saturn is conjunct your natal Venus, for example: you will have blocks to fully showing love – and you were born to overcome this karmic challenge.

If Saturn is in Magha Nakshatra, for example, well the sign placement of Leo/Magha makes these people want to feel Leo-style power. But with Saturn there, these people feel disempowered by their family and their environment, and by officials and rulers. They are so open to a crisis arising due to their egalitarian or anti-establishment nature. This is especially true when Saturn is actually transiting Leo, or for example when Saturn is transiting the sign of Leo, as indeed Saturn is at this time of Saturn’s Aquarius transit in 2022 – 2024.

Dasha (Predictive Period):

If for example you are in the Dasha of an expansionary nature planet such as Jupiter or Rahu, Saturn will really call you to account now. You will be forced to tie up all your loose ends. You will be forced to cut back on all your excesses. You will be demanded to focus on your essence at this Saturn transit time. And loose karmic ends will nag at you to be tied up and resolved.  

If Aquarius is your 8th House in your birth chart, this will be an important ‘Death and Rebirth’ call – and I do suggest you get a reading from me.

If your 22nd Drekkana (from Lagna or Moon) is within Aquarius, you really do need to get a Reading from me.

If you are in Sade Sate (i.e. if your natal Moon is in the Vedic signs Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces) you really do need to get a reading from me.

Here’s the more detailed timetable of this Saturn Transit:

Lastly, let’s note the more detailed timetable of this Saturn transit, before going on to discussing what the demands of Saturn are on each of us:

Basically Saturn will be placing key demands on each one of us from 9th March 2023 to 8th February 2024 – a year! centering on this month, June 2023 with Saturn at 13 deg Aries.

Saturn has been going forward in the heavens for many months, but his velocity has been ever slower and slower and slower, from when he (re)entered Vedic Aquarius in January 2023.

Saturn had got to 6 Aquarius on 9th March 2023.

Then Saturn reaches 13 deg Vedic Aquarius where he turns retrograde on 17th June.

But note that Saturn then retrogrades until 4th November 2023.

And during this retrograde, Saturn will actually retrograde back to 6 deg Aquarius, turning direct again at that degree on 4th November 2023.

Saturn will then go forward again. But note that Saturn will not reach his pre-retrogradation position of 13 deg Aquarius, until 8th February 2024, the position that he had on June 17th.

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