The Runes are Gateways to great power and wisdom

rune hagalazHere is a most able piece of work with the Rune Hagalaz from one of my students.
Enrol on my runes course. The power and wisdom is superb.
Here is her channelled wisdom about the Rune, Hagalaz, the Rune of the Hail Storm:

‘Here’s what came through involving the rune journey of Hagalaz. I did the journey for the rune Hagalaz. I’ve had some moments when I’ve seen issues in my life pertaining to this particular rune.
For me, there needs to be a clearing of the old to welcome in the new. The message for me that came through from my guides is there are life lessons to go through at this time.
They can’t be avoided, I have to go through them in order to become a
stronger person. I feel that for me, there have been some fears to
face in order to grow as well.
Feeling comfortable with things which are scary has been a challenge for me, due to what I was told back in childhood by my grandparents, oh you can’t do that because you can’t see.

I have also noticed this in my healing work with others, and also in my readings where I’ve seen things in the cards, or when others experience healing, that there are emotions to come up that need to be released. For me though it seems important that, the emotions that do surface is enough for either myself or the other person to handle.

I feel that, there may be things which may be surfacing where a person can’t handle it mentally or emotionally so it may be too much for that particular person at the time.
For me this rune is about going deeper, understanding one’s shadow
side of oneself, one’s negative side.

It’s a matter of also uncovering the real truth about a situation or a person. I see this rune as really dark in nature, as if there’s a period of ending, but also this is about eventually having a new start, the things which are sudden change in a negative way will pass.

This also is about taking risks, even if they’re scary as for me change has been scary because not knowing the outcome sometimes scares me. It also in this case, is having to do with words as some words can hurt people if one isn’t careful.

Telling it like it is, seems like that’s what this rune is about as well, so for me it would be being sensitive to other people’s emotions.

Nervous breakdown is something that came to me while in the journey, again this goes back to the point of a person can’t take it anymore, and a person may just all of a sudden snap. Being too stressed and needing to have a break is what I see this rune to be about as well.

This rune is about mental chaos or confusion, asking oneself why one has to face such difficult life lessons. I also did the rune stance, for me it felt like a door had opened up
for my own personal healing.

I had noticed that the energy of the rune is really cold. What came to mind is there are some people who just don’t care about other people; they only care about themselves.

I also see this rune as a person having to get through ups and downs in order to become whole, or feel complete.’