Time to Take Action – how Soul Realignment can help

So many people set goals, meditate on intentions but don’t move on to that vital action step of taking action towards their goals. In this physical world in which we live we do need to take some sort of 3D action to move towards our goals. That generally involves moving your legs, arms or mouth. This grounds your intention. It shows your commitment to your intention and ultimately to yourself and more importantly it gets results!

Many people involved in spiritual work can try to bypass action and spend time ‘working on’ an issue, clearing, journaling, meditating, visualising, creating vision boards, mind movies and so on. I’ve certainly got a few T-shirts in that department!! And then we wonder why nothing changes. We have to change what we DO as well as what we think.

It is natural for us to resist change. Our unconscious wants to keep us safe and so often resists the unknown. This was definitely very valid when we lived in very primitive times where there were all sorts of predators out there that we had to guard against. Today we do live in relative safe times for the most part and the predators that we guard against in our mind tend to be things like fear of failure, losing face, other people’s reactions, getting it wrong, fear of rejection and so on. Yet the most successful people are the ones willing to give it a go, risk failure and even if they fail, start again.

There is a well known saying that if we do what we have always done we will get what we have always got. Indeed creating something new in our life does involve stepping out of our comfort zone (which may not be so comfortable anyway!). We can do all the clearing in the world but we also need to make new choices that are aligned with where we want to go. We can start with small actions and then build on them.

I hear so many people say I’ll do this when….I’m more confident, have more money, am slimmer, fitter, have more support…you name it. Yet those very things often come as a result of taking action, not simply waiting for things to change before we step out. When we take action we may be initially scared but gradually our confidence builds. We may not have absolute clarity on what we need to do but clarity can come by the action we take and the feedback we receive from those actions. And we are free to make new choices if our actions didn’t take us where we wanted to go.

The more aligned our actions are to our soul’s energies the greater success, ease and fun we will have in our lives. That’s why I like offering Soul Realignment sessions to clients around the world as they can bring so much clarity about the small action steps that they can take towards manifesting their goals. The clearing of past limiting choices both from this lifetime and previous ones offers my clients more energy and focus but without taking new action nothing will probably change. The good news is that it is so much easier to take the energy from the session and have so much more clarity, impetus and support to take that new action.

Is that something that could help you? I am offering a special discount on my Soul Realignment sessions for the duration of the Lockdown period (hopefully not too much longer now) so if this is something that resonates with you do check out my webpage:


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I leave you with a quote from Goethe:

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.