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In my Astrology Readings and Astrology Courses the perception I offer is skilled and caring. Unusually, I combine Western Astrology with Vedic Astrology.

Western Astrology when expertly done is deeply psychodynamic and its branch of evolutionary Astrology states past life scripts which we carry in to this life.

Vedic Astrology is vast and you get truly awesome declaration of the energies that will manifest in your life, both in your birth chart, and predictively over a period of time.

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In my opinion, the best relationship Astrology needs to combine psychodynamic Western Astrology with the Vedic Astrology of Relationships which offers clear statements of whether the couple will be friends, whether their relationship will be linked to downfall, whether their relationship will have inherent shared purpose and many more.

Vedic Astrology uses not only the 12-sign solar zodiac, the 12 signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc, but also a magnificent and deeply ancient 27-sign Lunar Zodiac which uncannily depicts the deep secrets of your emotional realities, the energies flowing through hour life, the very difficult emotional scripts you need to experience so as to Heal. In particular, each of these 27 Nakshatras, as the Lunar Signs are called, has a power animal, and comparison of the power animals really can tell a lot will happen in a relationship. What do you think will happen when a Male Tiger falls in love with a female tiger? What happens if a Female tiger falls in love with a Cow – there are forbidden combinations!!!

But, seriously, astrology is not about ever more learned utterance. Yes, perception is crucial. But astrology does need to be linked to Healing and Empowerment.

Sometimes you can find your own healing and perception out of the expert declaration of this astrology.

Other times, you may feel you would benefit from advice as to which healing approach might be appropriate. And if needed, we can add healing sessions worldwide or face to face to the astrology.

I work as a shamanic Healer, both at our Healing Centre in the utterly beautiful West of Ireland, and also worldwide over the internet. I can so often guide you to the best healing response and ways of managing when difficult but valid astrological perceptions are seen in the birth chart on in your predictive or relationship astrology.

Our Healing Centre and linked airbnb website is: www.foxfordairbnb.com

As just one example, Art work and Embodiment work can really bring to life for you the meaning of some feature in your birth chart or predictive astrology – and can heal it and bring forth the new you, the you you were born to be. Astrology should not just be the offering of perception, however accurate: it should be coupled with healing and empowerment perception and sometimes healing and empowerment work. This, plus the unique combination of both western psychodynamic astrology with Vedic astrology is the essence of my approach when I work with you.

Importantly, Astrology can pin-point specific needs for emotional release or healing. My partner Maggie Pashley is expertly trained in juts about energy healing modality under the Sun, again offering healings here in Ireland in our Healing Centre or Worldwide.
Maggie’s website is www.maggiepashley.com

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