The Power of Your Attention

Here we are all together, with an ongoing crisis worldwide.

As we become more stressed and more fatigued from stress, negativity and pessimism can skyrocket.  Pretty soon the world looks awful and the future seems out of reach.  People feel hopeless.  Furthermore, some world leaders are behaving in ways that make us feel worse and worse.  This contributes to a feeling of helplessness and anger.   It’s so tempting to unconsciously redirect that anger outward to some group of people.  Then you can feel quite justified in raging at those folks.

The trouble with this is….it does not work!

It doesn’t reduce your anxiety and anger; in fact, it FUELS it.  Anger begets more anger!  Those emotions repeat in the synaptic networks of your brain, and then your anger becomes habitual.

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So, please be aware that the more negative “stuff” you put into your mind, the room for positive and happy thoughts can diminish.  It’s as if you feel you’re living room up with only tables in it, so there’s no room for sofas or chairs.

Without meaning to, you have trained yourself to notice the negatives.

This is why it is smart to decide how much negative material you let into your mind.

Please recall your unconscious doesn’t know the difference between what it sees on a cell screen or a television screen,  and what happens to you personally. It’s simply records and does data input. So, it isn’t surprising that you might feel worse and worse as the news continues to be so alarming.

Of course, we want to be prepared for the future based on what’s going on now.  It makes sense to be aware of what’s going on in the world. But having made logical plans along the lines of “what I will I do if X  should happen, you then you let it rest. If you’ve done everything you can to secure your own situation then it’s quite liberating to let it go after that.  Plan, then redirect to something positive.

This is what I mean about the power of attention.

Don’t be a victim of your own thought patterns  rather make choices about where are you direct those thoughts. Repetitive thoughts can eventually become almost obsessive and you will find you’re worrying all day which doesn’t help you a bit.

Find things that are fun and pay more attention to them.

If you love walking your dog, do that and make sure you are actively letting yourself enjoy it. The ability to focus on what is actually happening at the moment is a simple concept but it can seem hard to do. (You will find your mind wants to hijack you go back to worrying.) But with a little practice, you will find you’re feeling less stressed, more secure and more hopeful.

YOU are in charge of your thoughts.