The Sun in your Astrology Chart: Visionary Journey

The Sun in your Astrology Chart

It is such great empowerment in your life to receive good, expert perception about the Sun in your birth chart, or the Sun in your Astrology Chart

Is your Sun too me-first and overpowering? If so your life will be harmed.

Is your Sun too weak and eager to please? If so your life will be harmed.

What exactly are the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of your sun?

What scripts exactly did your soul incarnate with around the expression of the sun in your Astrology Birth Chart?

Indeed: What does the astrological Sun represent? See below in this Blog Post.

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The key image for the astrological sun in your birth chart, in your life, is the Divine Charioteer.

The Charioteer is the Sun in your individual birth chart, with all your strengths and weaknesses, all your assets and disadvantages.

The Chariot that he drives is the Chariot of your Self.

In his hands, he holds the reins that go to the horses that pull the chariot of Self.

The horses are the other planets in your birth chart.

If the Charioteer is too fierce he drains the horses.

If the charioteer is too weak, the horses go their own direction and one of the horses might even overturn the chariot!

Consider two different astrological Suns:
Sun in Vedic Aries, in the first lunar sign: Ashwini Nakshatra is the place where the sun is Exalted. Adolph Hitler had his Sun there.
Sun in Vedic Libra in the Lunar Signs: Chitra, Swati or Vishakha, are where the sun is most deeply Fallen. Here the Sun may be too weak to successfully lead his life!

Consider different mythological key images for your Sun:
There’s Sekhmet, the Egyptian Desert Goddess of the sun: the Sun that burns.
There’s the ancient Irish Balor whose third eye burns all who his gaze falls upon.
There’s Sunna the Sun Goddess of the Northern Germanic and Norse peoples who drives her Sun chariot across the Northern skies, ever pursued by the Eclipse Wolves, Hati and Skoli.
And there’s the Greek Apollo, God of healing and music and prophecy.

A key theme is the battle between the Sun god and the Serpent:
The Hellenes invaded Greece and took over Delphi, and the Priestess of Prophecy on her tripod was subjugated to Apollo.
Babylonian Marduck slew the serpent Goddess Tiamat.
Saint Patrick vanquished Corra, Goddess of the dragon-shaped mountain Croagh Patrick.

Remember, the Archetypal Sun is you Sovereignty. Do you have proper sovereignty over your life?

The Sun in your birth chart declares the state of your Inner King.

In Western Astrology, the Sun can most accurately depict your Egoic Self and father issues.

In Vedic Astrology, the Sun depicts your Atma, your soul, your own special spark of the Divine, as well as depicting your self and your father issues; your vitality.

An important issue is the height of the Sun in your birth chart. With Sun high in the chart you can shine your blessings on all. With Sun at the bottom of the chart you will always feel disregarded and will have to learn how to heal that. We analyse Sun by Sign, House and Aspect.

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