The World is at a Boiling Point Psychic Readings and Healings by Elizabeth Hendricks

These days the group consciousness of mankind is rising dramatically.  It’s as if the universe has decided to shine a brilliant light all our human emotions, thoughts, and social systems.

That bright light exposes inequality and oppression. This leads to protests, demonstrations, and civil unrest.

In the past few decades we have outgrown many of our once cherished beliefs. These beliefs, when exposed to the light of pure truth, simply break down.  Entire systems collapse in society, in religions, and in our interpersonal relationships.

No longer can we condemn viewpoints that don’t match our own. We are being held to a higher standard now, one in which we must learn to see others point of view and find the truth that lies in the balance between two opposing viewpoints.

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Elizabeth Hendricks continues:

Today’s world is like a pot of soup that is boiling over with messy foam cascading over the entire stove.  The foam is what grabs our attention. But the trick is to be aware that the foam on top of the boiling pot is not the entire situation. Under the foam a wonderful new world is forming and coming into existence.

If you can look past the uproar you can glimpse the beautiful new world  forming beneath the rapid changes.

The more we resist the changes the harder it will be.

By fixing your attention on the beneficial and uplifting changes in human consciousness you can avoid being dragged down into fear and anger.

The English have a wonderful saying “keep calm and carry-on” and that is exactly what we need to do these days. So, look for the good in the people around you.   Search for the point of growth in a difficult situation.

If you choose to stay in a hopeful frame of mind, you will affect those people around you, helping them to maintain stability in difficult times.    And by helping others it will you help maintain your own optimism and peace of mind.

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