The Spiritual Meaning of the Pandemic – Kabbalah Course and Psychic Healing

The world is in crisis.

But there is a way to navigate through these hard times by finding your own Middle Path.

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There is an old Chinese saying which goes “May you live in interesting times.”  There’s no doubt we are in such times right now.

One person told me she feels like a frog on a hot sidewalk.  Of course, the frog can hop off into the cool grass, but we don’t have that option…we have to keep going until sanity returns to the world.

The Covid virus has meant we have to reduce our activities, stay at home, and our outlets are super restricted.  Like a prisoner in a cell, we are stuck with ourselves, feeling uneasy and trapped.  The lack of distractions throws us into a panic, because  it is much easier to focus on outward events than to look inward to the discomfort we all feel these days.

This pandemic is actually a sign of a global shift in consciousness, from a mentality of us/them to a mentality of universal awareness.

Spiritually we long for this, but our human egos are afraid of the change.

Because our personalities are afraid of radical change, we tend to polarize and project our upset, outward onto other people or groups.

In the long run, this won’t work, because the source of our fear is our own ego.


But there is good news.   Inside each of us is a still point that never changes and knows no fear.  The still point is the central point of calmness and joy and it cannot be erased no matter what the circumstances.  So the  solution is to increase your awareness about yourself, your hopes and dreams and your mistakes as well.  In future blogs I will talk about how to achieve this awareness.  It’s good to remember that every tiny shift you make in your own consciousness affects  your loved ones and the world as a whole.  You are an important ingredient in the new world which is dawning.  As the English say, “Keep calm, and carry on.”