The Rune Nauthiz

rune bifrostWhenever I work with Nauthiz there seems to be an explosion. Nauthiz is sandwiched between the runes Hagalaz (Hail storm) and Isa (Frozen Ice). These three dread runes are the start of the second Aett – the second group of eight runes. The first eight are all about what it is to be an ordinary but successful human being. But the second Aett are all about how to share in God-perception by learning to deal positively with adverse circumstances. They are Bifrost: the Rainbow Bridge that connects this world, Middle Earth, to the God Realm, Asgard. Bifrost is ever-guarded by the splendid Heimdall.

Nauthiz is all about situation that we find ourselves in that feel unavoidable. Usually they are caused by our patterns of which we may be unaware or in finial. Usually they come from the scripts we live out from our past lives or ancestry, scripts we may be unaware of, scripts we may have banished to our unconscious.

In the spiritual understanding of the ancient Norse these scripts were laid down by the Norns, the three wise women who dwell by the World Tree by the Pool at the end of time. Urd, Verdandi and Schuld. Urd fashions our fate from issues from the Past. Verdandi weaves our life thread according to that, knotting it into the threads of others in the Web, and Schuld cuts the life thread. In fact the Norns descried our Destiny by carving runes on placks of wood, rather than weaving threads: that was how the same task was completed by their Greek and Roman sisters: The Moirai: their names were: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos.  Often Nauthiz situations are experienced when we find ourselves in one of those knots and can’t break free.

A great help is the Need Fire. The Need Fire is part of the symbology of Nauthiz. We need to have the fire to break out and change. To end that which was causing the repressive situation – hopefully with creativity and love. Fire is a deep and ancient spiritual force the Norse and all the Indo-European peoples revered and knew well.

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

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Strangely I feel more complete, that the Runes have given me the missing piece and that I can step out with more confidence.
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