Understand and Heal the Truth of Your Planets

Understand and Heal the Truth of Your Planets

This post shows six Ways of Getting to Know your Planets: Six Concrete examples

I draw on Planet Psychosynthesis and Avasthas

This is a Call to Change the way your planets treat each other using both Vedic and Western Astrology

This post gives six concrete examples of the techniques I use.

Please also see the partner post which goes a bit more into the theory and framework behind the methods

I want to share with you six of the most valuable and vibrant methods I use in my Readings, and in teaching my Astrology Courses.

Video Pt. 1:

And you can watch the Pt. 2 video by clicking here.

These are six ways of getting to understand the truth of your planets: their Divine Nature, their nature as they manifest in your life, and also how they treat each other, using both Vedic and Western Astrology.

This is a richly vivid way of finding the truth of your planets and how they treat each other. It develops truth in your life. It opens the door to healing and empowerment, and I use this approach in my Astrology Readings and teach it in my Astrology Courses.

So, this blog post is the practical methods demonstration for this topic.

But please see, also, my other blog post published at the same time, which introduces something of the theory behind this approach. This partner document discusses such issues as the truth that each of the planets is actually a Face of the Divine, that each planet has a Divine nature – a Divine nature which we don’t actually realise, at first (if ever), in our life, because we, in fact, experience each of our planets through ‘filters’ of sign, house and aspect, and as modified by all the astrological measurements of dignity, strength, planetary relationships, and so on.

So, yes, each planet is a divine being yes. Each planet is a face of the divine – but it’s a karmically-created ‘distorted face’ – a face that we are actually born to experience and learn about and grow spiritually with in this life.

So please do also see the partner document to this which presents the Psychosynthesis and Vision Work framework that lies behind these astrological techniques I use: powerful techniques to get to know the nature of the planets in our chart and therefore in our life.

Key methods to do this are planetary psychosynthesis work including role-play, Rashi Avasthas statement, vision work, soul retrieval and Deity Tantra.

So, this post now goes on to give six practical examples of the approach, drawing on both Western and Vedic Astrology.

The first example I would give is from Western Psychodynamic Astrology. Western Psychodynamic Astrology has a rich repertoire of Chart Aspect Shapes. These tell you so much about the personality of the person. They define the gifts and challenges. If used properly, they point to where healing can be undertaken, and then empowerment steps to be made.

My favourite western astrology software program for this is Megastar, but it does not actually show all the chart aspect shapes in a birth chart, so I use Astrocalc as needed backup. For Vedic Astrology I totally recommend Shri Jyoti Star, but I also need the Rashi Avasthas Table that Kala can generate (but only if Kala is set to the right options, i.e.: Dirah and Tropical Zodiac with Lahiri Ayanamsha).

So, let’s look first of all, at three examples from Western Astrology, then three examples from Vedic Astrology.

Please do note, of course, that this is just three examples from each discipline. Obviously, there are dozens more examples of the techniques that I draw on in Readings and teach to students on my courses.

And totally crucially, in these six examples, I very briefly indicate a little of the approaches of healing and growth that the person would ideally bring in, once the perception of these facets has been given to them.

First, three Specimen Examples from Western Astrology:


So, look at this first example of the chart aspect shape called a Megaphone.

Here is the person’s Western birth chart using Tropical Zodiac





The Megaphone chart aspect shape tells us that this person has a gift of utterance – indeed, of psychically-based utterance.

The Megaphone shape for this person consists of:
Rahu (North Node) opposition Neptune/Ketu (red line),
Rahu inconjunct Saturn (green line) and
Rahu trine Pluto (blue line).

Note that the top of the Megaphone is the ‘psychic eye’ shape: Pluto sextile Neptune/Ketu, where both Pluto and also Neptune/Ketu are semisextile the apex planet Saturn.
The point is it is so valuable to share this perception with the client.
It can enhance the client’s grasp of their incarnational life purpose, of their psychology, of their talents.
It can lead to increase in positive uses and reduction in negative uses of a Megaphone, in relating to other people!!
Above all, and with healing of issues, this can lead to the client being helped in the crucial task to:
Find Your Voice.


Here’s a crucial second example. This is of the cut off subpersonality.
If you look at the above chart, you can see that this person’s Sun does not connect to any other planet in the chart by way of aspect.
Ayatollah Khomeini had an Unaspected Sun.
To have a planet Unaspected If there are few or no aspect lines running from it to the other planets in your chart, it will constitute and Unaspected Sub-personality.
Having an unexpected sub-personality means that sometimes you may come over over-powerfully with that energy to other people, and yet have no real idea of how powerfully you are coming across with those characteristics; you might feel you are being too weak – or vice versa.
But it also means that that energy-principle is unconnected to the rest of you. It is an unexpected sub-personality.
You will find it difficult to assess.

At times, it could be the tail that wags the dog. It could take over your life.
At other times you will be unable to access and connect to its energy at all.

We need to recognise and understand our unexpected sub-personalities.
This can be done through the method of role-play psychosynthesis. It is linked to the principle of ‘Individuation’ in the psychology of Asaglione.

When an Unaspected planet (or Unaspected combination of planets) is activated predictively, there can be massive activation that isn’t necessarily coordinated with the rest of the personality, and that actually gets lost and fades away over time once the predictive activation ceases.

It’s relevant to add that this person has Sun debilitated in Vedic Libra in their Vedic birth chart, but, conversely, this is Sun in 1st House, which is actually said to ‘cancel the debilitation’.
The truer description of this is that this person will oscillate between being over-solar, and then be the glove that fits others’ hand in certain  times or situations.
It is so valuable to share this perception with the client.

Ways of dealing with this might be vision journey to understand the true divine nature of the Sun, embodiment, affirmation work. Also analysis and healing of what issues in managing Sun qualities were created by upbringing from father. See the possible range of Healing modalities to draw on, on Maggie’s website.


Here’s a third example from the above chart: the Cradle. Here’s what the Cradle shape looks like:

So you can see that this person has a harsh opposition of Venus opposition Uranus, but that behind that are three gentle restful sextiles:

Venus sextile Mercury
Mercury sextile Mars and
Mars sextile Uranus.

This person longs to make a life a cradle where they can cocoon up in and shut off the rest of the world. But if you look at the chart, you will see that this person ever seeks a chimera, an illusion. The cradle is at the top of the chart in their case, in their life. It will always tip the person out.

This is the lesson that the person has to learn in this life. For this person, the search for cradle is ever a tragic disappointing waste of time. The security that they seek that way is false. And yet they may go on endlessly trying to create it – and endlessly being devastatedly disappointed and let down.

It is so valuable for the client to have this perception clearly shared, and then we discuss strategies for behaving differently.

We identify healing ways of leaving behind the wound of being un-cradled in early life. and there are a number to choose from. See my wife Maggie Pashley’s website, her worldwide on-line Modalities page:
Stop Smoking sessions
Past Life Future Life
Soul Realignment
Psy-Tap Fast Change Sessions
EFT Tapping
Body Code
Emotion Code
Heart Wall Clearing
Access Bars
Access Body Processes
Abuse Hold sessions
Bodywork sessions

I have a background as a Shamanic Healer. A shamanic method of working with this is Soul Retrieval. One journeys back to the age when the damage was done, connects with the split off part of Self, starts communicating and loving caring, all this leading to re-integration.

And the important thing to realize is that when part of us was cut off, it can even be the case that the split off part directs our behaviour, gives us seemingly sudden weird urges and we can’t understand why we are being impelled to be and act in a certain way, until the split off part of ourself is brought into the light, cared for, understood, and integrated into the rest of us.

Now let’s look at three specimen examples from Vedic Astrology:

Here is the person’s Vedic Birth Chart using Sidereal zodiac and Lahiri Ayanamsha:




The first Vedic example in this post is the wonderful Rashi Avasthas Table: How your planets treat each other:



Look at what Saturn does to the Sun as shown by this Table.
Sun’s raw strength score is the black figure: 324.7.
But if we look across the Saturn row to where it connects to the Sun Column, we see that under the influence of Saturn, the strength of the Sun is trashed from 324.7 to minus figure: -4.7. Devastation.

And look at what Saturn does to Mars, also: knocks Mars down from 440.5 to 42.1.
(but look also what Mars does to Saturn – knocks it down from 398.4 to 42.1).

It is so valuable to share this perception with the client – and then talk about how to handle it, what to do about it.

In this case, investigate whether and when their self-esteem was challenged and when they were made smoulderingly irate and frustrated, not to mention very bossy with others in compensation, copying the behaviours of the parent who did the damage to them.

This Avastha can make the person irate, frustrated, pushy and bossy. This Avastha makes the person feel as though they have to be in charge because they have to prove themselves and their worth.

There are a whole range of very different Healing techniques to boost the damaged sense of self and self-esteem, that prevents the person from achieving what they need to achieve in life, and makes them feel a failure, creating shame and fear. As I said, you can see these on my wife Maggie Pashley’s website, such as hypnotherapy, soul realignment, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and more: //maggiepashley.com/modalities


The second Vedic Astrology example I cite is sharing the issue of the strength of a person’s planets in their chart, in their life.
In the same case example, a woman, we are studying here in this blog post, this person’s Jupiter has a devastatingly low score. This is because Jupiter is in the sign of his Debility: Vedic Capricorn.

I think you can see, now, why, truthfully, it is absolutely and totally necessary to use the Sidereal Zodiac and Lahiri Ayanamsha for the Vedic chart, now. This is because if you don’t, you’d get planets shown in wrong sign ,or with wrong sign ruler, and with wrong dignity statement, and with much, much, much more wrong.

So on the matter of the dignity of her Jupiter, Vedic Astrology has a unique and magnificent set of derived charts called Varga Charts (i.e. divisional charts or harmonic charts) each of which says something so wonderfully valuable and peerless about a particular area of the person’s life. I teach a course in this. And the insights we get from our Varga charts are so life changing and helpful.

In this person’s table below, we see that Jupiter gets a devastatingly low score:
This is called the Shodasha Vargas Table – measuring the strength and dignity of each planet across the range of the key Varga Charts:

Shadvargas score for Jupiter based on study across six Varga charts, each of which making such valuable declarator about a different special are of life shows a score of only 2.7 strength point for Jupiter.

Let’s stop to consider the meaning of Jupiter.
Jupiter is blessing and sense of purpose and guru, enlargement.
Jupiter is a woman’s chart is the karaka or indicator for Husband issues.

One approach to a wounded Jupiter in one’s life is to put up a picture of divine Jupiter, Brihaspati, on the wall and light a candle in front of it each day. Stand before the image and dialogue with Brihaspati from the heart, and while being in a state of being fully embodied.
Healing techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can grow the sense of purpose and blessing in one’s life. Get an on-line session.


The third example we can look at is the issue of the relationship between the Nakshatras in your Vedic birth chart.

Putting it simply Vedic Astrology has a super-magnificent and super-powerful system of assessing how we will experience a Nakshatra (and any planet in that Nakshatra) in terms of its numerical sequence from the Nakshatra occupied by our natal Moon.

This system is Navtara, also known as Tara Bala and Dinam.

And it’s also valuable to examine Navtara measured not only from your Moon, but also from your Sun and Ascendant as well as your Moon, though each of these three actually express different dimensions of our Self, or our Consciousness.

This person has Moon is Ashwini Nakshatra. Ashwini is the first Nakshatra at the start of Vedic Aries, the Healer’s Nakshatra.

So, here is the basic Navtara, or Nakshatra sequence, from Ashwini Nakshatra:


So, this example shows the vast value of knowing this system. But it will give totally wrong results if it is not set up correctly using the Sidereal zodiac with Lahiri Ayanamsha.

So, looking at the above Table for Ashwini Nakshatra, this person should be careful with another who has key planets in Nakshatras 3, 5 and 7, in each of the three sequences of Nakshatras that make up the 27-sign Nakshatras zodiac.

And this person should be watchful when there’s a malefic planet transiting through Nakshatras 3, 5 and 7 from natal Moon.

Transits of Nx 3 7 9, can be difficult for the Mind and we should try to rely on the happiness that’s there in our life, often in simple things, and not let the shadows and workings of the mind run riot and dominate us or drag us down.

I would add the vast  importance of using the analysis declaration offered by the Nakshatra padas. Each Nakshatra is divided into four padas or quarters, and the energy of each pada is quite different, and the pads can only be declared by Sidereal/Lahiri zodiac.

For example, take Mrigashira pada 4 that’s Scorpio pada, and so quite a problem – and that’s just one reason you must use sidereal zodiac or you loose the awesome splendour of the padas. I cite this example because Rahu is transiting into this pada in the month of writing this post: May 2020.

Also note from this Navtara example that central in Vedic Astrology, is reliance on sequences, and use of tropical zodiac for Vedic Astrology, either omits this illumination or totally messes it up.


I would add in conclusion to this study of the six examples of the techniques I use, that you must include Chiron  and the outer planets in both astrologies, and that Vedic predictions can  amount to nonsense when these are omitted. Those planets have now entered the human consciousness. They have to be taken into account

Obviously,  these six examples are not at all a full statement of the methods I use in my Readings and that teach in my courses: methods of combining the chart interpretation techniques of both western psychodynamic/evolutionary with those of Vedic Astrology, each with their different zodiac. But I hope that this post has been most valuable insight. And I do look forward to working with you.

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