Understand Nodal Return in Libra Aries signs

Ketu South Node has been transiting the Vedic sign of Libra from 12.4.22 to 30.10.23.

And at the same time, Rahu North Node has been transiting Aries.

But this Nodal transit through Libra/Aries axis ends on 30th October 2023, and on that day the Nodes of the Moon transit over into the Virgo-Pisces sign axis.

At this time of Ketu South Node beginning to leave Libra, and Rahu North Node beginning to leave Aries, if you have your Nodes of the Moon natally in the Libra/Aries axis, your crucial Nodal Return is calling to you, firmly, that you should even more heroically respond to your Nodal Return, to tie up the lose ends, to Reap the Harvest, if you have Ketu in Libra and Rahu in Aries in your birth chart.  

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For people with their Nodes in Virgo Pisces axis, however, their Nodal Return begins from 30th October. In fact many of them will already recently just have begun to feel it and act on it, at the time of writing. See my upcoming Pt. 5 video blog all about Nodes transiting the Virgo Pisces axis. This is so important and need to know for those with Ketu in Virgo and Rahu in Pisces in their birth chart.

But this post focuses on the fact that, at this time, it is so important to know that this is the cleaning up time for Libra Ketu and Aries Rahu people!!!! It’s the call to successful completion of healing and development of awareness and movement towards your destiny goal in this life to these people.

So, what does it mean when the Nodes of the Moon are transiting the Libra-Aries axis?

What I have essentially wanted to let you know in this post is that the experience of going through your Nodal Return is like the Fool’s Journey in the Tarot. It is like almost going in blindfold and coping with the unexpected. Issues from your past lives, your ancestral wounds and your deeds of earlier in this life will all arise for you to develop better spiritual insight and healing and empowerment.

The call is for you to become the New You. You will tread a New Path, where the past issues should have had quite a bit of healing and you will be embracing better and better the future destiny and your life-purpose scripts, including those indicated by Rahu in Aries in your birth chart.

So, first of all, let’s see what natal destiny scripts are being activated with Ketu in Libra?

Ketu has been transiting Libra from 12.4.22 to 30.10.23:

To be born with Ketu in Libra and Rahu in Aries, essentially means that we were codependent in the last lifetime.

&/OR that we got our Venus scripts badly wrong last lifetime(s) (because Venus rules Libra).

These people are born to search for the spirituality of Relationship.

This will be so, even though the karmas embodied in their birth chart may mean that they will be born to a setting where relationship issues are actually all wrong! Their Destiny Life Purpose starts with a huge challenge.

But the Destiny call will be so, even though they may have planet placements in their chart that will make them initially be taught to understand sex and love in a way that is all wrong for them, etc. etc.

Yes, these people were born to search for the spirituality of Relationship.

BUT they were also born to grasp what it is to also balance relationship up: to balance relationship up with the opposite energy: ARIES!!! With Rahu in Aries, these people were born to work at becoming better (and rightfully) self-assertive.

They were born to become more the venturer, more the individual, more authentic – and move into unexplored areas of life, become more brave, and learn to handle Mars more successfully.

So. Note that if they also have Mars challenge in their chart, like Mars conjunct Chiron (for example), that doubles the challenge. This would be a fate/destiny to embrace Mars, which also sets a difficult incarnational life task of healing Mars in their consciousness and in their actions.

And note that if they have Lilith aspecting Venus that also increases the Venus challenge. This would be a fate/destiny that creates some sort of upbringing circumstance which makes the showing of love harmed, leading to so much Venus relating material being stuffed down into this person’s unconscious and denied.

Learning about Venus:

If Venus is debilitated by sign (e.g. in Virgo) or debilitated by nakshatra in their chart that too increases the challenge implicit in their life purpose, to heal and manifest well their Vensu energies and destiny.

And if a malefic planet conjucnts or aspects their natal Venus that too magnifies the challenge: e.g. Saturn conjunct Venus.

If their Rashi Avasthas declare that Venus gives and gives and gives to Saturn, but that Saturn does not reciprocate at all but merely TAKES from Venus, this too massively increases the challenge.

The D2 Hora Varga chart includes gender issues.

So if Venus Lilith Mars Chiron are in H12 Cancer sign of the D2 Hora chart, they will encounter blocks harming their understanding and expressing of their gender. And those blocks will be inherited by way of ‘ancestral curse’, pushed upon them also in this lifetime. This Nodal Return time can open their awareness and lead them to past life healing and ancestral healing.

So if it’s a case of a person with ‘Ketu in Libra’ in their birth chart, at this time of Nodal return, healing difficult even horrible Venus issues will feature so big with these people now. Wrong Venus issues from past life that will arise to be healed and corrected.

This is because Venus rules Libra.

So, Venus issues will feature as repeated wrong issues in this life (stemming from past lives and ancestral curse).

So rising to our awareness now with the divine purpose for us to sort it out and grow spiritually now, will be our awareness of Venus and our personal handling of Venus:
sex and gender issues

relationship issues

wealth issues


Understanding and use of harmony

Art and creativity, music and dance

But the person with Ketu in Libra in their birth chart will also be opened to the higher/divine face of Venus during this nodal return – and I hope that hearing what this is will help many really complete their Nodal Return to the best!

The Divine Vensu energy is:

Aspiration to the good, the beautiful and the pure, and devotion to truth

The astral light, opening us up to the kingdoms and the realms of beauty of the Gods, and healing others because of that pleasantness and example: Venus is the Teacher of Demons.

And all this is with the divine purpose of our gaining better spiritual perception as this life progresses, especially at this Nodal Return time.

All this is with the divine purpose of our ideally receiving healing e.g. from others, and then of us using our improving perception of our karmas, so as to bring healing to ourself.

Learning about Mars:

Aries’ ruler Mars will be more and more activated in your life, especially towards the end of this Nodal Return – because you have Rahu North Node in Aries, which is rueld by Mars.

The life area of the House in your birth chart that is Aries will be more and more activated.

The life area that is the House that Aries’ Ruler Mars occupies in your birth chart will become more and more activated now.

This activation might well gift you a period of Mars healing and developing healing and spiritual insights into your natal Mars destiny.

Do see the Pt. 3 video about astrological techniques to understand your Nodal Return, which also tells you what other planets will be activated at the time of your Nodal Return – for example any other planets in Libra or Aries, and several more than that!

Very importantly at this time of the coming to an end of a Nodal Return period, whereas Ketu South Nodes issues are likely to have been strongest up to now, now, now at the ‘tying up time’ of the Nodal Return experience, the person will really forcefully embrace Rahu North Node in the sign of Aries which is ruled by Mars – and so they can really heal and empower properly their Mars at this time.

So, for example, if Aries is their 10th House, houses being ‘areas of life’, they will suddenly start to work really hard.

And as Aries is ruled by Mars – the person will be called to firm up their understanding of the warrior nature of Mars. Mars is the God of War. Mars energy is about projecting ourself forcibly in life with power, strength, courage and aggression, ability to carry things to completion. Mars gives Direction.

There is a danger that Mars can manifest as rather negative emotions like fighting and arguing, especially with Rahu there. There can be strong sexual drive, but deficiency in relationship. In terms of body parts, Mars energies express thorough arms and muscles and gives physical prowess and athletic performance and sexual vitality. A strong Mars can create the powerful orator if it interrelates with natal Mercury. Mars energies encompass tools, weapons, machines.

But the spiritually higher level Mars directs us to acquiring knowledge, having good energy and self-discipline. Mars can make great achievements. Mars is the secret flame hidden in matter. His energy demands manifestation in material form.

Beware dark Mars energies of violence.

Mars is the planet of goal-oriented action.

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