The Runes as a Filter to the Mind By Lia Cruse

Lia lives in Florida and teaches the Runes Course worldwide. She has expert experience in using the runes for vision and magic and self-development, healing and empowerment. Ancient methods include rune-stance and galdr (rune chant).

Each rune has a number of topics that it represents and governs. For each topic, if we are meditating, chanting the name of a rune or using rune stance, forming the mudra for a rune with our hands in meditation, the energy that the rune carries can connect with us in body and in our minds.

The runes have the ability to communicate with our subconscious mind about the topics it represents in the way that is most meaningful, needed and personal to us. It can show us where our past life issues and present life patterns overlap. It can, most importantly, show us the truth of who we are as individuals, beyond our traumas, patterns and conditionings.

The conditionings we carry, our traumas, patterns alter our perception of ourselves and our lives affecting how we think about ourselves, our lives and how we conduct ourselves. -Often we pass these things on, knowingly or unknowingly to our children and those we encounter. Both trauma and conditionings can be us and those we pass these on to, even when we think they are right or correct to do.

If every action we make is a reaction to what our mind is telling us, by one of the above mentioned means, how are we to know that we are ever seeing a matter, person, life area or ourselves as what they truly are?

If our perception of ourselves and reality is totally distorted by the way our minds use these topics to respond to the world around us, is the world that we create for ourselves and others even really true for us?

How can we break through to what is true for us, if we don’t identify with it at all because of what life has taught us?

The runes do exactly this. Imagine a Magic Cap, like Merlin’s hat for visuals.

Imagine you have 3 of these.

One, once placed on your head will show you the truth of life, yourself and those around you. The second will show you the truth of life inside of you, your feelings, your emotions and thoughts.

The third will show you the truth of the world around you and how you are relating to it.

Each cap represents an Aett in the Elder Futhark system. An Aett is a group of eight runes. There are three Aetts in the Futhark Rune Alphabet.

The runes function exactly like these magic caps. It doesn’t matter who you were before meeting the depth of the runes, they will show you the truth.

It doesn’t matter what religious background, what race or nationality you are, they will meet you right where you stand and show you exactly what is true for you. They don’t judge or ask questions, they only give the truth.

That truth leads to our healing, transformation and embodiment of our truth.

Often times through this process of working with the runes in this way, we find that our world that we perceive around us is not actually the world that exists at all, but the projection of our perceived self and others from our minds.

We find that most of what we thought was, is actually an illusion. It is not what is occurring at all, but rather how we are relating ourselves to the person or topic at hand through the filter of our prior experiences, our conditioning, past, and traumas both present life and past life as well, since these are often overlapping so that we can learn and free ourselves from these energies.

This might not be such a terrible thing for everyone, but, if we find that we have childhood issues from our raising, deficiency stories we acquired in how we were raised that carry with us into life, then these tools are even more useful.

They allow us to see through what we are not even capable of perceiving because of all that life has imposed upon our minds. Gifting us the ability to perceive our own true nature, our talents, abilities and our individual purpose for being.

Even if we had great childhoods and perfect lives there is somewhere an overlap in past and present for all people happening at different times in our lives, the time that is most promising for a lesson to be learned and growth to be made.

Every ancient text on Earth, such as the Vedic, Buddhist and many others, put vast amounts of emphasis on the need to quiet the mind in order to obtain enlightenment…But what does this really mean? And what does it mean for those who don’t follow these pathways and are more Pagan than anything else?

The explanation gets a bit complicated and messy if you are unfamiliar with the paths mentioned above, so I will keep it simple. It is a state where our minds do not drone on with what’s for dinner and how our jobs are. We cease to feel the need to hang on to the things that aren’t good for us individually because of family beliefs and opinions of others, or our traumas that keep us locked in fear of discovering ourselves. We are no longer triggered by what we think opposes us, these are symptoms of what is called the Egoic State. Eventually, with practice, this evolves to become the acceptance of who we truly are, and the embodiment of it. If we keep on along this pathway further, eventually, we come to realize that we are living extensions of the Divine, we are not separated humans, individual selves who need preservation from all that surrounds us, but facets of the energy from which all originates. All ideas of separation, division, deficiency, fears, all cease permanently. We are able to live ourselves, fully free and without the weight of what our minds have imposed on us. We are no longer our mind, but the witness of the mind.

The sad truth of human history is that most of it is lost. In our own way, anyone on a non-religious path is to a degree trying to reconstruct what was once stolen.

The Ancient Norse and Celtic peoples had their own pathway to Enlightenment. The symbols that have survived the destruction of history are more than symbols.

They are filters to unclutter the mind and free our souls. To heal what we cannot perceive that we are carrying, as well as what we are aware of, allowing us to uncover the truth of us, aligning us to our true destiny and elevating our consciousness so that we too can wake up from the dream state of Earthly life.

Each time we sit with a rune, it brings us closer to the truth of our own nature. It shows us more of what we have built blinders to, bringing it up to our conscious mind so that we may heal it, address it and make space for what is true. This is the most sacred journey a person will ever embark on.

If you are ready to uncover your truth and take the first step onto this sacred path, enroll in one of our courses. We are honored to share the journey with you.

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