The true meaning of Chiron, Become the Wounded Healer

Chiron is the Wounded Healer. He accurately depicts our Existential Wound – and in the Healing of our Existential Wound, we can become the Healer of Others.

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As regards the astrological interpretation of Chiron, the position of Chiron in our western astrology birth chart reveals our own personal deep existential wound, in the healing of which we can become the Healer of others.

Chiron is analysed by Sign, House and aspect.

Additionally, if Chiron conjuncts or squares the Nodal axis, then the wound is deeply karmic and past life in origin.  I always also look at the position of Chiron in the Vedic birth chart, as well as the Western birth chart. This adds such illumination.

So now make your task: Healing: Your Journey to meet The Centaur.

On my astrology Courses, and in my Chiron Mini-Readings and Mini-Courses, you journey to meet The Centaur, and you study the individual nature of your own existential wound.

And through that study, and often also through your visionary journey, you reveal the nature and circumstances of your own existential wound.

​And through that study and visionary journey you set the healing of your existential wound in motion. Your life changes domino effect. And so, also, your healing – becomes the Healing of Others.

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