Trump, May and Hitler: Dire Astrology parallel revealed

Trump’s Election, Theresa May’s BREXIT and Hitler’s Rise to Power: Dire Astrology for the future Revealed!

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Donald Trump and Theresa May came to power on the wings of the same dark energy that propelled Adolf Hitler’s rise to power 84 years before.

Yesterday, on November 8th 2016, the American’s elected Donald Trump as their President.

On June 23rd 2016 the British voted to leave the EU in their BREXIT referendum, and following that Theresa May became British Prime Minister.

What does astrology reveal from the past? What does astrology reveal for the future of the world, now that it is in these two pairs of hands?

Three dire astrological influences govern the two elections:

donald trump1. Donald Trump and Kal Sarpa YogaWhen the Americans elected Donald Trump, there was a horribly divisive energy in the heavens, which in Vedic Astrology is called Kal Sarpa yoga. All the vedic planets were enclosed in the jaws of the serpent. All the Vedic planets were enclosed between Rahu (the North Node of the Moon) and Ketu (the South Node of the Moon):
See chart 1, below text
Notice that the Moon on the start of the election day was crossing over the axis of the Dragons. The Moon was crossing over the South Node, Ketu.
Instability, divisiveness and derailment of consciousness especially occurs on the two days each month when the Moon moves from being amidst all the other planet between the Nodes, to moving out of the nodal axis, to moving out on its own: unsupported and isolated.
And, amazingly, to make matters worse, this not so common chart shape is, by horrible coincidence, ALSO in the Vedic birth chart of Donald Trump. Goodness! See chart 2, below.

2. Theresa May and Guru Chandala Yoga: When the British voted to leave the EU: in the BREXIT referendum, there was a malefic conjunction in the heavens that has dominated a lot of 2016. This was the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu (North Node of the Moon) transiting together through the royal and powerful Vedic sign of Leo. See chart 3, below text
The planet Jupiter is guru and expansion; but Rahu, the North Node, contaminates it:
Rahu brings xenophobia, obsession, over-ambition and dark illusion and fallen spiritual pathways.
Rahu’s dark side needs to be purified otherwise it contaminates the guru energy of Jupiter. Otherwise it brings scapegoating, darkness and ruin.

3. Donald Trump, Theresa May and Adolph Hitler:
Uranus entered the Vedic Sign of Aries in this year, 2016. When Uranus last did this, 84 years ago, Hitler rose to power. Now it’s happened again, Uranus is now entering Vedic Aries.
In 1932, Hitler was welcomed by a group of industrialists; his support, broadening and gathering money, and two years’ later, on 2nd August 1934, Hitler combined the powers of Chancellor and President in the German state.
Uranus in the Vedic sign of Aries is an energy of inhuman dangerous revolution.
Of course it can be purified by people of spiritual awareness and consciousness, but does this apply to Hitler, May and Trump?
Negatively the energy of Uranus in Vedic Aries is horrific. Uranus devoured his children. Aries is ruled by the war god Mars.

The Future?

Reichstag burning
Reichstag burning

So, what do these three dire astrological influences betoken for humanity?
Well: divisiveness, aggression, lies and xenophobia; dark driven ambitions. Obsession. Financial problems. And blaming others. It’s very dangerous.
We all have to be careful not to be affected, not to let our consciousness be infected.
When Rome was collapsing, corrupt emperors blamed it on others.
Those games are in the air now.
Uranus in Aries has a good side in that it can encourage enterprise and it can discourage the nanny state. It can discourage the state run by armies of complacent bureaucrats. But how bad will its bad side be now??? Will all the bureaucrats hang on snugly in power?  I now live in Ireland and already I have evidence that Irish bureaucrats are closing the doors against legitimate cases for entry into Ireland, faced with the huge wave of escapees created in the wake of Brexit.

Chart 1: Chart of US Presidential Election, 8.11.2016, noon, Washington DC, USA.




Chart 2: Donald Trump Vedic Natal Chart: 14.6.1946, 10.54, NY, USA





Chart 3: BREXIT Referendum, June 23rd  2016, noon, London, UK.





Chart 4 Hitler’s Rise to Power: 1.8.1932, 12:00:00, Berlin, Germany:





Uranus is at 0 deg Vedic Aries in the above chart.

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