Tuatha de Danaan – A New Novel on the Way

cover Marion Dowd The archaeology of caves in IrelandI drew an Ogham Few this morning – and got Hazel.
I took this to be major and fortunate and to mean ‘Inspiration’.
I feel this is a major ‘step out time’ for me now.
I have been working very long hours mostly on Vedic Astrology for some months, but last week I had a Rune Reading which started with Tir which means Victory, and yesterday I recorded an access document for my Rune Course to make visionary contact with the Norse Goddess Freya and a drumming journey to meet Her, and these ‘broke the dam’.
So drawing Hazel this morning confirms I am inspired to now bring through into the form realm my next novel which I have been researching for months.
As a final step of preparation which I will make concurrent to doing the first pieces of writing of the novel, I shall start with composing access guides to the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish such as the Dagdha, the Morrigan, Dian Cecht and Airmid, and doing drumming journeys to meet each of them.
Another big part of the preparation for the novel has each of them.
Another big part of the preparation for the novel has been reading Marion Dowd’s wonderful new book: The Archaelology of Caves in Ireland, a fascinating un-put-downable glimpse into the world of the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age Irish people (the Medieval section next). For some reason it has totally gripped me to read Marion Dowd’s learned, elegant and very human writing of their material culture, their treatment of their dead and their use of caves as entries to the spirit realms.
So now my novel comes into form.
The novel is about going back in time the world of the Tuatha de Danaan, and it has now finally taken shape in my mind.
Details of this inspired worldwide distance learning course which includes possibility for visionary contact with the Gods and Goddess of the Tuatha de Danaan appear on these websites: