There’s got to be some meaning in this ‘coincidence’

Last night I wrote a blog about the meaning of a Grand Trine in your birth chart, and I said that Grand Trines point to some wonderful finished talent, but that you have to work hard to develop them otherwise they become a ruined crop even criminal, and that multiple Grand Trines in the birth chart are particularly dangerous. And I looked at having a Grand Trine in Earth signs, and how that has a danger of living in an unreal fantasy world of your own creation (see:
Fifteen minutes later, by some strange coincidence, I watched the BBC film on the horrific life of the Poet, Lord Byron – and was amazed to discover this morning that he has – yes: multiple Grand Trines in Air Signs (and also a T-square which I also blogged about last night)!!! I was left horrified at his life: father died when he was three, nurse abused him when he was nine, his life a horrifying run of multiple sexual relationships and scandals including incest with his sister, the only child he loved dying in infancy, his very decent wife defiled, so that in the end the only thing he felt he could trust in his life was his faithful dog to whom he erected a monument in Newstead Abbey his ancestral seat. And he died on 19th April 1824 aged 36, in a pointless grand gesture leading a ragtag of Greek Mercenaries in the horrifyingly brutal war the Greeks were waging to throw off the oppression of their Turkish oppressors. I felt the main value of sitting through so nightmare a film was salutary: to live one’s life not like that, to treat people well not as unreal figures drifting through the untamed torrents of one’s psychodramas. I wondered what might have been his best potential and his best spiritual pinnacle had he lived long enough to be healed, and had there been a decent spiritual path to achieve healing of such a destiny in England in those times. Below is his birth chart: 22.1.1788, 14.00, London (Source: Astrodatabank, which is a good source).

You can clearly see the multiple Grand Trines in Air which alerted me to a strange ‘coincidence’ running.

And here is his Vedic birth chart: Just one point, note that his Jupiter is now being transited by retrograde Venus which is one of the many planets being caught up in the four eclipses of 2012, including the upcoming Lunar Eclipse of 4th June 2012, where, again, the Greek state is in meltdown!!!!

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