The Sun in your Astrology Birth Chart : Inspired and Healing Astrology

Western L1 M1 Sun WebinarThe Sun in your Astrology Birth Chart.
Your Sun within. Your Center.

Learn Inspired and Healing Astrology.

Study this wide-ranging and powerful webinar on the Sun in your Astrology Birth Chart.

Here’s a 12 minute Trailer:

Enter the wonderful world of Sun Archetypes: Sun king, Sun lover, Sun magician, Sun warrior,
Perceive, heal and empower your Sun through Journeying, Art Work, Embodiment Work and Healing (such as EFT or emotional freedom technique). There’s inner child work and there’s soul retrieval.
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We study the ancient sun Gods and Goddesses.
We utilise the ‘Filters Model’ to understand the Sun in your life: viewing the Sun through the three filters of: Sign – House – Aspect.

What are the meanings of aspects to your Sun from other planets?
What do the chart aspect shapes in your birth chart mean in your life?

Learn the meaning of the Hemisphere or Quadrant your Sun falls in.
Learn cconcepts of strength and weakness and stress in a planet’s position such as the House Intensity Graph and the Sign Intensity Graph.

What is really meant by the terms ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ when applied to your Sun?
We study Modalities, Elements and Polarities.
We learn the role of your Sun as an ‘Ego planet’ in Psychodynamic astrology.

Michael burnsall crop bestLearn all about the Sun principle in your life with Michael Conneely.

There’s also Vedic Astrology crossover in Michael’s western astrology course if you wish. There is such wisdom, healing and empowerment to be had from these webinars.

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