The Runes are such powerful transformative magic : Gera the Rune of Harvest

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Gera is the 12th Rune of the Futhark, the Runic Alphabet. It is the rune of Harvest.

Gera is in the second Aett, or group of eight runes, which works with developing the right perception we need to take us beyond the consciousness-level of the first Aett which are all about succeeding at being ordinarily human. The 2nd Aett seeks to shift us beyond that to partaking in transformation of ourselves through sharing God Consciousness.

rune geraThe Rune Gera comes after the dreadful trio, namely the first three runes of the second Aett: Hagalaz, Nauthiz and Isa. If we can develop the right consciousness to understand and succeed within these three dreadful life-situations, we will reap our harvest. What are those first three terrible runes?

Hagalaz is all about finding ourself in a sudden Hail Storm of a dreadful life-situation we seem to be able to do nothing about.

Nauthiz is finding ourself in a situation of dreadful constriction where we have to take a path of action. We need to avoid obsession, we must live within balance, but we must take a course of needed action.

Isa is where everything in our life is frozen over. We can be frozen and out of touch with our heart, with our true spark. We can be englamoured by the glitter of ice, which is of course deadly to relating, connection and to life: the Ice Maiden! But ice can of course form a bridge over water: these situations can be a bridge to better things if we develop good consciousness and perception. An ice bridge is not a good location for a blind man!

So what is harvest? Well, it is the outcome of preparations of the ground, sowing, care of the crop and reaping. If we don’t do the preparation we won’t reap Harvest. If we do bad things, we will reap a harvest of failure or despair. The concept of Time takes on special value. The law of karma operates.

rune nerthus
Nerthus Goddess

Harvest is often linked to union of God and Goddess in ancient human consciousness, and indeed, much of the harvest in our life comes from sacred union. In the Norse tradition these pairings were Frey and Freya, and Njord and Nerthus.

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