The Vedic Astrology of love and relationships

The Vedic Astrology of love and relationships is sure and declarative. It is a great blessing and help to have this information.
Vedic Love Astrology compares the Moon Sign the man’s Moon falls in in his natal chart with the Moon sign the woman’s Moon falls in in her natal chart. It uses an ancient, magical and powerful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac to make this comparison.
In this YouTube video, Ilkley Happiness Centre Astrologer, Michael Conneely, presents the fifteen basic factors which are assessed to give this clear statement.
It is far superior to the western astrology of relationships which tends to be long lists of aspects between planets where no one can see the wood for the trees.
See this four-part Video:
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: The Relationship Assessment Points:
Part 3: Case Study
Part 4: Case Study contd.

Here’s a summary of the Factors used:

The Vedic Astrology Relationship Assessment Criteria:

 1. RESPECT  Strii Diirgha                                                          Yes/No

 2. EXCESS  Nadi Kuta                                                                8

 3. CONSTRUCTIVISM Bha Kuta                                             7

 4. TEMPERAMENT  Gana Kuta                                              6

 5. FRIENDLINESS  Graha Mitram Kuta                       6

 6. INSTINCTIVE COMPATIBILITY  Yoni Kuta                   4

 7. COMFORT  Tara Kuta                                                 3

 8. INNATE GIVING  Vasya Kuta                                              2

 9. MUTATION  Varna Kuta                                                       1

 10. TOTAL WAVELENGTH  ASHTA KUTA                        36


 11. INNATE SENSE OF PURPOSE  Mahendra           Yes/No

 12. MAGNETIC ATTRACTION  Vasya                                   Yes/No


 13. OBSTACLES  Vedha Dosha                                                Yes/No

 14. MISFORTUNES  Rajju Dosha                                             Yes/No

 15. ASSERTIVE PRESSURE  Kuja Dosha                             Assess


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