The Spiritual Message of Now

Read my separate Blog Post, USA Darkness will Rise now to be Healed, where the seven features of the astrology of the coming four years, shows that Biden will fall, Harris will become very powerful, but Trump will experience great success in the run up to the 2024 Election and looks to become next President. Division and darkness will rise in the USA over the coming four years.

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Essentially, we are being given a ‘forced opportunity’, now. This is the opportunity to face aspects of darkness rising to be experienced and dealt with now in the US national character, the US history, and present US way of functioning. The coming period is a ‘forced opportunity’ to identify and face and heal the darkness within the country; to face and heal the darkness within the way the country was colonized and formed, the darkness within each citizen.

There’s been mass psychosis and collective hysteria. Conspiracy Theorists have put us so much out of touch with the wisdom of our bodies and the truth of who we are. Insane divisiveness has hijacked so many. Puppeteers play with the masses.  The malevolent shadow has arisen.

And of course, these issues now focusing in the USA are also massively influential in so many countries that share in the culture of the USA.

So, what does the darkness of the USA encompass?

What comes to my mind for example, are such things as: cowboy swagger, gold rush, slavery, plutocracy, massacre of indigenous peoples, fundamentalism, and more recently spiritual bypass and self-important pseudo-spiritual formularizing.

Indeed, from the time around the eclipse of 26.12.2019 when there were seven planets in Vedic Sagittarius: there’s been a rampant growing rise in negative Sagittarian shouted fundamentalism with so many people taking the attitude of ‘my way or the highway’, laying their trip on others – and eruption of violence, and many following a ranting leader.

Anger and division must ultimately bring a new balance – or the collapse of a country.

And let us hope the new balance is a society that will not involve bureaucratic imposition of the consumer society, but a balance where the integrity of the individual life and the protection of the Earth can be honoured.

Fundamentalism and Toxic Survivalism could destroy so much.

key themes for March 2021 and onwards are:
War over humanity’s consciousness
There’s Rising
And there’s Suppression of that
The Dark is Rising
And because of that, the Light is Rising, now.

There’s battle now between the energies of the planets.

There’s the Saturn-Pluto battle, now:
Saturn is the planet of order and boundaries, limitations, rules, delays and blockages. It rules over governments, corporations, religious institutions and all things authoritarian. In its darkest form, it represents oppression and hierarchy.
Pluto’s energy includes the horrific, the occult, the hidden and the impulse for power (good or bad).
This is the current battlefield.

Also: Uranus and Saturn are square each other. Uranus storms the Bastille; Saturn mans the barricades. Resolution is needed for this conflict.

So, crucially, what is the divine meaning within this ‘rise in the dark’, now, with the US Pluto Return?

The divine meaning is that each person has the opportunity from the Pluto Return energy to raise his or her awareness to a more spiritual level, to do the needed facing of darkness, wounds, hurts and loss of power.

Each person has the crucial opportunity to find from this, his or her totally individual right path to the Light, to find the right way of life for each person in these difficult times, to find the spiritual path that is right for him or her.

Spirituality must not be egoic. Spiritual paths are not to be worn on our chest like a badge to cover our dysfunction within. So much ‘spirituality’ is spiritual bypass.

Our task in this incarnation is certainly to rise above these factional squabbles and power plays and to not engage with the mushrooming darkness.

it is to transcend our merely egoically perceived world, utilizing the knowledge and insight we develop, to progressively embody our highest self in this life, and become ever more fully become open to the light and to the gift of the Earth.

Protection: The divine meaning of us experiencing the current Pluto Return also includes finding needed Protection, and finding our way of life that fosters Protection.

Facing our Fear: We have to identify ways that will enable us to stand strong and embodied in the face of Fear.

Consolidation: Also, there’s a huge call, now, at this time, for Consolidation: Consolidation with Saturn so strong now. (Jupiter was the strongest planet until recently, but Jupiter is fallen due to the fall in the dignity of Jupiter due to his entry to Vedic Capricorn). Consolidation and delays!

Enlightenment is about the crumbling away of untruth.

This must happen on the personal level, and also on the national level.

We have to manage our minds. We will attract into our lives a reflection of what we are thinking. Do you want the nastier darker side of your mind to take form and dominate your life? Make a special effort in these times to see Abundance.

I personally feel blessed at this stage to have been completing two vision journeys a week, always involving embodiment, always done on the land and in connection to the land. They encompass shamanic dimensions including connecting to the spirits of our piece of land, journeying to see and merge with the Divine nature of each planet (for each planet is a Face of the Divine, even though we humans experience its energy through filters of sign, house and aspect, etc.

Interestingly, just as Mars entered the Earth sign of Taurus, and now after we’ve left behind the potentially depressing energy of Sun transiting Capricorn, a member of our little community here in the far West of Ireland started leading a session each morning from Jason Quitt’s Egyptian Postures of Power, and I feel so much better to be out beneath the Sun, embodied on the beautiful Earth, and doing these exercises and postures with their huge energetic, visionary and chakra dimensions. Thank you, Frida Widlund in Sweden, for recommending this book, and see Frida’s art for sale on my website: //

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