The Saturn Pluto Conjunction and How to handle it

The nature and effects of the Saturn Pluto conjunction need to be known at all times because of its presence in people’s birth charts, but as this conjunction returns to us again in 2019 as a crucially powerful transit in the heavens, this blog is a special feature add-on to my November 2019 Astrology and healing Newsletter.
So, now, a new vast demand is settling in: the Saturn Pluto conjunction – it is closing and gathering.

And all this is at a time of Kal Sarpa Yoga: its preposterous and divisive energy (which indeed leaves the Moon unsupported half of each month).
Look at the Vedic and Western Ephemeris shown at the foot of my November Newsletter. You can see how Saturn and Pluto are inexorably closing the gap between themselves now.
Negatively Saturn Pluto conjunction is very controlling and limiting.
But in fact, our higher call is to see Saturn as a strategy that we need to bring in in our life, a container. If you like: A Grail.
And why do I use the word Grail? This is because what we need to create is a strategy for containing or holding needed huge Pluto transformation in our lives.
We need to navigate forward holding our grail as a special transformation fizzes and grows and matures in the months ahead.

Indeed, the Pluto experience could well involve a Descent into the Underworld, the Abyss, where we have to face all our hurts, wounds, pains, denials, guilts and secrets. Where we can even give these to the Keeper of the Abyss. He may ask us a price for caring for them. But the benefit for us is that we can thus arise lightened and freer to experience Pluto not as the Keeper of the Abyss, but as Kether: our Crown Chakra – open to the Divine Light and the Divine energy and Inspiration.

Indeed, Descent into the Underworld can also be done as descent to meet the Earth Mother, who may take and hold our wounds and secrets and compost them in time.

So: Can you identify now, at this stage, what project it may do you good to make a strategy of and forge forward with?

For example, I am using the Saturn Pluto conjunction energy that is rising now, like Saturn being a container, a Grail to hold the transformative energy storm of Pluto. I feel an energy of manageable revolution and inspiration. I’m diversifying my work: adding extra face to face meetings on Zoom to my several correspondences courses in Astrology, Runes and Ogham, and the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish and Norse.

Watch thsi space for really wonderful new developments:

Frida Widlund, a Swedish artist is going to be selling her wonderful paintings of the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish and Norse.

Lia Cruse from Southern California will be teaching runes and rune magic, plus vision meetings with the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish and Norse.

And do be alive to what Healing you may need in order to be able to embark on and sustain your Holy Grail strategy or project.

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