The Tarot, the Tree of Life and The Kabbalah Understand the ‘Divine Fool’

Here is a fascinating and very important blog and video about the link between the Tarot and the Tree of Life and Kabbalah. You can enrol on Elizabeth’s wonderful on-line Kabbalah Course, and you can get a Psychic Reading from her.

Here, Elizabeth Hendricks focusses on Tarot Card 0 The Fool. Understand the ‘Divine Fool’!

Those of you who are familiar with the Tarot may not know how the Tarot interfaces with the Kabala Tree of Life.  The Tree of Life is a depiction of how the universe came into being.  Every point of concentration on the Tree of Life is associated with a specific Tarot card.

The Major tarot cards are numbered from 0 to 21, making a total of 22.  All the numbers have mystical significance.   The first card is numbered 0 because the key represents the essence of the All (what some people call God).   The card is titled the Fool. What is a fool?  Well, a fool is unwise, makes bad decisions, and acts stupidly.  But this is not the meaning of the Fool in Card 0.

The divine fool is not silly or childlike. This Fool transcends the rational. His brain is fully competent but instead of relying on the limited knowledge of the material world, the fool has transcended our restricted perception. He has tapped into infallible spiritual vision and wisdom. His mind has reconnected with the One Mind of Ultimate Reality.  His actions are determined by his connection to the All that made the universe.  His actions may baffle us, because we are still caught in our ‘small minds’ and don’t see the complete picture.  We are still functioning in the world of Maya, the illusory world of our minds.

If you want a better connection to the All, meditate on card 0 from the Ryder Tarot Deck.  It is important to use the rider deck for this kind of meditation because the rider deck has multiple layers of symbology. The white dog means something, the feather in the man’s hat means something and all those meetings are communicated to you unconsciously by the symbols and colors. All the Tarot cards are helpful but for meditation the Ryder deck stands hands above all else.

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