The Uranus – Pluto Square. What is it? How does it affect you?

Intense, controlling Pluto and freedom-fighting Uranus are engaged in a three-year series of harsh, 90-degree angles, called “squares” that affect everyone, but affect  Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra. Pluto is now at 10 deg Capricorn. Uranus is at 8 Aries. You need to allow an orb of say up to eight degrees to calculate how people will feel this energy.

So if you have your Sun, Moon or one of your planets, or your Ascendant around 3 deg to 15 deg of the signs Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra, you will feel the fullest impact of the energy of this long-running recurrent square aspect in the heavens at some point over the period June 2012 to April 2015.

I have certainly had loads of clients with Sun around 8 deg to 10deg Aries recently who have had their lives turned upside down, basically because the dam needed to burst. But will they have done the right thing?

From 2012-15, there will be seven “exact” squares, when the two celestial bodies are at the exactly same degree. During these periods, we’ll feel the tension strongest, but it will always be there quite strongly between the exacts:

This is actually an epic energy combination operating in our lives. Unpredictable driven forces at work here that need to be understood and worked with in a spiritual way.

Here are the dates of the exacts:

June 6-July 9, 2012                                           Pluto 8 Cap. Uranus 8 Aries

September 18-October 1, 2012                         Pluto 6 Cap. Uranus 6 Aries

May 15-Jun 1, 2013                                           Pluto 11 Cap. Uranus 11 Aries

Apex Point October 17-November 15, 2013      Pluto 10 Cap. Uranus 8 Aries.

April 12-29, 2014                                               Pluto 13 Cap. Uranus 13 Aries

November 26-December 27, 2014                     Pluto 12 Cap. Uranus 12 Aries

March 11-28, 2015                                             Pluto 15 Cap. Uranus 15 Aries

And remember, it is not just your life that is involved in this energy. The future path of humanity is also being forged because this aspect affects the whole world possibilities for transformation – for good or ill.

The outer planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto incite and invite us to go beyond the known. They awaken consciousness and alter how we see ourselves as creators through time. The square of Uranus to Pluto is sure to radically alter how we move and manifest, as spirits in a body.

A square is urgent energy, and with Uranus and Pluto, we have two of the great cosmic awakeners. So the potential we will be called to respond to now is to discover who we are, and to awaken powers that have been suppressed or dormant.

Pluto’s method is elimination, excavation, clearing out. Things rise from the shadows to be faced, confronted, transformed.

Uranus method is revolution and driven tension, spasmodic surprise.

The old is cracked open. New fertile landscapes are created. Raw energies are released. We need to identify our goals, our sense of mission and where we want to break through!

Pluto is in Capricorn. It’s a very good time for Capricorns. Capricorn is about responsibility, ambition, tradition and ancestry, also social structures. With Pluto there’ll be letting go and breakthrough and being the phoenix arising from the ashes: the bird that spreads its wings. With Pluto ruling the underworld, things might be happening that aren’t openly apparent yet.

Uranus is in Aries. Aries people will need to break out of prison. They may leap without looking. They will cry for revolution.

And now, a sign-by-sign statement of the life areas affected by the Pluto-Uranus square:

Aries: Pluto in your 10th house of career vs. Uranus in your 1st house of identity

Taurus: Pluto in your 9th house of spirituality and higher learning vs. Uranus in your 12th house of loss, institutions and vision

Gemini: Pluto in your 8th house of partnership vs. Uranus in your 11th house of groups

Cancer: Pluto in your 7th house of relationships vs. Uranus in your 10th house of career

Leo: Pluto in your 6th house of health/organization vs. Uranus in your 9th house of higher learning and spirituality

Virgo: Pluto in your 5th house of love/children/creativity vs. Uranus in your 8th house of partnership

Libra: Pluto in your 4th house of home/family/roots vs. Uranus in your 7th house of relationships

Scorpio: Pluto in your 3rd house of communication vs. Uranus in your 6th house of health/organization

Sagittarius: Pluto in your 2nd house of value/money vs. Uranus in your 5th house of love/children/creativity

Capricorn: Pluto in your 1st house of identity vs. Uranus in your 4th house of home/family/roots

Aquarius: Pluto in your 12th house of loss, institutions and vision vs. Uranus in your 3rd house of communication

Pisces: Pluto in your 11th house of groups vs. Uranus in your 2nd house of value/money

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