The Starwheel Astrology March 2021 Newsletter is published!

Here are the sections to our March 2021 Astrology and Healing Newsletter

I hope you find material of great interest and value.

Starwheel Astrology March 2021 Newsletter

1 USA Darkness will Rise now to be Healed

2. The Spiritual Message of Now

3. Kamala Harris becomes powerful now

4. Joe Biden declines now

5. Donald Trump on the Road to Power now

6a. Astrology March 2021 Overall Summary

6b. Astrology of March 2021 Major Features

7. Mars Rahu violence in March 2021 Biden at risk

8. Transcendance Dance Sessions Worldwide from Claire Louise Knifton

9. The Runes as a Filter to the Mind

10. Journey to the Abyss
To be published shortly

11. Learn the Kabballah with Elizabeth Hendricks – powerful on-line course

12. Michael Conneely Testimonials

13. Relaxation Audio by Maggie Pashley: Take some time out to relax

14. What Makes you feel Loved?
Psychic Readings and Healings with Elizbeth Hendricks

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