The root spirituality of the ancient Irish Druids : Druid Forest School Course

Michael ConneelyWhat was the epitome of the wisdom of the ancient Irish Druids?

In the Druid Forest School worldwide course, we learn and share symbols and stories so as to develop our conclusions.
We look at ancient stories like the Slaying of Miach, the Salmon of Wisdom and The darkness of the Cailleach’s Apron, the Well of Wisdom, Airmid (the Song Among Us) and coming into one’s heart and being,

We work with key processes such as:
* Achieving ‘Imbas’ or ‘illumination’ and the methods of Imbas Forosnai, sudden illumination and Tarbh Feis. The crucial role of one’s ‘knowing’ or ‘Truth against the World’.
* Dichetal Do Chennaib: achieving altered state through chanting/drumming
* Tenm Laida (cracking open the nuts of wisdom) to identify if a person is be-spelled or enchanted, akin to intrusions healing, Geis, imposed scripts and psychometry.
* Corrguinecht (crane magic) being simultaneously in this world and an Other World.
* The Nine ‘Elements of the Self’ (Duile) – and their levels of correspondences.

* Connection to the land-Sea-Sky, and Earth Energies.
See the Druid Forest School website for details and how to enrol:

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